Araba Dross Season 2 Episode 4 Pieces


That was when i noticed that Kobby was actually being real this time.

He brought the one i trusted most. At least if i wouldn’t allow him to take me to my destination, he knows i will definitely allow JJ to do that favor on his behalf.

I was still surprised that JJ was with Kobby but then again, it has added up to my numerous unanswered questions. So that was it, Kobby just left me with JJ and went away.

“Here we are again, let’s go” JJ said. Then we both left the hospital. I had no option than to take him to the hotel that i was.

“Why do you still hang out with Kobby” i asked.

“I can’t answer that until you tell me why you left” he asked.

“I left you a note besides you don’t expect me to stay with you after what happened. I can’t keep living with the lie that I’m your sister” I said.

JJ then opened up to me right that moment. This was where i began to get the answers that i wanted.

“You think i was happy about that” he said. He sounded very upset when he began to open up.

“It’s not easy, fine, I admit. I still love you ok. I have always do. There has not been a single day without me thinking of you” JJ confessed.

I was surprised to hear the words that was coming out of his mouth. I never expected this from him. I was quiet the whole time, listening to what he had to say. You could tell that he has also kept this buried in him for the whole time.

“I have conscience Araba, I didn’t leave you because i wanted to” he said.

Apparently, JJ met Linda few days after we were both dismissed from our work as Teachers. She was a wealthy girl from a very rich family. Linda expressed her love for JJ though her parents was not in favor of her dating JJ.

Driven by money and wealth, JJ agreed to Linda’s proposal which led them into marrying secretly. Because of this, Linda’s father disowned her. Notwithstanding, her father left her with properties and a huge sum of money to start a life of her own.

JJ in tend, was living under pretense, he didn’t love Linda but was only with her because he was married to her. He felt he was the reason Linda’s parent disowned her.

One thing that bothered JJ was, Linda was not ready to carry a child because she felt she was not healthy enough because of her kidney problems but that was not the case of JJ.

This became an issue for them that they decided to adopt a child. That was where Kobby came into the picture. Linda and JJ agreed to adopt Kobby’s child right after birth.

Kobby’s girlfriend who happened to be my Madam, initially didn’t like the idea but she was persuaded by money which she eventually agreed to do it.

JJ decided to pay a visit to her, just to thank her for agreeing to their terms, that was where he saw me trying to escape.

He then had a plan to escape with me but somehow Kobby and Araba’s Madam located JJ’s house. Fortunately, they didn’t blow the cover but they demanded more money of which JJ and his wife decided to pay.

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JJ disclosed all this to me which actually made sense.

“But i know i have made a mistake and i want to amend it by being with you Araba” JJ said.

Well, i still love JJ, for that, there is no doubt about it. But he was a married man, my conscience would just not allow me.

“Lets get away to where ever you want to go. Lets live a life of our own. A life that won’t be influenced by anyone. Lets have babies and make a family. Thank be God, i have the money and everything but I don’t have you” he said.

At this time, he held my hands and was looking straight into my eyes. This has always been my wish and from what it seems, my wishes were about to come true.

For now it was just a matter of saying yes and everything will be as i wanted it. I don’t know what came over me, all i wanted to do that moment was to be alone.

“JJ i want to be alone, just leave please” i said.

JJ obviously wasn’t expecting this from me. He didn’t understand why i was saying that but nothing he did was able to change my mind. I insisted that he leaves of which eventually did.

This was so much for me to take at a time. Just when i got a job, everything was going wayward. Speaking about my new job, i had to call and inform them what happened to me. I just hoped that I wasn’t replaced.

I decided to go there in person, so they see the truth behind what my excuse. I went there the following day after i was discharged.

I went to the HR office where he expressed his sympathy to me. Apparently he was already aware that i was hit by a car and for that matter, my job was still secured. No one knew about this job, so who could possibly be behind this?

“Sir, may i know who informed you about this” I didn’t hesitate to ask.

“The driver came here few days after the incident. He saw your appointment letter and traced the address on it.” The HR said.

I didn’t expect this Kobby, where from this sudden nice behavior of his. I wondered.

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