All That Glitters Episode 31


°i mustn’t bulge°°

It wasn’t really raining

More like dripping

But the dops were a drizzling rythm that rang in Sonia’s ears

She hadn’t fall asleep yet

How could she?

For crying out loud…

He was right there ,,just right beside her …

She twisted and turned on the bed

Sonia laid on her back…
As she peered into the ceiling

The room was quite dark …so she couldn’t see much

But she didn’t need much light to know,,,that Muna was fast asleep…

From the corner of her eyes she noticed the way his chest rose and fell

She didn’t know what to make of it…

But she wasn’t sure how ,,,how could he fall asleep so easily

He probably didn’t feel The uneasy feeling she felt right now

Then the thought hit her

*of course*

How come she didn’t think of that

He probably so used to sleeping alone

He must feel comforted with someone else by his side…

At that moment sonia felt a tinge of pity as she watched him sleep peacefully

She shifted closer and without knowing

She raised her hands to touch his face

But at that same moment

Muna stirred

And immediately sonia quickly retracted her hands

And rapidly turned to her side

Her back facing him

She clutched her eyes tight…to fake sleep

She thought he woke up

But Muna simply turned over and laid on his stomache

He was breathing heavily in deep sleep..

But sonia didn’t risk turning to check if he woked yp

She remained stiff in her position

As she chided herself from trying something stupid like that again..

…3:30 am

Muna dredgingly yawned as he weakly opened his eyes

He noticed the air suddenly got chilly

Probably because of the rain

But he also started noticing another strange thing

The bed was vibrating

*unh,,, why is this thing shaking,,* Muna thought

His eyes turned to the side and he saw it

Sonia was curled up on her side

And she was shivering seriously

Muna’s brain went on alarm mode!

He quickly shifted to her

“Soso,,,soso,,,what’s wrong why are you shivering,,,is it seizures?”

*God pls let it not be seizures* Muna prayed

He called her name again and she responded him in a slight hum

She was awake but her eyes were shut tight as she was shivering…

Muna didn’t know what to do,,,he didn’t understand anything about asthma…

He fumbled through the bed trying to see if he was lying on her inhaler or if she was lying on it…

As he was still moving frantically in search…
Sonia managed to speak out and explain to him that she wasn’t having a lung attack..Rather it was due to the cold weather

Her body heat wasn’t enough for the cold

“So what can I do then,,do you need a blanket”

She shook her head

Muna became flopped

“So what does your mom do then”

Sonia was quiet…

How could she explain it to him

Muna couldn’t bear her shivering anymore

He simply damned it all and pulled her closer

He held her tight covering her body with his

Sonia wasn’t sure what was happening But she knew somehow she felt better

It took sometime before her brain registered that her body was moulded into his right now

But in her weakened state she couldn’t offer any protest…

She wasn’t sure if she could even speak out

Talkess of moving

She simply remained grateful that the cold wasn’t so freezy as before…

For a while ,,,Muna remained thoughtless as he held her close

He breathed a sigh of relief as her shivering slowly died down

He soon started feelin her heavy breathing

Signifying she had fallen asleep .


But then again

He noticed something else not so comfy

He could smell her scent as her body clutched on him

She snuggled and pressed closer on him

Something like electric signals shot through his brain

As he could feel her curvy body moulding against his. ,,,

He felt a slight bulge in his trousers..

He quickly tried dis -entangling from her

But she was lying on his arms…

There was no way he could move without waking her up

But how could he stay like this with her back crushing his torso in this manner…

*its not proper,,,its not right*

He was shocked at this

How could it be!

How could he be feeling entinced by her body

He wasn’t supposed to think in this manner of her now ..

He tried taking his mind of the fact that he liked the way her softness pressed on his now hard bulge…

*control yourself,,control,,control,,,*

Muna kept ringing the words in his ears for a long while till he

Unconciously drifted off to sleep…

Morning came quickly than expected…

Sonia prepared early and walked off to school…

Muna wasn’t interested in wallowing at home for the whole day…

He strolled of to tobi’s house ,,,where all the guys were gathered…

Although they had squad meeting today…Muna hardly paid attention to everything they said…

He still thought about that feeling he felt when he hugged sonia close from behind last night…

He wondered why he had such strong urges at that. Time…

He was supposed to have a platonic thinking towards sonia

Supposed to see her as just a sister

Hell… he thought that what how he felt…

The protective care he had for her since they were little

Was it not brother sister relationship they’ve had all along?

Or was it something else he hadn’t noticed

*no its definitely nothing else*
Muna assured himself…

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But how do you explain the scenario when he woke up this morning

He realised he was holding on to sonia so unbelievably tight…

He quickly detached and jumped up from the bed in horror…

Lots of thought ran through his head at that moment…

But he relaxed when he remembered her “shivering” episode last night…

He spent the entire morning giving her side glances as she prepared for school…

But he noticed she didn’t seem bothered

She probably wasn’t aware of anything after she fell asleep

“Hey ,,Muna!”
Dre called him for the third time…

Muna startled and sat upright

“Huh. ?.. eh? Yeah,,”

Dre raised her eyebrow

“Were you even listening to me?”

Dre asked

Muna revved

“Yeah,,,of course,,,I mean,,,sure I was”


“Yeah,,, I was listening”

Dre folded his hands over his chest then said…

“So what did I ask you,,just now”

Muna cleared his throat…
He started tryin to think of possible questions Dre must have asked

“Well,,um ,,as Mike said,,,um ,,I mean we were obviously talking about…. so in other words you said..”

All the guys just had an amused expression on their face as they watched Muna fumble over his words

This is highly unusual

First of all Muna never loses focus in a discussion even if he is chatting while working quadratic equations,,,its never possible…

Now they are hearing him stuttering in his own words

A whole Muna

What could dare make Muna stutter in this manner

What could be the issue

Tobi had a raised eyebrow as he leaned towards john and whispered to his ears

*don’t be shocked boy,,,he is probaly havin a sonia-tic flu*

John raised his eyebrows in confusion

“Which one is soniatic flu,,,Tobi I’ve never heard off-”

But Tobi hushed him

“Shh ,,shhh,,,don’t be so loud,,, don’t bother checking the dictionary,,,its a new sickness that scientist just confirmed,,,it has a lot of ingested hormones and teenage adrenaline mixed reactions,,,you won’t really understand it if I break it down”

John was still confused…

But he was also angry that Tobi of all people knew about an illness that he knew nothing about

He was determined to get home and quickly research on this so called “sonia-tic” flu…So he can be ahead of Tobi

But Tobi simply winked at john then grinned mischievously at Muna as he spoke with Dre …

“So what then happened,,,as in how was it”

Jessy asked sonia..immediately she dragged her to a corner

But Sonia’s puzzled Look gave off instantly

“How was what?”

She asked…

“You know the…”

Jessy tried hinting

But sonia still had a puzzled Look on her face

Jessy groaned and blurted out

“How was the night?”

Sonia shrugged her shoulders

“Fine I guess,,,although I had a bad cold ,,but I slept off after I got better,,”

Jessy was taken aback

The way sonia said it so carefree

It really meant that she wasn’t lying
…nothing happened at all…

Jessy couldn’t understand it…

How come

Just how come?

Even as a girl,,,she admires Sonia’s endowed features and fervent skin

What kind of a guy would spend a night with someone like her and not have any ideas


Jessy gasped

*could it be that,,,by chance,Muna could be-*

“No he can’t be!”

She refused to believe it,,,

Sonia gave her a Look and asked

“Jessy what is wrong ,,,who can’t be what?”

Jessy looked at sonia…She knew she had to do something Or else this chance could be gone…

She gripped Sonia’s hands and dragged her to a chair…

As they settled

She began

“Okay sonia Look,,,I’m your friend,,,and I think its my obligation to tell you this ,,,you just said nothing happened between you guys huh?”

Sonia nodded

Then jessy continued

“There are only two things for something like that to happen,,(,1) Muna hates you,,,as in really really hates you,,,to the extent that he gets disgusted by seeing you which is why he couldn’t perform his nuptial rights last night”

Sonia widened her eyes at jessy’s revelation

Jessy continued

“Now number 2,,, it could be just maybe ,,,Muna is impotent,,,so he just can’t perform be that,,,”

Sonia had a blank expression on her face

Jessy drew closer and asked her earnestly..

“Now my sister,,,which among the two do you prefer,,, (the hatred) ,,,or the (impotency)… because there is no escaping it right now”

Sonia didn’t know what to say…

This time jessy had her at a tight corner…

Could it be …

Could it just be

Could Muna really hate her

She didn’t want to believe in the possibility of him being impotent…

She saw it as just a ridiculous idea ..

But the thought of Muna hating her seemed to be a rational explanation…

Could that be the reason he never looked at her the way she wanted

But it couldn’t be

Muna always cared for her..he always protected her

So how could he hate her. .

Sonia was confused and jugged up

Jessy kept talking

And sonia tried paying attention

But her mind kept wandering over the previous concepts

“Now if you are not sure of which one of it is the case here,,,there is a way to find out,,,”

Sonia looked up at her

“How ,,how is that”?!

There was a tinge of desperation in her voice as she spoke

Jessy soon saw that she was ready to listen then continued

“I’m more experienced than you,,so fortunately I can give you a tip on how to find out,,,and you have to try it tonight,,,so as to get quick results,,,ok”

Sonia nodded slowly

Not sure if she was going to like the idea jessy was going to spice

…evening came

Sonia got home late at 6pm

As usual. ..

Muna wasn’t in

She decided to make some dinner and take a bath..

She did everything in less than a few hours

She slumped tiredly on the chair…

She kept looking at the time


Her mind still contemplated over jessy’s words …

Sonia had never been more confused in her life in this manner

Even the tips jessy gave her didn’t seem safe at all

*What if something goes wrong* she thought

Sonia was still ruminating over the idea

She didn’t know when she dozed off

She could feel her body being lifted off the couch…

She felt slightly puzzled at what could be levitating her up in such a manner

She relaxed when she recognised the familiar scent of muna’s perfume

She snuggled sleepily on his chest…

But in her moment of comfort

She darted her eyes open

When the realisation actually hit her that Muna was carrying her
He was actually carrying her and walking away from the parlour

At this moment she wasn’t sure which was the feeling ,,

Triumph ,,because this proves jessy wrong that Muna hates her

Well he clearly cared for her
Seeing as he was not going to let her spend the night outbin the parlour…

Because he wanted to gently take her inside…
But a thought of dissapointment ran through Sonia’s mind

It was entirely normal to care for someone you see as an ordinary friend or sister

Sonia slowly looked up at his face…

He had a turgid Look as he kicked the door open with one leg…

At this moment

Sonia thought about putting jessy’s idea to the test…

She may never know if she doesn’t try right now…

But as soon as they enterred the dark room

All thoughts of jessy’s idea dissapeared from Sonia’s head

Fear took over

She knew the inevitable was going to happen now

He would dump her in this dark room

And leave her all alone

Sonia instinctively

Held muna’s shoulders in a tight grip

As if he was about to throw her in a vast ocean

Muna cried out
As her fingers dugged too deep in his shoulders

Sonia quickly noticed her hands
And released her grip a little

She thought about saying something

But then all of a sudden

The inevitable happened !