All That Glitters Episode 19


A man who seems to be in his fifties sits on an armchair
The room is large filled with different assortments of spanish furnitures
He sips a little from his glass cup

He suddenly looks up as the door pushes open
And His subordinate enters

“Oy jefe ,,estan aqui”
(Boss they are here)
His surbodinate announced

Boanno signalled the subordinate to let them in

The man pokes his head through the door
And ushered them in

The two boys stepped in and stood in front of boanno

Boanno was mute for a while
He just kept sipping from his wine and glancing at them

After staying for two minutes

Zungeru finally spoke up

“Honestly cheif it wasnt-”

Boanna stopped him by raising a hand

He dropped his glass then looked up at them

He cleared his throat

And using a rough spanish accent he said
In a grumpy old voice

“Yer told me,,,it will be done,,,I broht my bois,,,yer didn’t fulfil promise”

Juma revved and said

“Cheif,,,we had no idea the police would show up ,,I mean we”

Boanno raised his hand again

“Ther policia is no problem,,,ther problem is yu break yer promise” Boanno said

He turned to juma and said

“Yu tell mi ,,ya people in hillcrest will take care of zhem No?”

Juma nodded

“Yes cheif I did,,,but-”

The man cut in again in a loud voice

“So then! Que si problema ,,,what the hell is the problem”,,,
“Our agreement is yu thrash zhem a little fo me ,,,zhen my bois,,come and collect zhem”

Juma nodded

“And it was all going to plan”
“But I don’t know why ,,everything just turned around at the last minute”

Boanno sighed
Then leaned back on the chair

Zungeru noticing his suppressed mood then stepped forward and said

“Cheif,,,that’s exactly why I say,,,we need to do things differently” he said

Boanno raised an eyebrow

“Vhat do yu mean differently ese, ,,A diablo always does his business the same way,,,so this differently yu speak of-”

He stopped speaking then looked at them

“I hope yu no thinking I will send my men out fo yu again,,,no no no,,,Yu messed up one time ,,surely you mess up again”

Zungeru pushed further

“Cheif,,,look at it this way,, you have a grudge with this boys,,,we also have a grudge,,,its a win win situation”

Juma then stepped forward and said

“Yes cheif,,,and from what I hear,,,these boys stepped on your tail back in gwaza city”

Boanno looked like he was reminiscing on something

Then juma continued

“This might be a last chance to get at them,,,all we need is a different plan”

Boanno revved up and said

“I hired merceneries to assist yo hillcrest boys,,,I even made sure I had zhem equipped for the job,,,but yu tell me just five little boys is a problem ehyh”

He leaned closer and told them

“Yu want to waste my time and resources for yo stupid high school rivalry eh,,,”

He turned and looked at zungeru

“Yer know,,,of not fo yur uncle,,,I would have asked mi bois to take you both to a discreet corner and waste you fo wasting boanno’s time!!”
He said in almost yelling

Juma and zungeru flinched as boanno threatened them

Boanno was the kind of man
Which one must be careful when dealing with
Taking lives is nothing to him

And his erratic behaviour makes him unpredictable as he easily changes his mind on things

Now out of annoyance
He ordered his subordinate to drive juma and zungeru away

In his words
He had better things to do
Than meddling in kids affairs

(I wondered why he meddled in the first place)

On the other hand

Juma and zungeru were more glad to live that mexican hood
In one piece as they stepped into open streets

That place was like a hell hole

••Kari streets••

She seemed surprised
But she didn’t flinch

She raised her hand and knocked again

But yet still no response

**but he should be back by now**

Soon she decided to leave

As she stepped away from the doorpost and took like a few steps away

She heard a familiar deep masculine voice

“Where are you going?”

That voice that always send butterflies to her tummy
The voice that often makes her nervous
The voice that-

She turned around
But scrunched when she didn’t see anybody


Is she hearing things now

She seemed puzzled

But then she heard him again

“Sonia up here”

She followed the sound and looked up

She blinked when she saw Muna lying with his back on the roof of his house

She stepped closer
A little speechless tho

“You are really weird you know” she said

Muna nodded

She grinned then asked
“Why are you on the roof”?

Muna then said

“Hh,,you know ,, I’ve had a long and challenging week,,,and as usual I climb up here ,,,lie down,,and think of absolutely nothing as I watch the clouds drift”

Sonia grimaced

“So then,,didn’t you hear me knocking all this while”

Muna replied her

“I did,,,but I just wanted you to knock some more”

She scrunched her eyebrows as she said

“Whah,,,you did hear me,,yet you ju-”

Muna cut in

“Up here soni,,,I can’t keep looking down as I talk to you,,,”
“Pls you are short enough already,,climb up !”

Muna motioned for her to join him on the roof

She sighed as she went to the back of the house
To take the stairs that adjoins to the roof

As she climbed up she wondered why he sounded so cheerful

Muna only teased and jested her when he is in a good mood
And she knows mr grumpy is hardly ever in a good mood

She was really curiosed as to what was giving him the spirits

Considering the fact that
Our not-so-friendly tried to maul him in school the other day

She walked to the spot
Where he lay and sat next to him

“So are you ok ,,,I mean,,,you don’t feel any aches around cus I’m sure he,,,he must have,,,”

She fumbled over the words
“I mean he didn’t really,,,um ,,,but I guess you-”

Muna smiled and cut into her words

“I’m perfectly fine sonia,,,don’t worry,,,I’m tougher than I look,,,trust me”

Unfortunately she did
Infact she trusted him
With her life
Which was the sad thing though
Muna would never see her that way
Yes he has a thing for protecting and helping people
But that’s where it stops

It doesn’t go furtherThan that

She looked at his face
And she was grateful that he was closing his eyes in his usual Peaceful manner
So he couldn’t see her stealing glances at him

She noticed the way his long eyelashes curved on his eyelids

She wondered how he was able to see poperly with the lashes scattering over his eyes

She cleared her throat

“Ahem,,,I um I wanted to thank you for that day,,”

Muna opened his eyes

“Whah,,,what happened that day”

She revved
“I mean ,,,that ,,that day on the field ”
She rambled again
Almost scared that he might have caught her staring

Then Muna said

“Yeah you welcome,,,but don’t thank me,,,you should thank Dre ,,,he was the hero of the day”

That was another fault of Muna
Always giving credit to other people
Another reason she had a thing for him

She nodded slowly then saw him squeeze his eyes like he was in pain or something

“Are you sure you are ok Muna cos I could-”

He cuts

“No don’t worry,,,I’m perfectly fine ,,,I assure you”
“Infact I was fine since the punk released me,, I even tried to convince halima that I didn’t need to see a doctor but she wouldn’t budge”

On hearing the name Sonia went on a ding

“Halima”,,,the girl who came to muna’s rescue
The same girl whom rumours have been flying around about for a while now

But were those rumours true
Sonia dreaded the possibility

Its not like she didn’t wish for Muna to finally find someone
And probably be happy with


Just on a whim
She always wished
She always thought

That maybe
Just maybe
The girl he would finally settle with would be her

Maybe on an offchance

Now sonia isn’t a selfish jealous person…
But the thought of another girl made it seem like her ordeal was hopeless

She glanced at Muna

And she wondered

**is it really hopeless,,,like,,,cant it happen**

She leaned closer at him then thought again

**can’t we really happen**

Muna still lay on his back all this while
He seemed to be enjoying the cool morning breeze

But then the wind seemed a little heavier all of a sudden

As Sonia’s eyes fell to his stomach
The wind had blown his shirt up revealing his well padded abs

Sonia’s throat suddenly felt dry

She still stared at his abs
Unable to lookaway

She suddenly felt a tempting urge to place her hands on it and run it all over

She quickly darted her gaze away
She said to herself as she looked away

But soon enough
She glanced back

This time it was stronger than before

She wasn’t sure if she had enough will power to stop herself…

“Come to think of it!!”

Muna speedily sat up

Sonia darted and adjusted herself nervously

Then Muna continued

“What then happened to sammy,,,did they sanction him or something” Muna asked her

She still felt shaken up
He almost got her that time

She then started

“Yeah,,um ,,,he was”

She continued

“I heard the principal suspended him for some weeks,,,but-”

She frowned and faced him

“Is it true you dropped all assault charges against him”

Muna slowly nodded
“I did so”

She revved
“But why Muna,,,that man almost killed you,,,you could have him sued for attempted murder”
Sonia said it critically

“Owh,,come on sonia”
Muna chuckled

She said again
“I’m serious,,,what he did was not funny at all,,I almost had a heart attack ,,,thinking maybe-”

She glanced and saw Muna grinning

She sighed

Then she asked him

“Now,,,why are you smiling”

He replied
“You should see your face just now,,,its priceless,,,you look like a girl whom someone just stole her teddybear”

That was exactly how she felt
Sonia wasn’t a forward pushy,,or violent kind of girl
But just the thought of someone hurting Muna
Drives her mad

She wondered why she felt like that

Beep beep beep

Muna’s alarm watch tingled on his wrist

He took a look at it

He widened his eyes

“D–n I’m almost late”

Muna stood up dusting himself in the process

He was supposed to be at Dre ‘s place before 10:30
So they could all get ready and prepare well for their performance this night

Sonia sadly wished
They could have had more time to spend together

Even if they didn’t do anything

Just to be in his company alone was enough

She curved her legs and tried getting up too

But was surprised when Muna gave her his hands

She took his hands
Although reluctantly

Then he helped her up

As she got up she expected him to leave her hand free but he still held it as he led her to the steps

She wondered what was making him feel so carried away that
He would forget that their hands were still

She tried pulling away
But was surprised as his grip still remained firm

She thought in her mind

“Okay ,,,this is weird”

They soon reached the stairs and climbed down


••On kwova avenue••

“Thank you sooo much boss,,,you da best”

Tobi thanked Dre again for the fifth time

Dre had changed his mind on his initial plan to leave Tobi behind as the rest of them, Went off to nyako

But now he was safe and sound in the backseat as Mike drove the van to the competition site

“You should be grateful to Muna I would never have changed my mind if not for him”
Dre replied him

Toni’s face lit up

“Ooh,,,of course,,,of course”

As he shifted towards Muna and started acting the strange way monks did at a buddha temple

“Muna be praised!,,Muna be praised!!,,,, muna be praised!!!,,uuoooh Muna be praised!!!!”

“Ehn yes now,,,,Muna be praised because you are on your way to feast on the sea of girls in nyako”
Dre blasted him

Muna smiled and told Tobi

“Just make sure you don’t mess up at all okay”

Tobi swore
“Never,,,look,,from now on,,,messing up is cancelled from my jurisdiction ,,,I will never, ,I mean never mess up again”

“No o are free to mess up,,,just know that this time around I’ll really murder you for real”
Dre told him

John chuckled at his words then asked

“But Dre ,,,I havnt even asked where you found this van,,,did sawa finally became useful or-”

Dre replied him

“Nah,,,I got it from yusuf,,,he said he doesn’t use it on Saturday ,,,so borrowed me”

“Hmn” john nodded

The van was large and spacious enough
To carry their instruments and other kinks

“We almost there guys,,,just a couple more turns” mike announced

As he took a left turn
Then right before finally swerving to a corner

He slowed down a little as they neared a large auditoruim

They all got down and carried their stuffs inside

Although outside didn’t really look much

The inside was filled to the brim
Different assortments of people, Were all around as, The place got louder

They walked of to the stage and showed their permits to the security so he could dignify them as not spectators but competitors then, Direct them backstage

The man collected their permits
And peered into it

He looked at them
Then looked at the permits again

Dre suddenly felt nervous

**what is he checking so much like**

The man looked at them again and said

“This is permits for five people”

“Yes” Dre said

“But there is only four of you”

Dre raised an eyebrow as he mumbled

“How can you say there is only four when-”

Dre looked back and saw only Muna,Mike,and john with him

Tobi was no where around

He flinched a little

“Whaat!,,,what the where is-”

His eyes spotted him far east at the audience side

He had his hands over two girls shoulders as they were taking selfies with him

He soon stopped and focused on one girl
He started sweet talking her that the girl smiled and blushed

With an enranged Dre marched off to him
And grabbed his ears

He pulled Tobi by the ears and dragged him to the back stage

,”ow,,ow ow,ow,ohwu,,,Dre thTs hurts man!. ..ow aish.,,,my ear have cut oo”

As soon as they got back

Dre breathed in and out slowly

He then said

“You are really lucky we have a performance right now ,,,I would have rearranged your face”

Tobi had a grumbling look on his face

Then Dre yelled at him

“Now go and set the chords on your bass and get ready soon”

Dre then went off to inspect john who was busy
Fixing his drumsets

“Hope you are ready to knock them dead today eh johnny”

John chuckled
“You trust me now,,,I’ll knock them out”

Dre grinned

But then

Muna ran towards Dre and started saying

“Dre ,,hey,,,we have a slight problem ”

“Whah,,,how can there be a problem when-”

The smile on dre’s face dissapeared when he saw
Tobi’s bass

The strings were worn out and weak

Dre shouted

“Tobi what is this!,,didn’t I tell you to change your strings”

Tobi started

“,I did,,,I did,,,infact I already brought a new one”

He showed them a new empty packet of strings he bought

“But I must have forgotten to bring it along”

Dre fumed and went after Tobi

As Tobi scampered behind Muna

“Hold on Dre, ,we still have to perform ,,,we can’t even take him off the show ,,cos we already registered for five people,,,so I guess he may have to manage it like that”

Muna said it as Tobi hid behind him from Dre

Dre took another look at Tobi’s ridiculously looking bass
The strings look like they will just cut off one by one with every single strum he made

Is this what they would use tonight

On such a life changing event