The Thorn On My Flesh Episode 12 Final


“….And report states that this man is not your early husband. You have left your early husband because his business collapsed. Yoruba people would say, ‘Igida eye fo.’ When a place is devoid of trees, birds shall surely vacate… Now this is my judgment,” at the mention of that, all the chairs begin to squeak. Everyone begins to adjust on their seats, “As an accomplice to a murderer, I sentence this lady to ten years imprisonment.”
With that, the Judge vacates his seat. The courtroom bursts with loud grumbles and one woman starts wailing at this moment. Then some people are consoling her. On a better look, I realize that the woman is Titi’s mother. Titi’s eyes begin to flood with tears as the police begin to lead her and other culprits out of the court.
When we get outside I ask one of the police to give me some minutes to talk to the lady among the culprits. The officer kindly grants me five minutes. He signals to the sergeant that is leading them to permit me.
I walk up to Titi with Lara and Remilekun. Immediately she sees us, she quickly wipes her tears. Her face goes blank with shock as she examines me from my head to toe. She must have seen the sign of wealth on me.
“You are surprised; right?” I say to her, “you thought when you left me I would die or what? The very day you packed your loads out of my house was the day God answered my prayer. I believe God is not asleep wherever he is. The absence of faith and patience in your life actually leads you to this pit of misfortune… see the lady beside me,” I point at Remilekun, “ that is the wife you prayed God should provide for me in your letter. And I thank God I met the right person. You are just a dark memory in my life. You refuse to bear me a child. Now my wife is four weeks pregnant.”
At the mention of that Titi’s regretful face begin to stream with hot tears again. She stares remorsefully at her mother who had arrived there in the midst of my conversation.
Titi shakes her head and bursts into a sob, “Mama, see what you have caused to my life! Even if I’m eventually free from the prison, can I ever bear a child of my own? Dele, you need to forgive me. The abortion I had before I left your house damaged my womb. Mama advised me to do that.”
On hearing that, Lara’s mouth is widely opened with shock.
All of a sudden Titi pounces on her mother’s shoulder with her teeth. One of the officers pulls her just in time. If the police didn’t succeed in holding her back she might have bitten the old woman to death. And indeed, little fault is that of her mother. She is the one that presents herself as the thorn on our flesh..