Almost Pretty Episode 2


Let’s put a little fire up his a-s’ she winked, she had a plan and was quite sure would work on her stepson.

‘Do you always have to be that angry Ivan? You ruined breakfast’ his younger brother ignited the car engine.

‘I never told you guys to leave your food’ he shrugged.

‘Well, if we didn’t agree to join you in your little hunger strike episode; you’d drive off without us’ Kira chipped in.

‘We Roseaus are very rich, you could’ve used another car’ Ivan replied.

‘And miss our driving pleasure? Hell no,’ Ryan winked at his elder bro.

‘Good thing you know this. I am not in a good mood, woke up on the wrong side of bed’ Ivan blurted out.

He loved his siblings, Kira and Ryan were his friends and he cherished them very much. He was quite open with them, though they still feared him, everyone feared that dark part of him and he knew this; he used that to exercise control over the workers in the company.

‘What happened? Wasn’t the sex good’? Kira rolled her eyes. Though her brother was cold-hearted and impassive, he had a penchant for the finer things of life, things like beautiful, voluptuous blonde women and he wasn’t ashamed about that weakness.

‘Kira!’ Ryan called her name.

‘No, she is right, I sacked Samantha, the sex wasn’t good enough’ he replied.

‘Oh no Ivan, that would be the fourth personal Assistant you’d be sacking, haven’t you heard? Mixing business and pleasure don’t go well at all’ Ryan came for him.

‘Well, you know your job Kira, find me a new personal assistant’ he said in a commanding tone.

‘So you’ll sleep with her and sack her after a month? No way, I am tired of your immaturity’ she clicked her tongue.

‘Seriously? Why do you make your elder bro the devil, I am not Lucifer honey, most times these girls seduce me, they cannot resist my hotness’ he wore the face of an angel.

‘And my sweet bro here finds it very hard to say “No”, especially when she is hot’ Ryan joined.

‘Funny. I am not getting you any personal assistant; I’ll play that part till you’re ready to change. You’re thirty-two Henry, should be getting married to a nice woman, have a bunch of kids, make a father proud’ she advised.

‘Thanks, baby, but I don’t plan to get married ever. So you better get me an assistant else I’ll sack you’ his voice dropped to a deadly tone, humor wasn’t in it.

‘Sack me? Roseau is family business, I am a full-blooded Roseau’ she fired back.

‘And I am still your boss’ he replied.

‘Fine! I’ll get you an assistant. A personal assistant you want, a Personal assistant you shall get’ she hissed loudly.

She had something mischievous up her sleeves, she’ll get a man as a personal assistant, that would get him more pissed.

‘What the hell is going on here?’ Ryan watched the struggle between a poorly dressed brunette and the security men.

‘Let’s go find out’ Ivan muttered.

‘Is it just me? Or are those clothes plain ugly, who dresses like that’? Kira was amazed one could be so poor at choosing colors.

‘What’s going on here’? Ivan’s sharp voice brought the struggle to an end.

‘Good morning sir, Brunette here says she came for a job interview, what’s the post again buddy’? the older man asked his partner who was shivering like he’d seen a ghost; Ivan Roseau naturally inspired fear in people.

‘Um, Personal driver…’ he stuttered.

‘Personal assistant’ he quickly corrected himself.

Jane was stuck; her eyes focused on the handsome man in the car. He was blonde with tanned skin; a sea of blue eyes, a sharp nose and a pair of sensuous lips. He was every bit adorable, his eyes were his most arresting figure, they reminded her of the men she saw on the cover of Magazines.

‘Interesting, what’s your name young lady’? Kira jumped out of the car, this is the kind of assistant Ivan deserved for threatening her.

‘Get back in the car Kira’ Ivan commanded coolly, what the hell was she doing? He couldn’t imagine being in an office with the human scarecrow that gaped at him. Hadn’t she seen a man before? Her gaze unsettled him and he pulled on his sunshades.

‘It isn’t sunny bro, why the shades’? Ryan teased, he’d been watching the scene closely.

‘Mind your d–n business’ Ivan scowled.

‘Jane Atkins, I assure you, ma’am, I am very experienced, I have worked as a librarian, housekeeper’ she dug a hand into her purse and fetched the envelop that contained her Curriculum Vitae.

‘Wow, nice resume Jane, you know what? You have the job’ Kira patted her shoulder.

‘Really? Thank you very much’ Jane couldn’t control her excitement; she hugged Kira tightly and released her after she recovered from the shock of getting a job at such a huge company.

‘You’re welcome, meet me inside, let me brief you’ Kira smiled politely and returned to the car.

‘What do you think you have done Kira?’ Ivan slid off the shades and faced her.

‘I just got the boss a new personal assistant. Touché!’ she winked.

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Jane found it strange the way she reacted at the sight of the handsome guy; she had never had a boyfriend or any admirer for that matter but it never bothered her. All she ever wanted was food on the table for herself and her mother and money to pay the bills; she had never craved for any man’s attention up until now.

‘So Jane, you’ll be working here with the Chief Executive Officer, Mr Ivan Roseau’ Kira showed her round the company and did a few introductions.

‘Um, who is Mr. Ivan please’? She asked as they passed several offices.

‘We’ll meet him soon’ Kira replied and stepped into the elevator.

Jane joined her immediately; sweat broke out on her forehead, her hands felt like jelly as she stared at the unfriendly faces of other workers; they all dressed formally. The men did justice to their ties and suits or an Italian shirt and nice trousers to go with it, the women did same; they all looked formal and neat, expensive wouldn’t be left out of this description.

‘Are you okay’? Kira observed the new girl, she seemed nervous and scared.

‘Yes I am, just slightly claustrophobic’ she stammered. That wasn’t the reason she was all sweaty, she had never been around sophisticated people like this and she felt totally out of place.

‘Good thing we’re here’ Kira pressed a button and they both stepped down to the Twentieth floor, the peak of Lancaster Soft wares where her elder brother resided.

‘Yes…’ Jane nodded and trailed behind Kira.

She noticed a slight resemblance between her and the handsome guy she’d seen in the car, she wondered if they were related briefly.

‘Wait here for me, I’ll be back’ Kira offered her a seat outside Ivan’s office. From the look she’d seen on his face, he wasn’t pleased with her choice of a personal assistant that was the reason she needed to speak with him first.

To be continued….