Amidst Temptation Episode 27


I looked up from my phone, it was all over fellowship page that Martin and Emilia had conspired to kill sister Rachel and now had both run away for fear of being caught by the police.

I knew that wasn’t true, I knew my Emilia would never do anything like that besides I wondered how it got out, guess the neighbours were that nosy but couldn’t see Emilia leaving the premises, but who would have suspected any foulplay, she had left with her supposed boyfriend, Martin knew that and had used that to his advantage.

After the pandemonium had resolved, the parents had left with the officers to get more details on how to find her, while I remained in the room with Sean, who had texted his sister to tell her the situation of things, Serena had come over immediately

“What is this I’m hearing.. Martin did what?”

“We need to put our heads together and decide on what to do, shouting is not gonna resolve anything, besides the more time she spends with him, the more the possibility of…”he paused

” Don’t say it…I knew that guy was a scam” Serena said and paced

“What do you think we should do?”

“Involve the police..”She said

“The police are already involved, worse they think she’s an accomplice” Sean covered his face with his palm

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”I feel she’s in danger and I can’t save her..this shouldn’t be happening now, not when I almost have her”he said”plus my trip..god”

“You have to can’t travel now..” Serena said I watched the siblings argue back and forth then checked my phone again hoping Emilia might call or send a signal…where possibly could she be?, if bro Martin was to kidnap her where would he take her.. Calabar, yeah but where in Calabar.?. He might decide not to take her there even…

“I think I know where she is” I said and they both looked at me “but I fear it might be too late for her”