Passion And Power (Thursday 29th December) 


Hello great people, we are continuing with PASSION & POWER and in today’s episode,
Julia tries explaining her reason of being at Arturo’s office but Nina isn’t ready to listen and kicks her out but Arturo prefers that Nina leaves his office but Julia rather decides to leave to save any couple argument and Arturo pleads with Julia to stay. Nina then asks Arturo to continue begging Julia for forgives because he can say that he has no dignity left and Arturo thinks he and Nina can do what they please with their lives.
Nina then tells Arturo that, he ruined her life and he was also the one who forced Regina to breakup with David the love of her life and caused her unhappy and causing pain to her also which she can states there is something wrong with him.
Consuelo goes to see Erick to tell him that Miguel has agreed to not go ahead with their dating and Erick looks so happy and tells her that is the way he wants things to be that Consuelo will always obey him and no one else but Consuelo says she is only separating from Miguel for the sake of her son and Erick agrees that she comes over to see her son.
Augustin brings to Arturo that the Gomez Luna’s had the information about the supposed business association which they tasked Jorge and Regina with to trap Angelis and seriously she fell into the trap. Arturo then calls Angelis to fire her but she again tries to deny it but Agustin threatens her to leave by herself unless of course she wants to be involve in a legal process for breach of confidence and so Angelis looking so frightened agreed to leave to prevent any legal process.
Angelis calls Franco to tell him that she’s been fired for breach of confidence and therefore they have to meet but Franco has no time for that and she tells him that she was always there for him anytime he needs her help so, he better be there for her and not try washing his hands off her if not she will tell the truth.
Franco then have no choice than to meet with Angelis and he tells her that, all hope is not lost because he is about to start a new company and he wants them to begin that in her house and that is he can’t reveal himself as the front man of the company so he would want her to do that as the owner of the company but Angelis thinks it’s risky and Franco convinces her and she accepts.
Eladio goes to confront Arturo to stop trying to compete with him by setting up a business association but he clears things with him that he only gave out that information just to trap his informant and now that he’s caught her, there is no one going to give him information again but Eladio states that he has no idea because he doesn’t need any informant to destroy him and Arturo states that it is hard time he stops lying since he always tells the truth and one of them is knowing that Franco is his son. This ends up in a fight but Agustin was there to separate them and both assure each other they will destroy each other until one is no more.
Julia pays Eladio a visit in his office and he asks her why she failed to tell him it was Arturo who mentioned to her about Franco being his son and Julia says of course Arturo told him. Eladio then asks her why she never reasoned that Arturo only told the truth to her just to cause them to separate from each other to have her therefore he shouldn’t make any mistake of going back to Arturo but Julia says no matter what she would have found out but she still thinks he should have had confidence in her to tell her something as delicate as that before Arturo did.
Eladio offers to take Julia home and bumping into Humberto, he warns him that if he ever finds out that he was the one who told Arturo about the truth that he is Franco’s father; he is going to kill him and Humberto looks very nervous.
Eladio’s accountant Marcus has been able to embezzled money from Eladio’s company to Franco’s account as he suggested to him so they can start up a new business and Franco looks so happy.
Caridad takes a look at Marintia’s baby’s picture on her phone and suddenly Gabby arrives and seeing how beautiful the child looks, she asks her the mother of the child and Caridad states that the child has no parents and so he is living at the orphanage and Gabby says he looks so beautiful.
Gabby then goes to see Franco in his office to suggest to him that they adopt the child since she can’t get pregnant and Franco says NO.
Arturo confronts Eladio as to why he has to cancel his license for his construction at Arivea Maya and Eladio tells him that is just a tip of an ice berg to prove to him that their confrontation will never end until one of them is dead.
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