All That Glitters Episode 17


°°into his Abode°°
••mr samsons fury•• part 2

Muna spaced the door properly so she could enter

As she stepped in
She gazed around his apartment as Muna led her into the small space which was probably designed as a living room

“Sorry.. your visit was impromptu,,so i don’t really have anything to offer you”
Muna said

She shook her head as she replied him
“That’s ok,,,just you is enough for me”

Muna raised an eyebrow at her

“As in”

She chuckled

“Nothin,,never mind”

Then she sat down on the couch

“So where is everyone”


“Yeah,,,I mean,,,your brothers ,,sisters,,,parents”?

Muna frowned and replied her simply

“I live alone”

She revved

“Huh,,,are you serious?,,,you mean you stay here all by yourself”

She thought for a while then continued

“Hmmn,,,it must be nice to stay alone,,,not being bothered by annoying siblings or overbearing parents”

Muna just stared at her
And thought

*what does she know about living alone, she thinks living alone is such a joke huh*

Well he couldn’t blame her
This were words coming from a girl
Who hardly lacked anything growing up
Her rich parents provided her with everything she needed
She never needed to wake up in the morning
Fight,,or struggle just to eck out a living

Halima continued speaking

“But this isn’t permanent right ,,,i mean ,,when will they be back,,, hope you still keep in touch-”

Muna got flared up at her words and yelled at her

“They are gone ok!!,,,take it like that,,,I stay alone,,period!!”

Her faced looked withdrawn as he finished speaking

Muna noticed her countenance ,,and he felt sorry

“There are some personal questions ,,that I don’t like answering okay,,,I’m sorry for yelling”

She looked at him then slowly nodded her head

Muna sat on the couch next to her then placed the text on the table

“So what do you think we should try first,,,you said you already have a topic for us treat right”?

She revved as she replied him

“Yeah,,,I do,,,but the only problem I have is this issue of Random theories”

Muna peered at her

“Why what’s wrong with it”

She frowned her face
“Most of them are so complicated,,and I don’t really get it”

Muna then stated
“Okay here’s what we’ll do”

He brought out the random theories book and started from the beginning

“We will solve some theories before we start the main stuff”

She nodded and moved closer

Then Muna started
“Alright first one ,,,says,,,
If 2kg of specific heat capacity 1.7 kj/kg °c with temperature 5°c is poured into a 1kg glass bowl that is at 20°c, the final temperature is:

Halima searched through her bag to find a pen and hand it to him to write down his calculations

But Muna said
“,uh,,that’s um,,,” rolling his head around he finally said
“Yep,, 10 °c”

Halima dropped her mouth in shock

Muna asked her

“What’s wrong”

She started

“How,,how did – but you’ve not even written anything”

Muna nodded

“Yeah ,,I calculated with my head”

Halima looked astonished
“Are you kidding me,,,how does someone calculate something like that without even using a calculator”

Muna shrugged his shoulders

“I don’t know,,, I just do it”

Halima widened her eyes

“Let’s just continue,,”,Muna said

But halima halted him with her hands

“No no no,,,hold on”

She grabbed her pen and paper as she scribbled on it
She was very curious to know if he just had a wild quess or not

After writing she punched some letters on her calculator
To get the final answer

She was shocked again as she saw the words on the scientific calculator boldly written
^ 10°c^

She looked at Muna with her mouth wide open

Muna had a puzzled look as he asked her

“Is there a problem”?

She managed a soft chuckle
She wasn’t sure if its that his favourite phrase “is there a problem” that made her laugh
Or the way his face looks when he asks it

Muna simply continued Reading out the questions and answering them almost immediately

Halima just stared in admiration at him
The guy is a brained
Not even micheal scofeild can do stuff like that

(Or can he)

Now she fully believed why Mr zaki labelled him as the 99.9% metric student

She watched the way his lips moved as he spelt out the words from the book
It looked so soft and succulent
She relished the thought of how it’ll be to lock lips with him

Her eyes roamed all over Muna in lust

It was hard being in the same room with him and keeping your hands to yourself if you were a girl

All you would be craving to do is touch,,feel and taste

“,,,,the momentum = Fx5 multiplied by the flow of electrons-”
Muna blurted out

He looked up and caught halima staring at him

“Urh,,is there a problem”?

She blushed and looked down at her feet

Muna raised an eyebrow at her

“Did you listen to everything I said just now”

She looked up at him and quietly nodded

Muna roamed his eyes then said

“Alright then let’s move in”

••At Tobi’s house••

Dre and Tobi were busy, Playing some snooker as, John worked thoroughly on his beat box machine

Mike just sat in silence
And gazed at nothing

“Are you ready john” Dre asked

“Almost there” he replied

John tuned up the chord
And pushed a few buttons
Then snapped his fingers

“Yep we are ready for you guyz!” He announced

Dre raised an eyebrow as he asked


John looked at him and
“Yeah,,,me and this baby,,we are like partners ya know”
He was talking about the machine

And he continued

“See let me tell you about the time when-”

Dre halted him by raising a hand

“Nope I don’t wanna know about it”

He wasn’t ready for john’s long stories and irrelevant theories

He stood in front of the guys as he announced

“Alright boys,,,The nyako competition is gonna happen this Saturday,,,and as you all know,,,the criteria is that we do a cover of a proper trap song”

He paused then asked

“You all knew that,,didn’t you”?

They murmured for a while before Tobi excitedly said

“Hhh,,,I told them o!”

John and Mike glared at Tobi
But Tobi just smiled ignoring them

Then Dre continued

“So ,,,although I havnt made up my mind which song we are going to do,,,cos I’ve got three songs on my mind ,,”

“And they are” Tobi asked

“They are “black beatles by rae sremmurd ,, Fetty wap’s trap queen and um ,,,hymn for the weekend”

Tobi raised an eyebrow

“But hymn for the weekend,, is not a trap song,,,and we only do trap music” john said

Dre revved and replied him

“Yes johnny boy,,,but you also know,,that our style of trap music is like a little of RnB mixed with a blend of hip hop”

“Yeah given us our own unique sound”
Tobi said

Dre continued ,,,”yes so which one do you guys think we should do”

Tobi raised his hand
“Let’s do the trap queen,,,that’s my favourite vibe”

Dre shot him a look

“Ehn,,,yes now,,,the same vibe that almost got us caught that time in school right?”

Tobi started in defense
“But,,but Dre,,,that was a mistake.,,”

Dre fumed
“No no,,your existence is a mistake”

Mike and john exclaimed

Tobi looked downed as Dre slammed him again

“John what do you say ,,we do”

“I think black beatle has more rythm in it than the remy boys” john said

Dre nodded ,,he also thought they same way john felt
Infact he prefered it more than. The radical trap queen”

Dre noticed that Mike had been quiet for a while now so he nudged him

“Miko,,,what’s the deal now,,,you’ve hardly said a word since”

Mike shook his head

“Nothing man,,,um, I go with john,,,let’s do black beatle”

Dre wasn’t convinced
So he asked again

“Spill it boy ,,what’s eating you”

But Mike hesitated

John grinned and said
“I think mikey is still sulking over the nightmares he had last night”


“Yeah,,,he was having terrible dreams about all of us last night”

Tobi’s face lit up

“Yeah,,yeah,,,that’s true,,,you should hear the one he had about Muna”
“Hahaha,,,that was the funniest”

Mike looked at Tobi
“It wasn’t funny man,,,Muna was getting choked to death”

Dre widened his eyes

“As in?,,,wait explain the entire thing let me hear it”

Then Mike started

“Okay,,,it was like this,,we were in school,,,doing normal stuff,,,but suddenly I just felt the urge to go to the store room,,,I entered but I started wondering why I was here,,there’s nothing to do here ,,,the place was just empty”

“And then,,,” Dre said

“And then suddenly,,,Muna entered the room,,,I smiled and called him,,,but he couldn’t even see me,,,neither could he hear me”

Tobi started chuckling

Dre shot him a look
“Why’re you laughing”

“Cus this is the funny part”Tobi replied him

Mike ignored him and continued
“Wel ,,muna just sat on a chair,,with his white earpiece on as usual,,,then suddenly the door opened,,,and mr sam sneaked in”

Dre lifted his eyebrows

Mike continued
“Mr sam carefully tiptoed behind Muna,,,you know usually,,,Muna can hear a mouse creeping several metres away,,but the problem is that stupid earpiece he always puts on”

Dre nodded and Mike continued

“I tried calling Muna but he couldn’t hear him,,,it was like I was glued to the ground,,,cuz I couldn’t move,,,mr sam grabbed Muna and locked his arms around his neck from behind,,,,they struggled until they crashed to the floor,,,I could see that riduculous look on mr sam’s face as he choked the life out of him,,,it was as if all the strength Muna had ,,dissapeared because he could barely move and struggle”

Mike looked up at Dre

“I woke up after that,,,and I couldn’t go back to sleep”

Tobi just kept giggling

“Will you shut up,,,you think those kinds of dreams should be taken lightly” Dre chided him

Dre then looked at Mike and said nervously

“Erh,,,maybe you are having stage frights,,,that could be causing the night mares”

Mike sighed
“I don’t know man,,,it really freaked me out”

Dre assured him

“Just get some rests okay,,,you’ll be alright by then”

Mike nodded slowly
Dre signalled john to begin the beat
‘Okay ,,back to business”

“We will work on tobi ‘s rap verse first”

He looked at Tobi then said

“Alright Tobi,,,step up,,,let’s hear your freestyles,,,”

Tobi walked and stood in front of them and began