All That Glitters Episode 35


°we Were more than brothers°°


they say your darkest hour comes before your time

they say there are some bonds that can never be broken

they say there are some individuals that are too strong to feel hurt

but during these entire week

the cleansweeps felt nothing but pain

Rand high school felt nothing but pain

every individual who ever came across the philanthropist Andre Okon felt like a part of them was missing

standing under the drizzling rain

hundreds of people Dressed in black watched in sorrow as dre’s coffin got lowered into the earth

the divine legacy gets buried into the earth

Tobi placed an arm over Sonia’s shaking shoulders as she sobbed uncontrollably

it was still unbelievable…

her pillar was gone

her big bro

her right hand shooter

her defender

this was one of those moments one wished to be in the place of the other individual

the tears flowed freely on mike’s eyes as he consoled a crying john

Tobi looked with complete horror

as the sand was being poured ontop of the coffin

all around the cemetery different individuals were present

friends and strangers alike

everyone heard that a gem was gone

everyone could be sighted

except Muna

I was wondering where Muna was

“probably he couldn’t bear to come”

yahya whispered to me

but I had seen him already

across the other side

he was completely Dremched

as he stood isolated without an umbrella

his wet hair fell across his face in a pitiable sight

there was no single trace of tears in Muna’s face

he wasn’t crying

neither did he looked shocked

muna’s expression was unreadable

(even I couldn’t discern it at that moment)

but I know that if anyone felt a deep rage

it had to be Muna

no one else can feel the depth of dre’s loss like Muna

the priest read the final funeral rites and sealed the grave

with the sign of the cross

“dust you are and dust you shall return”!

he closed the bible and gave a few sermons before ceremoniously leaving the spot

slowly one by one,,, everyone started to leave

the hundreds declined to a score

until only the cleansweeps were left

Mike was talking with dre’s grandmum

as Tobi led sonia to a spot to sit

she was still sobbing lightly

Tobi did his best to console her

but her sniffing was uncontrollable

he soon said

“soso is enough,,,stop crying now,,,”

but she continued whimpering

“if you are crying like this,,,I’ll start crying also,,,or do you think I’ve not been holding it”

his voice was shaky as he spoke

sonia couldn’t help it

the pain was unbearable

Tobi then took her face in his hands and said

“tell me,,, if Dre was here right now,,,would he like to see you cry”

she whimpered and shook her head

“then Tobi then said

“and what will he say if he caught you crying”

her voice was croaky as she said

“c’mon,,,c’mon.. stop-,,,stop crying yo- you… you big baby”

she bursted into another fit as she remembered the way Dre used to talk

Tobi pulled her into a tight hug as his own tears flowed freely

the drizzle couldn’t help matters

they were crying like kids

from the corner of eye

sonia noticed a shadow pass by

it was faint

but there was familiarity in the movement

it caused a white rose to pluck off and fall to the ground

she couldn’t understand it tho

they ended the session

Mike helped dre’s grandmum home

as Tobi..john and sonia left the spot

Every student gathared in front of the assembly hall to listen to the principal speak

the man stepped on the podium and started

“students,,,it is with great greif that I stand before you today,,,for yet again the hydra headed menace,,,known as death has taken away from us another beloved
,,,Andre okon was a boy like no other,,,he was a son,,grandson,,friend,,,and brother,,, a talented joyous kid who planted smiles on everyone he came across, I am still dealing with the shock of this news ,, honestly such a loss cannot be replaced,,, I have charged the police to spare no effort in uncovering the perpertrators of such dastardly act,, i assure you,,,this individuals would be brought to justice,,”

He ended the speech and asked everyone to go back to classes

A one week break was given to sympathise with the friends and families so they could mourn in solitude

It was During this period,,

That Muna got arrested

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The thing is ,everyone knew what they felt after Dre died

Everyone understood themselves

Everyone understood their pain

But not Muna

He had a complete expressionless Look as he walked around

He was terribly unkept

He was like a zombie

He didn’t know what to do

He couldn’t cry

Couldn’t eat

Couldn’t sleep

His anguish was killing him slowly

Muna found himself in the police station the other day

After the officers confirmed that he had single handedly beaten a man to pulp

He was walking down the streets in his usual zombie manner

When he mistakenly stepped on the feet of a street thug by the road side

The man gave him a deafening slap

And was shocked to see that Muna did absolutely nothing

He said nothing

And did nothing but just continued walking like a robot

The man and other guys joked at him and one of them said

“Maybe em mama no give am milk dis morning hehehe”

Like a flash

Muna descended on the man

He released different blows

Anyone who tried to disengage him met a degree of his iron fist

Luckily a patrol car was passing by

And the officers got down and clobbered him with their baton

They arrested both of them

And other men around they could catch and took them to the police station

As the cleansweeps started at him as his hand cuffs were being removed,,,they couldn’t understand why his eyes were so lifeless,,,he didn’t even mind the bruises on his face

He simply stepped out of the cell and passed by them without saying a words

Tobi’s uncle was the one who took care of the bail procedures

They let Muna go cos he was a first time offender

While tobi’s uncle was busy filling some papers

The guys stepped out of the police station and saw Muna standing outside

Probably waiting for a taxi

Mike walked up to him and started talking

She walked through an alley and crossed over to the side of the road

Sonia was really tired as hell

School was hectic today

It had been really hectic ever since they resumed

Teachers wanted to catch up on thins they missed during the one week holiday

She passed by the road that led to muna’s house

As she was about to reach the house

She saw muna’s door push open

And he stepped out absentmindedly

Sonia was puzzled at the way and manner he walked out of the house

He didn’t even close the door talkless of locking it

This attitude and manner he had been acting was starting to worry her

She just wished he would let out all his feelings

Instead of bulging up his entire anguish within him

Bills followed Muna down the road wagging its tail excitedly

Muna seemed less concerned walking down the road on his own

Sonia thought about calling out to him

But she changed her mind

Perhaps to let him have a clear head

He needs to sort things out

Although he had gone back to his cold and distant ways ever since the accident

He never talks to her anymore

Even if she asks him anything

He hardly replies

He was like a walking zombie

School had resumed

But he didn’t resume

Sonia wished he could open up

It would help if he would just talk

If not to her

Then to someone else
She stepped into the house

And refreshed herself

She took her bath

Then prepared something for both of them

She soon settled on the couch and was about dozing off when

Noises from outside startled her

She recognised bills barking immediately

She wondered how come Muna was back so soon

Although she was expecting him to step into the house but he didn’t

She decided to go out and meet him herself