All That Glitters Episode 18


^mr samsons Fury^^ part 2

°°catching his heart°°


• *free period*

At the snooker room
“I don’t know,,,just gimme anything hard beat”

“Do you want something with kicks ,,,or just snare and bass”

Tobi rolled his eyes and said again

“Mr man ,,I don’t know,,, just hit me with something dope”

John revved

“Okay how about this”

John started juking some hip hop beats from the beat machine

Tobi began nodding hia head respectively like agama lizard to the booming beats

After waiting for five minutes

Dre finally said

“Oboy,,,we are not here to watch you bop your head up and down like agama lizard ,,,say something abeg”

Raising his hands Tobi Said
“Relax boss,,,I need to feel the vibes first okay”

He moved and stood infront of john
Then started snapping his fingers

After two minutes again
Dre yelled out

“Tobi,!! ,,anytime today,,,today,,pls!!”

Tobi revved and finally said

“Okay okay check this out”

He took the fake dud Mic and placed to his mouth then started rambling

/eyh,,yeah,,,unhuh,,,unhuh,,,unhuh,,,yeah yeah”/

“Idiot !!,, is it only yeah you would do for them on Saturday”
Dre yelled and threw a shoe at him

Tobi dodged it before it got to his face

Mike and john started giggling

Dre turned to Muna and said
“You know most times I wonder why ,I brought this guy to this band”

Muna shrugged and replied him

“Duh,,,he is incredibly ,handsome and goodlooking,,,and thanks to him our fandom has expanded due to a large influx of female fans”

Dre sighed

“Muna must you state the obvious like that”

Muna shrugged
“What,,,,its the truth”

Dre sighed again
He turned to Tobi and said

“Step forward and give us something now.,,,if you like mess up,,,I’m ready for you”

Dre started untying the lace of his second shoe
This time around he’ll make sure he doesn’t miss

Tobi came forward and started again

“Alright check this out”

/yeah,,,unhuh yeah/
/ i f**k all girls with them big a*ss/
/you know se mi I no dey carry last/
/if you like dey form se you know book,,,na me be baba for the girls in this class/
/so you better-/


Dre screamed at him in anger

Tobi stared with an innocent face and replied

Dre clenched his jaw and said to him

“Must everything about you be so vulgar”!,,,I’m talking about coming up classic rhymes,,,and you are busy telling me “I do this one with girls,,,I do that one with girls”
“,,,what’s your problem”?

Dre quizzed him

“Okay okay,,,sorry,,,you want something classic don’t worry I’ll fix it” Tobi replied then started

“Alright alright check this out”!

/urh yeah/
/yeah we party party like a niqqa just got outta jail/
/don’t give a fvck about the police ,,mehn I’ll rather skip the bail/
/then we pull to the hood and you know that new lamboghini busting out my own songs/
/I pass out deadly flows,,man fvck the weapons I don’t need no guns/

Dre started nodding in approval
But Tobi continued

/now two strippers in my room wearing nothing but their panty thongs/
/meet me by the corner I’ll give you once ,,omo my d–k is long/
/I fvck like three hundred b!tches in a year/
/you better watch your gf cos I might be doggystyling her on the bed/
/me I don’t kiss and tell but if your friend is pretty,,gbagbe I’ll fvck her sef/

At this moment john and Mike started giggling
Muna was shaking his head pitifully at Tobi
Dre just simply buried his face in his hands

“There is no hope for this guy” Dre exclaimed

Tobi had a confused look on his face as he stared at them

**what again**
He thought

Mike was still laughing as he stood up to go ease himself in the bathroom

Dre was holding himself back from flinging his second shoe at Tobi

“Hold on dre ,,you know what,,lets continue this later,,,””for now lets wor:k on our own chorus for the cover”
Muna blurted out as he went to pick up his guitar bag
At the balcony of block C
A girl is seen leaning on the iron garder as she talks to someone on the phone
She sighed

“But dad I thought you said this wasn’t permanent”

On the other end of the phone

“I know ,,,but there’ve been some bad investments, ,so the debt may take longer than usual to finalise”

Halima’s heart sank as she heard his words
They were like bullets to her chest

She’s been enduring all this while but now it seems as though she couldn’t take anymore

Amused by her silence
He asked her

“Halima ,,are-…are you still there”

Halima wiped off a tiny tear running down her cheeks
And sniffed before replying him

“Yes ,,,I’ve heard you dad,,,I’ll manage”

The man seemed concerned so he asked

“Honey is everything alright,,,I mean,,,kowa is treating you alright,,right”:

She cleared her throat
“Yah,,,I’m,,I’m great dad,,don’t worry just,,,just take care of yourself ”

The man sighed and replied her

“You too baby,,don’t worry,,,everything will soon be back to normal”

She nodded
Then realised he couldn’t see her through the phone,,she

“I hope so too,,,”
“Good bye dad”

She sunk down in
Sadness as she hung up the phone

She has been bearing for a long time
But she doesn’t know how much longer she could hold on

She just hoped this phase would pass away soon so she can get back to her normal life


Halima’s sad look faded
Her face lit up as she Spotted a figure moving across the other block

She wondered why she felt so uplifted immediately she saw him
She doesn’t feel this way for guys before

Well she just decided to move towards him and chat a little

A puzzled look on her face

“Where is he going?”

She asked as she watch Muna swerve towards block c

She shrugged and walked faster so she could catch up with him

But immediately she turned left to the corridor ,,,he dissapeared

“Huh,,where did he go,,,”

She was Very sure she saw him come towards the first room in block c

She roamed around different classes
And yet
She didn’t find him

She seemed puzzled

Walking slowly down the hall way
She wondered in her mind

**perhaps he took another side and went off to class,,,**

She shrugged again and decided to go off for the next period

As she passed the first class in the block

From the corner of eyes she spotted something strange
At the far storeroom

Instincts made her trod closer to the store room

As she peeped through the window of the room
She went still with shock

Two people was inside the room

It seemed strange at first when she saw two individuals
Struggling inside

But when she took a closer look

Her mouth went open with horror

There was Muna!

With mr sam behind him

Mr sam had Muna trapped in a head lock

Muna was struggling to get free
But mr sam had an iron grip over his head and neck

Halima reflexive rushed to the door

She twisted and turned the door handle
But it didn’t budge

It was locked!

With nervous hands
She banged frantically at the door

“Mr sa,,,sam,,,what are you doing!!!,,,,let him go!!,,,open this door!!”

She twisted the handle
But out of frustration
Went back to banging the door

“Oh for christ sake,,,open this door,,mr sam what is this!!,,,,are you trying to kill him or what!!”

She had a pleading tone in her voice as she called out to him

But mr sam didn’t even flinch
The door was perfectly locked
So no disturbances this time

He concentrated properly in choking the life juice out of Muna

Halima placed a hand on her forehead in fright

What could she do

She looked around to see if there was like a tool
Or peice of iron or something so she could gnash it on the door

But there was no such thing around here

She felt like crying
She felt helpless

Muna was getting mauled in there and there was nothing she could do


She looked at the doorhandle

Then the thought came to her head

She quickly rushed off to the staff office


“No no,,,you had your chance ,,,and all you were giving me was trash”

Dre replied Tobi
As he faced down and concentrated on what he was writing

Tobi walked towards him and pleaded while holding his shirt

“Please Dre,,,please I promise I will do much better,,,I’ll come up with something very dope that it Will-”

“Hands off!!”

Dre hushed him to take his hands of his shirt

Tobi obeyed
but continued begging

“,but but Dre,,,you can’t ban me from going with you guys now,,,that’s not fair” Tobi said it in a whiny voice

Dre looked
At him and said

“Ive made up my mind Tobi,,and its final ,,,you are not performing with us at nyako competition,,,period!!”,,,
“I’d rather have us there without a rap verse than to have you make us disqualified with your crazy vulgar lines”!!

Tobi’s face went from sad to sadder

He couldn’t imagine not going to nyako

How could Dre do this to him
An event like this

Where there’ll be lits of girls
Lots of pretty gorgeous ladies

At the thought of that

Tobi felt like crying

Just then

Mike came back To the room

He sat beside john

“What’s wrong with prettyboy over there”

John smiled and said

“Dre got really annoyed with him,,,now he says he won’t come with us to nyako”

Mike, chuckled

He then looked around and scrunched his eyebrows

“Hey where is Muna”

Dre said

“Uh he said he needed to lance around a little so he went out”

John looked then added

“Yeah I think he said ,,he is going to the store room”

Mike looked up and john and asked

“The what?”

“The store room” john replied

Mike suddenly felt dizzy

“How-…how long has he been gone ”
He asked no one in particular

Tobi raised an eyebrow and said

“For a while now. ,come to think of it, ,,he is supposed to be back by now”

Mike suddenly stood up and absent mindedly
He walked towards the door

Dre looked at him in a quizzing manner

“Mike,,?,, are you alright,,,why you suddenly jittery”

Mike had a nervous feel in his voice
As he said

“I..I don’t know…I think there is…there is-”

“There is what?!”
Dre nudged him

Mr sam had that ridiculous evil grin on
As he continued suppressing Muna

The both of them had crashed to the floor
As Muna continued struggling to get free

“Argh ,uurgh,,*coughs* *coughs*,,,sammy,,,aargh, ,,what r u…. what the hell-”

Mr sam tightened his grip

“What do you think you are doing you punk,,,
Didn’t I tell you this is my signature headlock!!,, you better stay still and let me squeeze the life out of you”

They continued rolling around as Muna ‘s coughing slowly stopped

His eyes suddenly felt dizzy
He was starting to feel weak
The pressure mr sam applied didn’t allow free flow of blood to his brain

He felt himself slowly losing conciousness

So this is it

This is how he would go

Muna started reminising as his breathing slowly stopped

**is this how I’m gonna go,,,I havnt even done all those stuffs yet…
I havnt even found my brother yet….
And now I’m gonna pass away here…
In a fvcking storeroom
Worst of all in the hands off this freak sammy**

As Muna slowly closed his eyelids

He thought about an individual

Only the picture of that individual
Came to his mind as his breathing slowly stopped

The door burst open as miss kate shouted


Mr sam flinched
He jumped up in suprise as muna’s weak body fell from his hands

Miss kate had a furious look on her face as she
Stared at mr sam who fumbled over an explanation

Halima who followed miss kate in run to Muna on the floor

when she left that time
she had gone to the staff office to see which one of the teachers had a sparekey to the store room

baro had told her that miss kate had an extra key

when she approached her

at first miss kate couldn’t believe her when she said a student was getting mauled by mr sam in the store room

she brushed it off as just another “one of those stupid games the kids play arond with these days”

she even threatened to purnish halima for making up false accusing stories against a superior staff

but over and on the urgency in halima’s voice made her think of the possibility

she grabbed the sparekey and followed her to the store room

halima half thought of jumping and attacking mr samson first
But instinct made her run to see if Muna was okay first

She knelt down before him
With shaky hands
She touched his chest

“Mu..Muna,,,ple- ..please don’t -”

Muna gasped for air as he speedily sat up

Halima covered her mouth
Then she threw her hands over him in a tight hug
She was sobbing softly

Miss kate shouted again

” mr samson,,,I’m asking why you were trying to kill that boy!!”

Mr sam started

“I ,,,I ,,I wasn’t trying to kill him,,,I was only,,,I mean,,,,I was just trying to teach him a lesson” he said

Miss kate rolled her eyes in contempt

“Oh I see,,,! ,by choking..him to death right!”

There was seriousness in her voice

Mr sam moved closer and said

“Kate,,wait its not like that. ,I -”

Halima helped Muna stand up
Then when he got on his feet

She had a clenched jaw as she moved to get mr sam

Just as she was about to

Muna held her back

“No,,,don’t do anything rash”

Halima looked at him with disbelief

“Him trying to kill you was not rash enough!”

Muna then said

“He wasn’t trying to kill me ,,,he was just-”

“Just what-”
Halima said

Miss kate then looked at Muna and accessed him properly
She adjusted then looked back at mr sam with contempt

“Let’s go and talk to the principal shall we”

She turned to leave

Mr sam then said

“No kate wait. ,,let me explain first”

She turned around and said to
“Oh don’t worry,,,you will have a lot to explain soon,,,after we are done talking to the principal,,,you can give your remaining explanation to the police”

Miss kate didn’t waste more time
As she stepped out
And they all followed her