All That Glitters Episode 36


All this while after dre’s death felt like an eternity for all of us but to those closest to him

we all revolved around Dre

I watched the cleansweeps go through tough times

Dre was everything to them

without him they felt like nothing

they had no direction

Mike became a soliloquiser

john was no longer a talkative

Tobi wasn’t his usual self
although he tried his best to keep the team together

Tobi felt wronged

some days you’ll see him examining dre’s shoes

the same shoes Dre would fling at him each time he was misbehaving

tears would well up in his eyes

so he is really gone

*who is going to yell at me now,,,who’s going to beat me up for messing up,,who is going to pull my ears for squad meeting ,,who is going to-*

unable to continue

he would burst out crying
it was like the most painful experience

for anyone
at one time

when the cleansweeps seemed like they were getting better

they approached me and asked me to be their new lead vocal

“kenna,,, I know you have a good voice,,,and you’ve done some musicals in the past. ,,so pls help us out,,,we need to do this last performance,,,atleast to fulfil dre’s last wishes”

I was dumbfounded

it wasn’t my place

I couldn’t take the offer

Dre can never be replaced


even if anyone should be their lead singer after Dre ,,,it should be Muna

I knew it in my heart


“forget him, , Muna is practically no longer a human being!!”
john voiced out!

Mike cautioned him

john folded his arms in a pouty mood

Muna on the other hand was completely broken

it was almost as if he was determined to self destruction

I watched Muna go in and out of jail

the world no longer Made any sense to him

he was simply drifting

it was a surprise he hadn’t hurt sonia yet

seeing as they lived in the same house

but I know sonia

she must really have been careful

avoiding him smartly
I later got to find out a little altercation

between the cleansweeps and Muna the first time he got arrested

they had tried to talk to him on his way home

the talk got so heated

it actually turned into a fist fight

Muna slapped john for making a statement

when Mike tried to intervene.

it turned into a rough brawl

that was the first time I saw hate in the eyes of these guys who were tighter than brothers

they went home sour

taking different paths

it seemed like the last time they’ll ever speak to each other

what happened

why was all this happening

why was everything starting to fall apart!

I guess the same questions rang in Sonia’s head as she walked down the streets

following bills closely

she wondered where the hell this little doggy was taking her to

it didn’t make anysense that bills came home without him and then the dog started barking frantically

instead of coming inside

the dog kept barking outside

trying to send signals

trying to voice out somethin

at first she couldn’t understand this little hairy feline

what was it tryin to say

what exactly was wrong

was it hungry?

or did something happen

it was until sonia stepped outside that she realised that bills was trying to take her somwhere

it still wagged its tail increasing its pace as it led sonia straight to gyang area

the outback side of bongos

sonia was begining to wonder why Muna came out all the way here

she kept her sweaty palms intact and wished nothing bad happened

her heart was racing as the little dog took her all the way through the rocky ridges

and straight towards the giant gyang lake

she could almost hear her heart in her throat

it was until she walked upon the wooden panel of the over head bridge

she saw a figure a few paces infront of her

she then realised

Muna was standing ontop of the garder

he had his arms stretched out

his eyes closed in peace

bills increased his barking

and whining at the same time

the enstranged dog couldn’t understand why his master was about to do this

sonia slowly walked towards him

her face in fright

she asked

“Muna what…what ..whatre -,,, what are you doing up there”

Muna opened his eyes and stared at her with his cold eyes

he simply said

“go home sonia,,,there is nothing here”

she seemed aback

“but why are you,,, why are you standing up there”

Muna had an impatient Look on his face

then he said

“are you blind,,,no tell me,,,can’t you see,,,I’m leaving sonia,,,I’m going to ask him why”

there was a tinge of desperation in her voice now

“Muna pls get down,,,pls just come down from there”

Muna scoffed

“you want me to get down,,,that’s funny you know,,,you see sonia there are lots of thins we want in this words,,,but the fvcking problem is that,,,this world is a b!tch,,, it will never give you what you want,,, unless of course you go and take it yourself,,,,which is exactly what I’m trying to do now,,,”

sonia knew whenever Muna uses vulgar words ,, he must be really determined

she decided to take his cue

in order not to piss him off
she slowly climbed the garder and tiptoed to him

Muna noticed her from the corner of his eyes

“don’t even think about it,,,it all ends here ok,,,all this shit ends here,,,so you better back off sonia,,,before I lose my patience!”

she started to plead

“Muna,,,you can’t swim. ,,why are you trying to do this,,,you’ll die fo-”

he cut her off

“of course I can’t swim,,,are you dumb or something,,,,what the hell do you think I’m here for huh,,,do you think this is a joke!!!”

he was speaking at the top of his voice now

sonia was starting to lose her nerves

“but Muna pls, ,think about what you’re trying to do,,,what would Dre say if he saw you doing this”

she hoped maybe using the “what would Dre say” gimmick would work on him,,,maybe,,, bringing him back to his senses

Muna kept mute for a while

then he said

“well the punk shouldn’t have died in the first place,,,he shouldn’t have betrayed me,,,he promised,,,he said it himself,,,he’ll never leave me,,,”

she kept tiptoeing closer to him

she then caught the scent of alcohol from his breath

no wonder

Muna had an intolerance to alcohol

this was a fact she knew pretty well

just a little sip from it could mess up his mind

she then said

“Muna ,,,what about cleansweep,,,the guys need you,,,you can’t also leave them too,,,”

Muna laughed again

“cleansweep?,, which cleansweep?,,, sonia,,have you been living under a rock,,,Dre is dead!!,,, I mean dead,,, there is no cleansweep without Dre ,,,without him,,,cleansweep is nothing,,,,you hear me!,,, nothing!!,”

he sounded deranged

sonia was almost frightened

but she then said

“but they are your friends Muna,,,and dre ‘s friends too,,,and you were friends with Dre too,,,don’t disappoint him like this””

Muna scoffed again at her unbelievable words

his voice was hoarse as he said

“friends?,,, friends you say?,,, Dre wasn’t my friend sonia,,,he may just be a friend to them,,,but not to me,,,he was my brother,,,my big bro!!,,, the bro who promised would never leave me,,,!!,, the same fvcking promise! my biological bro gave me!!,, its us against the world Muna”,,, those where the same lies my brother told me,,! ,but when things went bad,,,guess what he did!!”

sonia just blinked at him

he then said

“he left sonia,,,he dumped me on the streets and left!!, he said “wait here ,,,I’ll be right back”,,, I never saw him again,,,never!!”

a tiny tear dropped on muna’s cheek

he wiped it off immediately

“Dre found me,, yeah,, people always thought the old man was the one who found me!,, but no,,,it was all Dre,,,he took me to the man ,,,,and you know the funny thing is , ,those were the same words Dre told me when he decided to die,,,”wait here Muna,,,I’ll be back with the instruments”

sonia now realised why this was too unbearable for Muna

Muna felt betrayed twice

this wasn’t just about Dre anymore

it was about everything

his entire past

she knew nothing much about his life from before

but it seemed like it was filled with some deeper stories

she hoped one day he would share it with her

one day!

if he doesn’t go down here first

Sonia’s eyes were teary as she spoke

“Muna,,,but Dre will always be with us,,,with you,,! you should know that”

he faced the deep water beneath them and said

“don’t be filled by all that crap sonia,,,this world is filled with lies,,,deceits,, ”

he looked up towards the sky

and screamed

“and hypocrites!!,,,you hear me,,,you’re freaking hypocrites!!,, I hope you’re happy up there!!,, you corward!!”

he looked towards the water and started yelling

“I’ll end it all!!,,, i ll end everything,,,there is nothing else to live for!!,,, they both left me!!,, I’m all alone ok!!,,, I have no one!!,, absolutely no one!!”

she couldn’t bear his deranged state anymore

she ran forward and held him tight from behind

“what about me Muna!!,, huh? you have me!!,, you do!,, and I swear to you,, if you go anywhere I’ll go with you ,,, don’t do this to me pls,,,I’m begging you!!, for my sake!,, pls ,,pls pull yourself together”

she tightened her grip across his stomache

getting ready for him to drag her away from his body

but she had made up her mind

even if he hits her

beats her

or slaps her

she would not let go

she was ready for whatever would come

but suddenly

she felt his body throbbing

he seemed to be convulsing

she seemed quizzed

it took her a while to notice that the convulsing was actually him sobbing

it started slow and silent

but soon it turned out to a full blown anguish

sonia was speechless

it was a little unbelievable

Muna was crying!

for the first time in her life

she saw and felt Muna cry

it was hard to also hold back her own tears

but in that breif moment

she was glad

she was glad that he was finally letting it out

finally freeing himself