Amidst Temptation Episode 26


I woke up suddenly, then winced at the banging in my head, I had a terrible headache and wondered why that was, My eyes focused on the room where I was, wincing hard I held my head as I sat up…the room spinned, then refocused… It was well lited and spacey, there was soft music playing somewhere and it worsened my headache.

I was sitting on a bed, looking down I discovered I was still putting on the white top and brown knickers from the day before…..the day before when….when I saw Martin, sitting on Rebecca’s bed and twirling a knife…I stood up and decided to explore the room, where was I? where was my phone? how long had I been here?.

The room looked well lived in, was this his place? Calabar?..okay possibly I was in Calabar, I couldn’t remember much after I left the hostel with him, he said he just wanted to talk..and was scared about Racheal’s case, he had been shaking..after he had agreed to put away the knife thinking he was going to use it on me or himself, I followed him out to the car which was out front..that was all I remembered.

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I held my head again as the headache had increased from the thinking, I touched a lump on my head, had he hit me…did he..kidnapp me?.. Still confused, I looked around the room again, everything was in place except…

I walked in a direction as I noticed there was another door, I went and held the handle then turned it softly….surprisingly it opened, thinking it would lead me outside, giving me an idea of where I was…I discovered it was another room, much smaller, I walked in, it was lited, all pink and white, with soft music playing in the background…looking around, I had goosebumps as horror washed all over me , the whole room was littered with my pictures, it was like a little shrine of EMILIA, what the hell.

I stood rooted to the spot, before my legs decided to move around, my eyes ran over each one as I saw a knife pinning one to the wall…

“Omg..” I muttered

“Knew I’d find you here” I heard…and turned, facing my worse nightmare..there was a feeling of dejavu as I suddenly remembered Sean, only this wasn’t Sean, it was the devil.