All In A Circle Episode 83


Clement stood rooted to the spot looking at the dying man who held the gun facing him. With pleading eyes, Clement eyes darted towards his gun which stood just beside his left leg, he knew he stood a chance if he decided to pick up the gun and take out the man, but it looked sucidal, something that a Jack Bauer wouldn’t try to do even in films. He knew before he would get a firm grip on the gun, the mean looking man in front of him would have pulled the trigger and blood would have splattered all around the living room and the next thing would be for him to breathe his last breadth. Clement said his last prayers as he shut his eyes and jumped at the man who was trying to keep his balance as a result of the bullet which hit him in the leg all thanks to Clement. The two grown men rolled on the floor, Clement trying to get the gun off him or better still turn it agaisnt the man, but his heart failed him when he heard a loud gunshot and blood splattered on his own face. He knew he couldn’t have died, not so easily, but the man before him couldn’t have shot himself because the last time he checked, the gun was still pointed at him as he he managed to open one eyes as he saw his father descending the stairs, with a double barrelled Bazouka held in his arms. Clement at once knew what had happened, his father had aimed the gun at him, but during the course of his struggle with the now lifeless man that lay beside him, the object changed position and his father who had already made up his mind to shoot him shot exactly when his son changed postion and his own security replaced him. Clement laid still and allowed his father moved closer just a second after the old man announce to his cecurity men outside that he had taken care of Clement. The next second, Chief Obi Patrick was lying on his back, his hands held up in a surrendering manner begging his son for mercy and Clement carefully knelt behind his father, held his neck and dragged him behind a couch for safety purpose. The security realising what had happened from the cry of agony Chief Patick made started shooting into the house, the bullets which penetrated the walls, but couldn’t reach Clement or his father where he was and the door locked, the men couldn’t come in and Clement couldn’t go out. He knew it wouldn’t take time before the men succeeded in pulling down the door and he wasn’t ready for such, he needed help real fast and biblically, only God can help and even if he will put a call through to the president of the United states, it would still take the grace of God for him to be able to help. “Let me go now or I make you pay for this.” Chief Obi Patrick yelled at him angrily, struggling to break free. “You are going nowehre until I hand you over to the government, you useless and….” His voice trailed off. He couldn’t imagine himself talking to his own father in such a manner. “I paid all your bill up till the time you got married, I am your father, you belonged to me, you should do my bidding. Let me go now.” Chief Obi Patrick said sinking his teeth into Clement’s hand. Clement angrily his has father so hard that after a minute of continuos hitting, his father become motionless, save for his breathing, one would think he is dead. “Am sorry dad.” Clement said binding hip his father with the only rope he could see, tears trickling out of his eyes. “Inspector Clement, come out now, or you risk yourself getting roasted in the house.” A voice announced. “I don’t mind getting roasted, but bear it in mind that you principal whom you are guiding would be roasted alongside me, so what’s the gain?” He shouted back and whoever was threatening him went silent, maybe thinking about the reply he just got. Clement was searching his contact for who to call, Sylvester was out of the picture, he had called and sent messages to him countless times with nothing done, he couldn’t call the commissioner’s number, he didnlt know it off hand, Ngozi’s line was not connecting, the only number he knew off hand was Tobiloba, Ngozi’s fiancee’s number, the number he memorized forcefully during the time that Ngozi went missing for two nights. He dialed Tobiloba’s number and waited for it to connect. – Mr Ayo Okorie fell down with a loud thud in front of Kelvin who immediately removed the Ak-47 which was hung on his back across his broad shoulder and awaited whoever shot Mr Ayo Okorie. He knew that was not the best of ideas at the moment because whoever that is responsible for the gunshot must have had a reason for doing so and he still standing was just to know who the shooter was even though at the moment when he couldn’t place where the gunshot came from, he was at the mercy of the person who could kill him if he/she decides to, but the person must have shot the dead Ayo just to keep him alive and whoever did that deserved to be thanked. Kelvin tried to draw up an angle with his eyes by imagining a standing Mr Ayo infront of him and trying to point the movement of the bullet and when he was giving up on the useless task he gave himself, he saw her, she was running accross the bush, a bag hung on he back, a sun shade on the bridge of her nose, her hair packed to a pony tail, he was sure she was the one, even if he was dead and they met in hell because he was sure there would be no vacant space for them in paradise, not after all the atrocities they had committed, he knew they would either share a room, a flat or a mansion in hell if there is anything like that. “Hey.” Becky said as she knelt down beside him to take cover with the fence. Kelvin was dumbfounded, he could neither speak nor hear what was being said to him, he couldn’t even place the kind of environment he was, the shock that surge through his body was not only heavenly but hell-ly, if there is anyword like that. “What are you doing here?” Kelvin asked after overcoming his shock. “To save you of course.” She replied smiling. Kelvin knew there was more to the smile, except if the person beside him is not the Becky he knew. After all he did to her, trying to kill her crush, Jay which led to his arrest, she still wanted to save him. Kelvin knew better not to ask why she wanted to save him because he knew it is just like opening old wounds. “How did you know I am here?” He asked unable to look at her face. “You know I am a computer person. I have been tracking Ngozi and Sylvester since last week when they visited my home. You remembered the jewellery box you gave me?” She asked. Kelvin nodded his head in affirmation and Becky continued by explaining how she had attacked a shining s–d to the numerous studs that ardoned the side of the box, the s–d which turned out to be a tracker and the moment she saw that the box in inside the Khal corp, she came running. “So, you really want to help me?” Kelvin asked. “Of course, but on a condition.” She replied. “Am all ears.” Kelvin urged her on. “We will see to the end of Abdul Maleek and his cohorts era as the boss, then we can take over, but after we must have rescued Jay out of the police net. Deal?” She said clenching her left hand into a fist and stretching it towards Kelvin who did the same and placed his fist on her own. “Which way?” Becky asked. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Help was not forthcoming, even from above, it wasn’t anymore. It seemed God had abandoned him, who wouldn’t when he had let his ambition take over his thinking such that he didn’t think twice before he embarked a deadly mission such as this. “1, 2, 3.” The men outside said and threw their bodies agaist the door, both tehe front door and the kitchen door in a bid to break in. “Okay, Okay. Cool down guys. I will release your principal to you, but first, I will be allowed to go.” Clement said. There was silence outside the house. “I will only hand over you principal when I must have confirmed that you have kept up your side of the promise. If you fail to do it, I will shoot him myself then I don’t mid if you kill me. Deal or no deal?” “Deal.” The commander replied. “Do I have your word?” Clement asked. “I cross my heart.” The commander replied. Clement stood up, drgagged his father to his feet and marched towards the front door. “Now, everybody stand back and drop your weapons where I will see them. Give me the total number of the men out there.” Clement said as he stood beside the window counting the men with his eyes. “Twenty five.” the commander replied. “Liar. Its twenty six, you failed to count yourself.” Clement replied as he dragged the three seater couch away from behind the door. “Now, hang on guys, I will be out in a minute.” He said when the unexpected happened. Ngozi gave a hot chase at Hakym who as a result of his everyday activities in the building has become acquainted to the shortcuts and the way the rooms were close knitted. In one swift run, he was already in a room and in the next second, he had secured the lock which would take Ngozi at least fifteen seconds to unlock, by the time which Hakym would have covered more distance ahead, but his footsteps were still a bit audible, thanks to Ngozi’s sharp ears which was why she could still hold on for this long. She was gradually loosing her breathe, no one can keep running in circles for twenty minutes non stop, even if athletes can do it, that is because they are trained to do so, but for the fact that she is a woman, not much strength is given to a woman, therefore she is gradually loosing it and getting tired, but retreat at this point could be dangerous, one, she had no idea of how to return to the spot where her colleagues are gun-battling with the terrorist and for the fear of ending up in the midst of the enemies and even if she decided to keep chasing Hakym, she could still end up in the midst of enemies because Hakym was just running without making attempt to shoot her or attack her, he was just running deeper, ascendings staircases, descending staircase, making sharp turns in a bid to confuse Ngozi, but even if he eventually escaped, he should credit Ngozi for her fight. Hakym had just ascended a spiral staircase and as Ngozi tried to ascend the staircase too, an electric shock surged through her body and was thrown accross the room, hitting her head on a metal bar which was placed around the room. Her vision was becoming all blurry but she was determined to fight to the end, even if she would die in the next ten seconds, she would fight till nine seconds, ninety-nine miliseconds and nine hundred and ninety-nine nanoseconds if there is a time breakdown like that. “Hahahahahahaha.” Laughter rang all around the room creating more fear in Ngozi who held her head so tight as if to prevent it from falling off and awaited the person who laughed. She was brought out of her mystery when the man she had been chasing came into view laughing hysterically in a mid to mock her. “Bloody cop. Do you really wanna kill me?” He asked, this time standing before her with his gun pointed at her. “You are just a f—–g b¡tch who need to be thought some lesson which is exectly what I will do now.” Hakym continued as he cocked the gun and took two steps towards her. “Its time up for you H. I am here to take your life.” A familiar voice rang through the room and just as Ngozi guessed, Kelvin and a familiar lady walked into the room holding their guns pointed at Hakym with bloodshot eyes and wicked smiles on their faces. “Hello Hakym.” Becky greeted. Hakym turned to face them, this time ignoring Ngozi who was watching the show before her. “In case you don’t know, this is Becky. You remember her?” Kelvin said. “Of course, the feeble minded Becky.” Hakym replied laughing. “Feeble minded Becky of the past, now a strong and evil minded Becky of today.” Becky replied without smiling. “You could have grown to become a strong or whatever you wished to call it, but to me you will always be feeble minded. We know you, as a matter of fact, we made you, isn’t it Kelv?” Hakym said moving closer to the two intruders, his gun still pointed at them. “Ngozi?” Kelvin exclaimed as he tried to walk past Hakym, but his wide stretched arm prevented him from moving towards her. “She is my prey, so keep off.” Hakym warned. “I have been searching for her all day.” Kelvin said. “Why not take care of me first, then you can go for her. She is more easier to take on.” Hakym said and just as Kelvin tried to push his luck further and with Hakym blocking his way with his arm, Kelvin punched him hard in the face and a fight ensued. And as it was widely believed that when two elephants fights, the grasses suffers, Ngozi would not want to be the suffering grass in this context quickly rose up and escaped during the fight between Kelvin, Becky against Hakym. Just as she descended a flight of stairs, she heard a loud gunshot and a scream followed suit, she knew that one of the fighters had been hit, most likely to be Hakym because he was fighting with two people. Just as Clement made to unfasten the lock behind the door, a voice rang through the whole building from above through a megaphone. “Inspector Clement, air strike is on the way. Hang on and stay wherever you are, take defensive cover.” The voice sounded. Clement had the very best reason to smile and immediately, he grabbed his father who was still tied up and pulled him along and straight up they were back behind the couch where they had been hiding and just then, the sounds of Jet fighters could be heard from above followed with gunshots and screams. Clement left his father behind the couch and went to the window to see the number of the security that has been killed and he wasn’t disappointed with what he saw, he decided to help the Jet fighters by killing the few security men who choosed to hide in the verandah where they knew the Jet couldn’t reach and no one would see them, Clement shot them through the window and the voice rang through again. “Inspector Clement, its all cleared.” And gently, he went to pick up his father and dragged him out of the house at the sem time that the Jet was descending slowly. “Watch your back.” The operator screamed at Clement who quickly pushed his father to the ground and he himself falling to the ground too to allow the oeperator use his pistol on the commander of the security who was just limping towards them. “I am air Marshal Andrew.” The oeprator said extending his hand for a handshake which Clement shook warmly. “I am Inspector Clement.” “That’s captain Audu, the pilot.” Andrew said pointing to the pilot of the jet who only waved his hands. “What next?” Clement asked. “I think we should be transporting you to the police station by now.” Air Marshal Andrew replied. “Good, now lets go.” Clement replied. “There is a problem.” The pilot who had by now alighted from the aircraft said. “This jet can only convey three people at a time, the third person would be kept in the trunk.” “That’s not a problem. You can take him with you.” Clement said pushing his father forward trying to avoid his gaze. “I’ll pick a car in there and drive off. I’ll be fine.” He said running back into the compound where he hopped into the car closest the gate which transported the CSO an hour ago, and luckily, the car key was still in the key hole. He ignited the engine and drove out of the compound, just as he joined the untarred road, the jet took off from the ground slowly. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Fiteen minutes later, Clement had already driven to the police station where he was told by the junior police officers that a team led by the commissioner and Ngozi had left for the Khal corp and just as he dashed into his office, he picked up his gun, wore a bullet prove vest which was lying on the table, he wasn’t sure if the vest would work, but all the same he still put it on. And off he ran out of the police station. Just when he ignited the car, he realised that five additional police officers were in the car with him. “Where to?” He asked. “To lend a helping hand.” They chorused. He smiled and jerked the car forward and off he drove off to the Khal corp that he knew along boarder road. ——————- In less than ten minutes, he had taken the shortcut which passed behind the police station, an abandoned road which has become a route for smugglers and illegal immigrant and before he knew it, he had ran and brought the car to a halt behind a police van which was empty, with two police officer lying down dead. “This way guys.” He said crouching towards the building where sounds of gunshots could be heard, but from the outside, it looked deserted which meant that no one is outside the building, but in the building. ————– Since her escape from the hands of Hakym, Ngozi had been on the run trying to locate at least one of her colleagues but unfortunately for her, she has been running in circles, taking differnt routes and ending up in ta dead room with nowhere else to go. Just then her eyes darted towards a door which she hasn’t seen since she was running around the room, and with a single shot, she broke the door and entered a familiar hallway. The hallway which connects the first two rooms where they entered in the underground. She could now trace her way from here. “Clement.” She screamed when she saw him with five junior officers trying to loacate the way out of the underground. “Ngo.” He said hugging her tightly. “What are you doing here? Did you come through Mr Ayo’s underground?” Ngozi asked. “Not through the underground, but the main entrance. We actually got lost.” He replied. “This way.” She said. By now the confidence is back. She is not feeling the pains in her head anymore. The sight of Clement had boosted her morale. –to be continued–