Almost Perfect-Episode 27


I snuggled close to him on the king size bed. He wrapped his arms around me and I kissed him softly.He had been so quiet since we came back home from the hospital. We had taken him back to his mother’s apartment because his job had been terminated at Dominique petroleum so he had to vacate his banana island duplex. He had been given a settlement pay of a hundred million naira and they had also settled his hospital bills. We still don’t know if he had a chance of seeing again or not but I was content just to lay in his arms and listen to his heartbeat once again. It was a miracle.
Annie had also been so helpful but she had hastily disappeared after each visit. I didn’t hear from Sly although I was tempted to send him a compliment of the season text but I didn’t because I did not want to poke at any healed up wounds in his heart. My parents were also angry with me because I had gone back to Uche despite their warning not to.
They hadn’t replied any of my messages but I knew they would come around. I couldn’t get in touch with Funmi either, I heard she had returned and I was a bit saddened that she hadn’t reached out to me. I could only hope her Christmas was beautiful.
” Uche,” I whispered in the darkness.
” Yes” He replied weakly.
” I want to beg you two things. Promise you will grant it.” I said.
” Sure, I will.”
” Please make love to me now and I want to marry you, will you be my husband? “I proposed. ” We can get married at a registry this week, Annie and your mom will be our witnesses.”
” Dupe” he said solemnly.” I am not the same person I used to be……I am b…”
” Shhh…..nothing has changed. You are still the same guy I fell in love with. Please say yes.”
“I don’t think I can manage love making and marriage is a lifetime thing……forever is such a long time and I don’t think your parents will accept me.”
” You taught me how to make love once before, let me remind you how to now, we will guide each other. Forever is only a start as long as I am with you. Please say yes.”
He sighed roughly. His hands found mine and he gave it a gentle squeeze.” Yes.”
We guided each others hands, we explored our bodies until we reached our c—-x. The next day, we informed his mother of our decision to get married. She gave us her blessings but she was against a hasty registry marriage without the formal rites. She went to see my parents but they refused to grant us their blessings and she advised that we should wait until my parents came around. I had waited before and things had gone wrong, God had given me a second chance with Uche and I would not let it slip out of my fingers again. I went to the registry to find out the necessary things needed to do, I also informed Annie and three days later we exchanged rings.
” Congratulations dear,” Annie said, kissing my cheeks.
It was a simple but beautiful ceremony and I was glad Uche and I were officially one. He looked so handsome in a butter colored tux, he had refused to use his blind stick so he held onto my arm for support.
Annie had gifted me the white flowing gown I wore, she had called her personal make up artist to do my make up and she had also booked a suite for us at a five star hotel for our honeymoon because Uche wasn’t strong enough to travel out. I was surprised when my parents showed up and my mother pulled me into her arms. My father also blessed the both of us.
” Thank you Annie, what would I have done with you?”
She smiled and gave me a quick hug.” Keep him happy for me please.”
” I will.” I promised.
” Dupe, your phone is ringing. ” Uche called out.
I tied a towel around my form and hurried out of the bathroom. I took the phone from him and lifted it to my ear to answer the call. A man’s voice came through, he introduced himself as the manager of a hotel
” Are you Miss Dupe?” He asked.
” Yes, Mrs.” I corrected.
” Apologies ma’am. One of our guests took Ill and she’s been admitted in a hospital nearby. She said you are her sister and she asked us to contact you.”
” Are you calling me from Ghana?” I asked.
” Yes. Tema.”
Oh my God. It was Funmi. Why did she go back there? ” I am in Nigeria now. How do I get to Tema when I arrive? how bad is she?”
” I will forward the direction to you. Please do hurry up, I’m afraid she’s in a very bad way.”
” My God! thank you.”
He dropped the call and I went to sit beside my husband on the bed. I placed my head on his thigh while his fingers gently caressed my face. It was our wedding night, I wanted it to be a perfect night for the both of us but the news of Funmi’s illness had thrown a wrench in my plans. I couldn’t be happy when my best friend was critically Ill. I had somehow failed her, no wonder she hadn’t reached out to me before now. She must be feeling so alone.
” Who was that?” Uche asked.
” The call came from Ghana. Funmi is critically Ill ” I replied.
” You have to go see her” he said. ” Don’t worry about me, I will be fine.”
I sat up and hugged him. I didn’t want to be apart from him even for one second but there was no other way out.
” I think Funmi is lost now and it may take a while for her to find her way back. I’d like to bring her to stay with us.”
” If it will make you happy, then it’s okay by me.” He said.
” Thank you love” I said.” Do you mind if we cut our honeymoon short? I’d like to go see her as soon as possible.
” Not at all, we have our whole lives ahead of us.”
He was right. We had our whole lives ahead of us. A life that would be filled with love.
To be continued..