Almost Pretty Episode 3


Wait here for me, I’ll be back’ Kira offered her a seat outside Ivan’s office. From the look she’d seen on his face, he wasn’t pleased with her choice of a personal assistant that was the reason she needed to speak with him first

‘Knock knock’ she pushed the door open without waiting for his reply.

Ivan ignored her, he ran his fingers through the files on his desk; he chewed on a pen; he did that whenever he was stressed out or upset about something.

‘Are you going to sit there pretending that you haven’t seen me’? Kira rubbed her hands on her skirt, preparing for a face-off.

‘What do you want me to say Kira’? Ivan’s piercing blue eyes focused on hers.

‘I brought the girl, she is ready to start work’ Kira informed him.

‘No problem, bring her in’ Ivan rose to his feet, poured himself a drink and readied himself for this game. He could read his siblings like a book. Ryan was easy going and was scared of him but he had problems instilling that same fear in Kira, she got him vexed most of the time.

‘So you accept her? you like her’? Kira poked her head to a side. She had expected her brother to be mad at her, to complain and lash her with his tongue, but he acted cool. What was his plan?

‘Sure, I needed a personal assistant, you gave me one’ Ivan flashed a smile. He knew she had purposely hired someone so unattractive to work with him because he threatened her, well, he would still carry out his threats for the craziness.

‘Alright then, let me bring her in’ Kira was confused, another problem she had with Ivan, he was like a serpent in a green grass, very much unpredictable.

‘You may come in dear’ Kira parted the door and beckoned her in.

‘Thank you Madam’ Jane bowed her head slightly and stepped into the office.

‘Welcome, I’ll leave you two now’ Kira left to see Ryan, if Ivan planned on dealing with her, her younger brother would know about it.

She seemed calm on the outside, but an inferno of anxiety consumed her on the inside and unsettled her. Her eyes danced nervously as she stared into his face, how would she cope with a boss this hot?

‘Got a name’? Ivan poured himself another glass of scotch.

‘Jane Atkins’ she replied.

‘Have you worked as a Personal assistant before’? He asked then turned his back and faced the window.

‘Yes,’ she gave a brief history of her working experience.

‘Good. Take the day off, you’ll resume tomorrow’ he replied sternly and swirled around.

‘Thank you sir’ she smiled and rushed out of the office.

‘Good riddance’ he muttered under his breath.

A smile curved on his sensuous lips as he thought of the best way to get Kira pissed off

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‘I got the job’ Jane rushed out of the office excitedly. She would use the day to get her clothes from the dry-cleaners. She needed to get herself prepared for what was to come, she knew this job was a big one and she wasn’t ready to take her chances.

‘Hello Brunette’ a voice called to her but she ignored it.

‘Excuse me’ the voice trailed behind.

‘Can I help you’? She turned and faced the young security man that had taunted her earlier.

‘What do you want? Are you here to sneer at me’? She kissed her teeth.

‘Um, I am sorry for what happened earlier, I was just having fun, nothing personal, I wish you’d understood that’ he replied.

‘Sorry? For humiliating me? Well, I didn’t get that particular joke, now I have to be on my way’ she hissed loudly and resumed working.

‘Hey brunette, I mean it, I am sorry. Call me Wale; I hope we could be friends’ he ran after her.

‘Back off loser, go back to your comedy’ she increased her footsteps.

‘Will be seeing ya’ he stood hands akimbo and watched as she walked away.

‘I wonder how long it will take before our boss starts to shag her’ his partner joined him.

‘I doubt he’ll f–k her, she’s not really his type’ Wale shrugged.

‘How so? Wanna bet’? His partner asked.

‘Pod, you dirty old man, well let’s do it if he fucks her, I’ll give you five hundred bucks and if he doesn’t you’ll do me the favor. Deal’? He reached out his hand.

‘Sure Wale’ Pod took his hands.


The day had faded off like a candle whose flame had melted all of its wax; they had returned home; the drive wasn’t very exciting as it was a quiet one.

‘Get me the documents from the advertising department’ Ivan instructed Ryan and slid out of the car.

‘Geez, why the tense environment? Did you quarrel with him’? Ryan faced Kira who wore a blank expression.

‘I don’t know, but I have a feeling Ivan is upset with me, he isn’t showing it for a reason’ Kira chewed her lip.

‘I bet I would be double-crossed if you hired for me such an ugly Personal assistant’ Ryan scoffed.

‘Well, I did the right thing, if she was a bimbo Blondie, he’d waste no time taking her down, don’t you see? I want the best for Ivan’ Kira replied.

‘Well, you guys should sought your issues out, don’t involve me’ Ryan warned.

‘Welcome my lovely babies, dinner in a bit’ their mother had already set the table.

‘Good evening Ma, what are we having’? Kira kissed her.

‘Spaghetti and meatballs honeycomb for dessert’ she arranged the table.

‘Hmmm, yummy, where’s dad’? Ryan asked.

‘In his study, do you mind fetching your brother for him’? Pamela asked.

‘Why me? Ivan is pissed off at me, I don’t wanna face him now’ Kira declined.

‘Why can’t dad just call him’? She continued.

‘Because everyone except I is scared of him’ Ryan winked and left to fetch his brother.


Ivan loosened his tie and slumped on his California sized king bed; he was tired after such a long day at work.

He closed his eyes briefly and went over the day’s events; everything came and passed except for the face of his new personal assistant.

The girl was hardly a beauty; he had not really had the time to stare at her, why would Kira hire such a person?

‘Open the door Ryan’ he grunted.

‘Dad’s looking for you in his study seems important’ Ryan relayed the message.

‘Alright, let me see him now’ Ivan rose to his feet. What did the old man want now?

‘Are you and Kira fighting’? Ryan asked.

‘No, mind your business’ Ivan spanked his back lightly and left for the study.

Turquoise Roseau was not just a Computer engineer; he was a lover of books and an avid reader; he established a library for himself and hid there most afternoons.

He waited patiently for his son, Ivan, the one who hated him. Pamela had put him up to this and he hoped it worked out; he really needed to have a relationship with his son.

‘I’m here’ Ivan stepped into the study; it smelt of old rosewood and rum.

‘Come, sit’ his father beckoned to him.

‘How old are you Ivan’? He began

‘Excuse me? What’s this about’? Ivan quickly rose to his feet.

To be continued