All That Glitters Episode 32


the one week suspension was over

now the cleansweeps were back in school…

the warm welcome they received from their fellow students was soothing

very soothing that Dre in the haste of his excitement stepped into the canteen and announced that he’ll buy lunch for everyone present…
well of course ,,he wasn’t actually goin to pay for it per say

but the boy that he slung his arms over would take care of the expenses…

the kid still had a hard time figuring out when exactly he and Dre were good friends

according to what Dre told him the other time he forced him to buy food for him

they were good friends a long time ago,,,but they suddenly cut ties due to some issues…

Dre was still smiling and clutching on to the boys neck

when he saw sonia sitting at a corner with her friends…

he quickly released the boy and excitedly walked up to her

all the guys chorused as they approached her

she smiled as she looked up at them

“hey you guys,,, when did you people get here!”

“just now,,,hey don’t pay for that food o,,,my boy will settle you”
Dre replied her

Tobi settled closer to jessy and winked at her…

making the girl blush a little

to everyone’s surprise Muna comfily sat next to sonia in a carefree fashion

they even shared their meal together

they seemed to flow easily now than usual

the cold distant attitude Muna once dished to her before dissapeared

something more comely took place

Tobi leaned towards john
and whispered

“Muna has been in such a good mood nowadays,,,I think he has gotten over his sonia-tic flu”

like a flash john opened his eyes wide like he remembered something

he shouted

“Aha ,!,,,Tobi!”

everyone got startled by his outburst…

but he continued

“I spent five hours in the library,,,and I even consulted my uncle ,,who studied pharmacy,,,he said there isn’t no such thing as a sonia-tic flu,, so pls mr man explain your theory”

john demanded…

Tobi rolled his eyes side to side for a while

then smartly said

“did your uncle check through a compendium of virus encyclopedia”

“yes!,,,he did ,,, a 2010 version” john replied him

Tobi smiled and put down his spoon

“you see that’s where the problem is my brother,,,the sonia-tic flu is a new entry ,,,on the virus encyclopedia,,,he is using an outdated version,,,I saw it on the 2014 updated version”

Tobi made john believe he would never find it on his own compendium

this infuriated john that Tobi was even more up to date on medical matters than him

how come

ordinary Tobi

john vowed to go back to the library and research till he had more knowledge on this so called flu than john

Mike noticed something

he nudged Muna and asked

“halima hasn’t been in school for a while now,,,even today she wasn’t in class,,,are you sure all is well with her”

Muna scrunched his face ,,,he had been thinking the same thing

he was hoping to find halima ever since they resumed so he could talk to her

he just hoped she didn’t do something to herself cos of the way he spoke to her last time

he really hoped not

Muna sat on the chair by the corner of the room and watched in silence at sonia as she slept…

he noticed something

he enjoyed watching her sleep

she looked like something straight out of a fairytale

sonia twisted and turned to face him

she yawned and at the same time her eyes drifted open and her gaze met his…

they looked at each other for a while ,,,unable to say a word…

he soon said

“you should sleep”

“I know”

“then close your eyes,,”

“I can’t”

Muna had a puzzled Look

he took a deep sigh and just looked somewhere else

his gaze came back to her face again

Muna saw a small parting in her lips

he became amused then he asked

“why are you smiling?”

she shook her head and said

“I just remebered something”

he raised one eyebrow

he hoped it wasn’t what he was thinking

the event that led him to sit on a chair

and wait till she falls asleep

instead of lying on the bed next to her

she must think its amusing

but it really freaked Muna out

he could have hurt her

and that was definitely the last thing on his mind

for a while Muna let his mind flash back to the scenario that led him to observe from a chair

instead of lying next to her on the bed

it was that day he came back and saw her sleeping on the couch…

the first signal of warning was when he decided to carry her to the room

she was so soft and portable in his hands as he walked off to the room

first signal came as her hand went around his shoulders for support

her soft boobs were poking his chest and sending messages to his brain

he did his best to ignore that

…then the rest goes forth
the room was a little dark… but Muna could see clearl
he moved carefully until he reached the bed and gently placed sonia on it…

he then leaned up and started moving towards the door

he had taken a few steps

when sonia mumbled something

“what’s wrong,,, I thought you asleep,,” he could see her shaking her head..

sonia wouldn’t be able to fall asleep in the darkness…

he knew he had to stay with her again…

but he wasn’t ready to challenge himself again…

he had planned to stay late just so she could fall asleep ,,then hell come and carry her to the room,,,while he would safely sleep on the couch…

he was about to ignore her plea and make his way to the parlour

but he contemplated over the possibility of her having a breath attack

he couldn’t risk leaving her alone

Muna took of his shoes and walked towards the bed…

he settled beside her on the right side…

he noticed she shuddered a little

*d–n this weather* Muna cursed

he then asked her

“do you feel cold?”

she managed to mumble a “hmn”

Muna contemplated for a while

trying what he did the other time was risky business…

but there was no avoiding it

he covered her body with his with a tight embrace

sonia flinched at first…

but after a while she relaxed and even snuggled closer

*d–n it*
Muna cursed again

this was the same thing that caused some impulses last time…

if only she could just stay still and not move around..

he wouldn’t have any problems maintaining this position

Muna was battling with an urge he didn’t even know existed…

she couldn’t see much..

but Muna could see clearly in the dark like a bat

his eyes roamed over the way her curvy body moulded against his…

he wondered how come he never noticed such lady like features on sonia before…

the countours of her body were very intimidating…

isn’t she too young to have such figure…

but another problem was her feminine scent

it was driving him insane

it wasn’t like Muna hadn’t been with a girl before …

but he just couldn’t understand why sonia was making him go wild

*she is just sonia ,,for crying out loud*

Muna convinced himself

he focused on trying to think of something else…

but sonia kept wriggling around causing a kind of friction on him…

was she doing this on purpose

doesn’t she know what humping a guy causes

Muna loomed closer,,,and saw that her eyes were shut…

she was probably dreaming

he also noticed that if he leaned closer,,,he could get a nice whiff of her scent…

she had a kind of sweet olive smell

Muna noticed how smooth her neck looked

he tried stopping himself

but he leaned closer and brushed his lips on her neck…

the light brush caused a sensation on Sonia’s skin

and Muna still pressed another kiss against her shoulders…

he expected her to fidget and question him

but sonia remained still

*why didn’t she say anything*

Muna thought

he soon placed another kiss on her neck again

this time he was sure sonia was awake by now

cos she shuddered as he kissed again

he still expected her to say something…

sonia simply turned and faced him

Muna couldn’t tell what prompted him

but the lingering Look in her eyes was so captivating

he couldn’t stop himself from leaning and taking her mouth with his…

sonia widened her eyes in shock as Muna covered his lips on hers…

no way !

this can’t be!

at this point ,,,sonia was sure she was still dreaming

but this dream looked too good to be true…

she stretched her hands and held muna’s face

she got shocked again

this is definitely not a dream

you can’t touch in a dream…
Muna was really kissing her But Muna was overwhelmed by a deep hidden passion

He simply couldn’t stop himself from ravaging her lips

It became a deal breaker when her soft hand touched his cheeks

He took it as her opening up

And dove in to her open hands

Sonia was shocked as Muna climbed on her and continued his assault

She didn’t know how exactly to react

Her long time crush who always seemed repelled by her now rummaging all over her in such a quick manner

It was a lot to take in

Then she remembered jessy’s words

(Don’t act like a novice ,,,dominate,,and make him know you are charged up)

She decided to try out jessy’s advice

She threw her arms around his neck and returned his kiss ,,,

It was such an innocent gesture

But this caused the hormones in Muna to run wild.

He didn’t know when he placed his entire weight on her and clamped her laps towards his waist

The excitement welled up in sonia was soon replaced by discomfort

She struggled to breath as muna’s heavy chest clumped on her chest

His body was crushing hers as he grinded on her in a frenzy mode

Muna was ready to rip off all her clothing.

In swift monent

But then a slight whimper he heard from her

Caused him to ring back his senses

He quickly stopped himself and sat up

He had a horrified Look on his face as he saw the way she looked all roughened

“I’m ,,I… I’m sorry,,,I didn’t mean to,,,sonia I’m ,,,-”

He couldn’t put out the apologies properly
The shock of what he had almost done caused him to be slightly speechless

Sonia said to him..
“No its nothing,,,I was just surprised,,so that’s why I,,-”

Muna puffed,,,

“I’m really sorry sonia,,,hope I didn’t,,,,… did I hurt you”

She shook her head,,,

“No I’m alright,,,you don’t need to,,,”

Muna couldn’t imagine he had lost control in that manner

He saw the way her lips were swollen from his initial assault

This was the girl he was supposed to be taking care off…

But he was busy trying to devour her…

This time around

Muna was certain

He had more than just protective feelings for sonia…

He had strong attractive ones

Strong feelings that even makes him scared

He didn’t know what he might have done,,,if he didn’t stop himself…
He quickly got up from the bed,,,

Sonia eyed him as he paced around the room for a while

Probably trying to clear his head

She tried assuring him

“Muna I’m really ok,,,you don’t have to worry about that,,, I really don’t mind”

He looked at her and forced a weak smile

*you might be ok sonia,,,but I’m not,,,something is going on with me,,,and it involves you,,,and I can’t explain it,,,,I don’t know what to call it*

Muna rambled in his mind,,,

He soon started walking towards the door

Sonia quickly sat up and began a protest

“No no no,,,pls don’t leave me all alone!,,,, i ll stay on the extreme edge of the bed,,,our bodies won’t touch at all,,,infact I’ll sleep on the floor,,,but pls pls,,,just don’t go”

She begged him

Muna then assured her…

He wasn’t leaving

But he intended to get a chair to place in the room…

This time around he could sit safely from a distance and wait till she falls asleep…

He wasn’t ready to take any chances of sleeping on that bed anymore

Not while she was on it

Muna now knew he wasn’t invincinble

He wasn’t untouchable

He often prized himself as one of a few guys who could control himself with a lady…

Hell he could

Even a well endowed model could be rummaging over him

And he’ll barely respond,,,

He could make himself not to feel anything for a girl

Sonia wasn’t just any girl

She was like a forbbiden gift

Like a narcotic drug to him..

Like fuel to the fire

It was inexplainable

Muna got the chair

And settled at a safe corner in the room
..watching closely as sonia went back to sleep

He did his best not to think of how her curvy body looked enticing as she laid down on her side

But with all due respect

His best didn’t seem enough!