Allen’s Avenue Episode 1


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Based on a true life story
We were told Lagos is a land of many opportunities, just a sum of three thousand naira is all that was required to take us to that land flowing of milk and honey. My mother sold off her goat and gave Madam B the money. A week later, about seven of us got to Lagos, she (Madam B) told us she had a canteen which we would work and also earn some good amount of money. On getting to Lagos, we found out to our detriment that Madam B had no restaurant or even a shop.
A week later, she gave us each a packet of condom and drove us down to Allen Avenue, she said this is the quickest way to make it in Lagos. Earlier that day she had explained it to us but the horror of it only dawned on us when we stood there in our bum shorts and crop tops which she had purchased for us at Yaba. There were many almost unclad ladies standing by the roadside, some were very gorgeous while others were pretty all the same. Madam said we mustn’t go far with any client since we were new in the city. She gave us list of the places we could go with a client and we were to find our way back to Allen Avenue before 6am. She drove off with a promise to come fetch us at 6 am.
The other ladies were hostile towards us, we stood afar not knowing what to do or where else to go. Suddenly a car stopped in front of us and we all moved back in fright, the man, an old man pointed a finger at Ene and she walked to him. He offered her fifty thousand if she would go with him but the location he called was not in the list given to us. Ene walked back to us and said she would go with him, with the money she said she would go back to the village. The money was just too much and something wasn’t right about the old man’s offer, we pleaded with her not to go but our pleas fell on deaf ears.
Till this day Ene has not been found. Not long after Ene left with the old man we saw the other ladies running helter skelter shouting “ Eke! Eke! Eke don land o! “We stood wondering what was going on until we saw a police van coming down the street towards us at top speed, they were almost upon us before it registered in our minds that they may be the cause of the ruckus and we took to our heels.
We made the mistake of running in the same direction,before we could say jack, all six of us with two of the old timers was mauled into the van. We began to cry and beg except for the two old timers in the business. Suddenly the van halted to a stop on a poorly lit street opposite an uncompleted building.One of the police men came out of the van and shouted” Oya make una come down! Ashewo like una! Una toto no dey tire?” the old timers replied him rudely” oga wetin be all this one nau, why una no talk say na puna una wan chop” she pulled down her transparent leggings revealing her big bottom. The Officer gave his rubber band tied gun to his colleague and pulled down his trouser. The old timer held the van and raised her bottom up to him.He gave her several slaps on her bare bottom while she yelped in pain. “Why you no give me polybag to wear! You want kill me with disease abi?” his colleagues bursts into fits of loud laughter. The old timer brought out a condom from her bra which she handed to him cursing and hissing. He sheathed himself quickly and banged her loudly while she held onto the van as if her life depended on it.
Another officer, came down and grabbed hold of my hand roughly pulling me out of the van. I resisted at first and he gave me a stinging slap accross the face and my lips bruised. He said to his colleagues “this one na j j c o, she no know as e dey go o” he made to slap me again and i cowered before him. I quickly removed my bum short to avoid more slaps, i also held onto the van just like the old timer did and he rammed his iron rod into my anus and I screamed in pain, i felt my temple throbbing painfully. The two old timer laughed jeering at me and calling me names. I could hear my friends whimpering and crying. How could those who are meant to preserve the law treat me like this? He pulled out of me and gave me a fierce kick with his leg and i collapsed on the floor, he screamed at me “Pig! Dirty girl! You no dey baff? See the whole poo wey you use stain me” he dragged me up and forced his poo and blood coated rod into my mouth. I bit hard on it and he screamed in pain,his friends laughed at him and this got him more angry. He kicked me several times into the dirt, i thought i was dead already until one of the old timer shouted “oga leave am nau, e don do” he marched back into the van haughtily.
They drove off when they were done taking us like animals, my friends helped me and the old timers lend a hand too blaming me for proving stubborn and provoking the officer unnecessarily.They took me to a malllam’s kiosk and drenched my head with cold pure water. They bought some pain killers and i forced it down with the water. The old timers went back to their duty post loudly calling out to the others that they were lucky the police men didn’t take their money from them. MY friends helped me to an empty shop and we all huddled in a corner of the shop berating our bad luck in life. Is this how Lagos is? Is this the land flowing with milk and honey? I wished i had married Mazi Okoro, he had two wives with eight children but he was also a titled man. We walked back to the spot Madame said she would pick us up and waited for her. She arrived some minutes to six and we got into her car. “How much una make?”
We all kept quiet and a new fear sneaked up our spine. “Una deaf abi?” She screamed. Chika my best friend whom i had forced to come with me on this perilous journey to the so called land flowing with milk and honey answered her in a timid voice” Auntie police catch us, dey kom rape us and beat Ebere join”. She looked back and all we heard was “Twahh! She had given Chika a resounding slap. “Una papa dey craze! Una wan play smart abi! Shey the yeye three thousand naira wey i bin collect to take bring Una come here nah hin cover all the food and clothes wey dey una back! Oya oya my money fast fast!. She scanned our faces and her jaw suddenly slacked and dropped like a dog salivating over a bone “Where the other girl! Where the other girl! Una suppose be seven!” in our predicament we had forgotten about Ene, “Auntie She follow one man go” i managed to say my head pounding.She drove down to her house like she had an emergency, she asked us to go into the room we all slept in and came back with a black belt. She locked the door behind her and lashed us all while we screamed and cried begging for mercy. Auntie please mercy for us oo we all cried but mercy is a word this vile woman had long since crossed out of her dictionary.
To be continued……………..