All That Glitters Episode 20


°°lets be like Rae sremmurd°°

The announcer/ Anchor stepped forward
He held a kind of pad in his hand as he climbed up the stage to announce to the audience

“Okay people,,,that was Boom busters all the way from Rufai high school,,,let’s give them a round of applause as they stepped down”

The crowd cheered and clapped as the last band took a bow and stepped down

Mike poked out his head to sneak peek. At what was going on

“Mehn…those guys are really hot o,,,they have the entire crowd on their feet” he announced to them

Dre looked at him and frowned

He went forward and grabbed his head pulling him back inside

“You are busy drooling over another bands performance,,instead of focusing. On what we are going to dish out tonight”

Mike widened his eyes and asked
“Dre didn’t you hear those guys right now,,,what can we possibly dish that will top their performance”

Tobi stopped messing with the red bandana he was tying over his forehead as he turned and faced Mike

“Would you quit being pessimistic,,,yes they’re good,,but don’t clock we are already established celebrities!!”

Mike rolled his eyes at him

“Yeah right ,,,celebrities that can’t even afford our own tour bus,,,dude we borrowed a van to get here!!!”
“So don’t gimme that whole celebrity trash”

Tobi was about to say something when Muna cut in

“Enough you guys,,,its our cue next”

The anchor flipped through his pad and then announced

“Up next,,,we have the guys all the way from rand highschool,,,I’m sure most of you already know about them by now,,,(murmuring in the crowd)… let’s hear it for the hearthrobs.,,the one and only… Cleansweep!!”

The entire audience went wild with cheers as they boys stepped out and climbed on stage

They were brandishing their signature
Black and red attire

Although they awkwardly took to their various positions
They gradually got used to the large audience by taking deep breaths

The judges 4 in number Sat by the corner of the stage

The first judge spoke out

“So cleansweep,,,what would you guys be offering us today”

Dre took a deep breath and answered

“Hhhph,,,we are gonna cover “black beatles”

The judges nodded

Then the second judge spoke

“Alright then,,,let’s hear your black beatles version

Dre nodded
He then turned around to Mike and signalled him

Mike nodded in understanding

Then soon
They started off

With Mike percussion intro

Dre held the mic and began


/cleansweep in the city ,,be back immediately/
/to confiscate the moneyyy/

(Tobi and Muna)
/sent flowers but you said you didn’t receive them/…
/but you said you didn’t need them/..

/that girl is a real trap beast/
/small world ,,,all her friends know of me/
/Young Dre living like an old geeze/
/yet you still all around the hood looking for me/
/yeah I know my lifestyle is driving you crazy/
/girl I want you to be mine again baby/

/cuz I’m a freaking cleansweeper/
/check the scores I’m a reefer/
/barely 18 years yet we’ve done more than the bleepers/

/I got Tobi ,,,I got Muna/
/Mike and john be my keepers/
/when we pull up to the…/

At this point…
Dre could barely hear his own voice
The noise from the crowd was so devasting that the ushers had to keep them in check

Okay they are doing alright
But one thing they all noticed was Tobi’s bass sounded completly off key
Probably because of the weak strings

They just had to finish up the last verse

The chorus went again

Then Dre started the

The last verse

But just as he was halfway

A thick GRIN!! Went off the air

One of the strings from the bass just cut off!!

They all exchanged nervous looks

But Tobi smartly improvised
By turning his back to the crowd
Like he was making up his own style of performance

And for five minutes
He pretended like
Everything was cool

As he struggled with the string to fix it back

He battled with it nervously
Then he relaxed when he found a way to hook it on the wooden nudge

Luckily no one noticed anything fishy

Then after he was done

Tobi stylished swiped around to face the crowd
Like when micheal jackson does the 360 turnaround (see the idiot ehn)

As he turned he screamed in a shrill voice

/yo,,,,! ,,cleansweep yoh/
/we da real trapbeasts yoh!!/

Dre noticed him
He scrunched his face as he said in his mind

**Ode,,,God save you**

They continued

Then finished up with Muna
Coming forward to deliver
A serious and strong guitar switchline
It was almost electrical in a way
Because the crowd were stunned at how he could keep up such a pace

Their performance rounded up
Then they bowed to the audience as they took their live

It was kind of weird because after they were already done,,,the crowd kept screaming


This was a competition
Not a personal show
There is no way
They could deliver an encore …

They all went backstage to await the final verdict of the judges

As they were waiting backstage
Dre didn’t have any nice words for Tobi
He kept blasting him over and over again

Muna walked to the curtains and took a peep at the judges

He studied their facial expressions carefully
He was trying to decipher their intentions so as to know what fate had in store for them

John already walked up to his side

“What do think then,,,last position or second to last position”
John asked

Muna shook his head
“I can’t tell man,,,their faces are quite tough to read”

He looked back and saw Tobi looking downcast as Dre continued scolding him

Then he faced john and said

“Let’s just hope tobi’s fumble doesn’t actually make us last cos,,,honestly,,,we need that dough”

John sighed then looked outside again as he said

“I hope so o Muna”
“I hope so”

After much deliberations
The judges signaled the anchor to go ahead and call the competitors out

After he announced
All of the competitors stepped out and stood on they stage to hear the final decision

When he saw they were all there

The anchor then started

“Now the judges have come to a conclusion…before I continue…let me just let you guys know that,,,always remember,,,nobody is a loser,,,this is just a platform to expose yourselves and get better at what you do”
“All that glitters isnt Gold The only person that’s knows whats really best for you,,,is yourself”

He paused then took out the pad and announced again

“Now the winner of the 23rd nyako annual competion is….”

He paused to observe the suspense he created
Mike was almost falling off as he leaned to listen to the details properly

The anchor looked at the pad again
Then gracefully said

“They are…. ”
“The Bloom busters”

John widened his eyes
Dre clenched his teeth
Muna and Mike exchanged looks

By now Tobi noticed Dre moving closer to him with a furious expression

He then started rambling in his mind

**oh God,,,oh no,,,so he won’t wait until we get home,,,he is going to kill me right here right now,,,,oohh what do I do what do I do**

Tobi looked around the large auditorioum for a possible means of escape **D–n it**
The entire place is blinded

There are no windows at all

Even if he tried using the door the security would delay in letting him out
Dre would have caught him by then

Tobi wished perhaps maybe the ground woupd just open up and swallow him

He already saw Dre by his side

There is no escape this time

Then Tobi damned it
As Dre grabbed him by his collar

** ehn,,,what sef ,,,kill me,,just kill me sef**

Then suddenly

The anchor man hushed the crowd as he stated again

“Hold on ,,,hold on that’s not all,,,the winners are they,,,aaand the cleansweeps”

Mike opened his mouth in shock

The anchor man climbed down the stage to hand the mic to the judges

Dre had a bewildered look on his face
He slowly released Tobi whom he was gripping all this while

Tobi breathed a sigh of releif as Dre let him go
Muna had a puzzled look
As john
John jumped up in excitement

Yes they had won!

But wait!

What did he mean by “and”

Is it possible to have two winners in a comp

The crowd showed series of mixed reactions to the announcements

What exactly does the verdict mean?

The third judge stood up and called for silence as he spoke

“I know , I know you are all confused with the verdict,,,let me explain to you all”

He gathered himself and started

“The thing is,,,the bloom bursters did exceedinly well in their cover,,,their keys ,,chords,,,even vocals were very impressive”

Mike nudged Muna in an “I told you so” manner …

The judge then continued

“But also we were more amazed by the cover the cleansweeps did,,,infact it was more impressive ,,,they were like working magic with their own style of performing,,, we were ready to announce them winners…but our fourth judge kept sayin,,there was something wrong somewhere”

He looked around at the audience

Then continued

“Now we can’t decide which one of the two teams should be the final winners”

He paused and continued
“But now,,,we’ve come up with an idea to reach the final decision ,,,”
“The two bands must re-perform on stage,,,this time around they will do a song written and produced by themselves,,,after they are done ,,we will be able to asses them that way”

There was a slight murmur in the crowd

And the guys just stood dazed

Everyone just wondered continously

The anchorman climbed the stage again to read out the details

Muna shifted the lock on the door hinge
Making sure it was bolted properly from inside

He went back to the living room to clear out the junk food ,,wrappers and bottles they all used to celebrate

He then packed everything and disposed them

**what a night**
He thought

At the final bout

The victory was given to the cleansweeps

It was an awesome feeling to
Hold their reward money and take pictures

Lots of stuff went on after their performance

(Rutzy stuff tho)

When the judge had spoke out concerning the contenders doing one of their own songs

The boom bursters joy had reduced to bits

Compared to the cleansweep who had numerous singles on air and in tape
The boom busters couldn’t present anything because they had no proper song of their own

So in other words they lost by default

Muna had a large smile as he opened the door to his room

He saw Dre still sprawled up lazily on
The bed

He was simply browsing through the phone

Muna sighed as he looked at dre’s cheerful face
He knew what hid behind that face of his

He asked him

“Is he drinking again”

Dre looked up and
Nodded to Muna

“Hmph,,, my grandma just called me now,,,that she thinks he’s probably dead drunk so I shouldn’t even bother coming home”

He peered down and continued while demonstrating

“You know to avoid…”

Muna understood perfectly what Dre meant

He knew about the challenges he faced while taking care of his grandma

Any little money Dre made
His dad would force it from him
And squander it all on

Dre’s dad would come back late dead drunk

And still use Dre to vent out all his frustration by beating him to pulp

Ever since Dre ‘s mom died
Dre became the bread winner of the family

Even at that

Dre was the virtual punching bag for his irresponsible dad

The man usually designs Dre ‘s face with bulges and swells

In the end Dre still uses his own money to foot his hospital bills

Muna always felt enraged as he thought of this

One time he got so angry that he marched to their house and dragged the man outside

He was ready to smash the b*stard to death but then again
Dre stopped him

He remembered the words he said then

“He is still my dad”

Those were the only thin keeping Muna from breaking the man into two

He wondered how someone could bear such things
And still have a playful and warm personality to such things

He thought about how he and his own dad were like

But Muna didn’t know much about his dad,,,so he couldn’t imagine

How their relationship would’ve been

He looked at Dre again
He still had that cheerful smile on

Muna sighed again

“Dre isn’t it time”

Dre looked at Muna he understood perfectly what he meant

Muna continued

“I mean look,,,the money from this nyako stuff is huge,,,you could rent an aprtment ,just you and your grandma,,,,away from-”

Dre cut in
“Muna we’ve talked about this before”
“I can’t run from my responsibilities”

Muna scrunched his eyes

“Are you calling that useless drunkard your responsbility”

Muna was enraged at the thought

He continued

“Tell me one thing!,,,no just name one thing that b*stard has done for you!!”
“Name one”

Dre sighed
And replied him

“Muna we’ve had this conversation before,,,yes,,,he may be whatever he is,,,,but he is still my fath-”

Muna blurtered out
“Oh dqmn it man!!,,, that’s not the definition of father in my dictionary”

Dre simply sighed again

He then said

“Man that crowd was awesome,,,can you believe they kept shouting for an encore ,heheehe,,,,like that’s posssible”

Muna frowned his face

“Don’t change the topic Dre ”

Dre looked at him and said

“Changing topic,,,?, ,,which topic,,,were we talking about something?”

Dre pretended

Muna replied in an irritating voice

“Stop it Dre I’m serious”

“Me too” Dre said

“I’m serious too,,,,infact I’m seriously hungry,,,what do you have in your kitchen”

Dre stood up and left to get some chow

Muna sighed

He does that everytime he doesn’t want to talk about stuff

Pretending like everything is okay

Muna knew it wasn’t so
He knew Dre more than anything else

Even more than himself

His eyes followed him
As Dre turned and showed him a packet of noodles he found

Dre was smiling and waving the thing in the air like a glorified award

Muna shook his head

Only he could see behind that big smile

And not just to see

But to also decode
And know the true intentions

-The true feeling-