My Father’s Desire Episode 16


After talking to them. his father spoke:
“My son,I am happy that you want to get married. After all as our only son, you are meant to get married early but I know that marriage is not a child’s play. So I will suggest that you take your time. Why don’t you rest after all these years of studying abroad. And you have just gotten a job. This lady you want to marry, are you sure that you have known enough about her that you want to make her your wife? When choosing a wife so many things are put into consideration. You have to know her root and everything that pertains to her.” His father cautioned.
” Father, this girl that I’m talking about is a very good girl. I have courted her back there in the university oversea She is also well-mannered. I am sure that two of you will like her when you meet her,” Echidime explained.
“Anyway, if you say so then invite her. Let us see her but before then I will send somebody to get information concerning her family.”
“Thank you dad,thank you, mum,” Echidime said and went into his room.
After two weeks,Sir Emenike got all the information he needed concerning Nnenna’s family so the marriage was approved.
On their wedding day, the reception hall was filled with people that came from all walks of life. Some of Echidime and Nnenna’s colleagues in New York flew into the country to grace the Occasion. The wedding was grand and all the guests ate to their satisfaction. So within two years after their return from abroad, Echidime and Nnenna became husband and wife. Adaobi was overjoyed, she couldn’t wait to become a grand mother.
Two years into their marriage, Nnenna became sick. Her sickness defied every treatment that doctors could give. Instead of getting better, she grew worse by each passing day. Echidime became worried that their marriage of two years had not produced any child and now his wife’s health was deteriorating. He had taken her to different hospitals where different medical tests were carried out on her and different medications were prescribed. None of the doctors was able to diagnose what was actually wrong with her.
Echidome decided to take his wife home since she was not responding to the treatments being given to her. He confided on the medical doctor who was handling his wife’s case to see if he had any other suggestion on what else or where else he could take his wife to.
“Where would I start? Echidime asked himself.
After a brief silence, the doctor felt pity on him. Though it was against medical belief, he told him about one Evangelist Eric Ala. He suggested that he should visit the man of God and see if he could proffer solution to his wife’s problem. Echidime agreed to take her to the man of God the medical doctor had directed him to since conventional treatment had failed them and he was willing to do anything to save his wife.
The next day after her discharge from the hospital, Echidime took Nnenna to the man of God. When they arrived at the God of Old Ministry,Echidime noticed that everywhere was filled as almost all the white plastic chairs were occupied. He was lucky to get two vacant seats at the rear of the building, so he and his wife sat on them.
The man of God mounted the pulpit after the choir had finished singing some songs. He did a short prayer after which he shouted:
“Praise the Lord”
The congregation answered a thunderous
I say Praise the Living God,
If you are happy and you are sure that God has been so good to you shout a better ‘alleluia’
The congregation shouted at the top of their voices
Then he continued. My brothers and sisters, our topic today is;…….