Araba Dross Season 2 Episode 5 Final


I didn’t expect this Kobby, where from this sudden nice behavior of his. I wondered.

On the brighter side, my job was secured, but i kept wondering why Kobby will go through the stress in doing me this favor.

One thing i was so sure was that, Kobby was definitely up something and there was no way I can trust him. With Kobby, you can’t expect something good.

My new job gave me some few days off until i got back on my feet. I went back to the guesthouse where i was with mixed feelings.

It was good that i have my job back but my worry again was the fact that Kobby knows where to find me when he want. I didn’t feel safe at all.

I got to my room only to find out that, someone had slide a white envelope containing a cheque beneath my door. I knew where this was coming from. No other person than JJ. The money was enough to rent an apartment. That was the first thing came into mind.

There again i felt, taking this money may let me subject myself to JJ’s proposal. I have seen and witnessed a lot in life to know this.

Maybe i should be selfish, and follow where my heart leads me. My heart is definitely for JJ. Like he said, we should just take off, go to a far away place and start a new life. What about Linda? It’s because of JJ that have made her father disowned her.

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This is where i became firm on my decision, there was no turning back. I had to return the money just that moment. I didn’t waste any time, i left guesthouse and headed straight to JJ’s house.

Who would have thought, that i will be coming back to the house i escaped from? Well, such is life for you. You don’t always get what you want.

Upon getting to the house, i saw JJ’s car parked there. That was a relief, i was glad he was around when i got to the house. It was a bad timing, I didn’t know what was going on between JJ and Linda but i met them exchanging words to each other.

Linda seemed very hurt and upon seeing me, she burst into tears. Before i could ask what was going on, Linda came towards me. On the other hand, JJ was surprised that i came by the house. I was sure he was thinking, i was coming to give him a good news concerning his proposal.

“How could you?” Linda said looking straight into my eyes. I didn’t know what she meant by that.

“You and JJ lied to me all this while and made a complete fool out of me” she said.

I knew right from there that Linda had somehow gotten to know of my relationship with JJ. No wonder she looked so hurt.

“I’m sorry Linda, it can’t work between us. I’m sorry that i had to lie to you, she is the one i love” JJ said. Apparently, JJ decided to partway with Linda by telling her the truth. I could feel her pain from the way she looked. I couldn’t just watch what was going on.

“JJ are you stupid” i yelled at him. You can picture the shock on his face when i said that.

“Linda, I’m sorry things turned out this way. I was carried away in this lie, i never knew JJ was married and trust me, there is nothing going on between JJ and i. If he wants to leave you, know that I’m not the one behind his actions. I don’t support it.” I said.

Linda also didn’t expect to hear that from me as well as JJ. To JJ, he felt betrayed, he felt i had sold him out, but i had no option. I wanted to live a life without guilt.

Right in the presence of Linda, i returned the cheque he brought.

“I won’t need this JJ. Thanks for everything, i have made my mind.” I said and walked out.

There was this joy that filled my heart once i did that. For a long time, this was the first time i felt i did something right. The joy came out like tears.

Part of me was happy i did that and part of me felt very strong. This was one decision i never regretted doing. Yes, JJ was my hero and the love of my life, but I can’t be with him. Love is definitely not enough for a relationship. That was the last time i set my eyes on JJ.

I began work and thanks be to God, i was really good at what i do. I won favors in my superiors eyes and even with most of the customers. My life was just in shape and everything was moving on as I expected.

Just when I thought i had it all, Kobby showed up at my office. I was getting ready to close when he came. I freaked out and even threatened to call the police if he does not let me be. Somehow, he was able to convince me that he was harmless.

“I just need us to talk Araba. You have every right to throw me out. But please i need us to talk” he said.

I was the only worker at the office, so I didn’t feel safe with him around. I demanded that we go to a public place. At least there is nothing he can do there.

There was no way this was a date, but we found ourselves sitting at a restaurant which looked like we were on a romantic date.

“Thank you for your time” he said. I didn’t utter a word, i just sat looking at him and waiting patiently what for he had to say.

“I know don’t deserve your audience but i felt i should let you know. I’m leaving town” he said.

How is that supposed to be my concern, i said to myself.

“And i came to ask for your forgiveness. I don’t care, if you call the police to arrest me now, if thats what you want. All i need is your forgiveness” he said.

Right there i was filled with anger. Everything he did to me came back to my mind. I wanted to hit him right there. Prison was not even a place for him. He deserved to die. In my entire life, i have never hated man like Kobby.

“You and madam deserve to die Kobby. For what you did to me. You deserve to die” i said.

“I know, thats why i want to rewrite my wrong, you don’t even have to worry about Madam again. I gave the police an anonymous tip-off. As we speak now, she is already in custody of the police.” He said.

Then he came kneeling before me in front of everyone. This looked like a marriage proposal. I got up immediately.

“Look, I don’t care. I don’t ever want to see you close to me or trust me, i will call the police. “ I said and walked out.

That was also the last time, i set my eyes on him. As for forgiveness, it was only a matter of time. I never heard from JJ and Linda again, well, i felt the less i know about them, the better besides this is my story, not theirs.

I lived a life of my own. Soon i was back on my feet. I raised money enough from my salary and savings to get myself a rented apartment. This was how i got my life on track.

One thing i know was that, you are the author of your own life story, the moment you open up for people to write your story for you, you end up living the life of what people want you to live but not the life you want to live.

As for my love life, i just left that to fate. At the right time, love will definitely come knocking at my door.

The End.

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Story By Elton Nana Amoah

©️ 2018