All In A Circle Episode 84


Sylvester and his men had bumped into the commissioner’s team and they were now moving in close pack having killed all the terrorist they met in the first floor where the cells were located and with no sign of Mike, they had proceeded into the second floor where they got some terrorists alive and every attempt to force words out of them, maybe to make them talk about Mike’s whereabout proved abortive and Sylvester out of anger killed them all. The third floor was the most dangerous of them all, as if they had been waiting for them, the moment the first police officer touched the last step and moved into the hall, gunshots were rained on him and Sylvester was slightly lucky because one of such gunshot only missed his head by a few inches. He had to call for a retreat after which the resulted to the use of explosive which blew up the room and killed all the men guarding room thereby making it impossible for Sylvester, and the commissioner’s team to access the adjoining room or the staircase to the last floor. They had to return to the first floor and the underground where they met a new group of terrorist who used guns and grenades in defence while Sylvester and his colleagues made us of guns since they had exhausted all the explosives they came with even though using explosives at that point in time is a two way thing, one it would kill all their opponents and kill them too because the impact of the explosion would affect the floor which would collapse a few people would make it out alive in a critical condition. “This way guys.” The commissioner said and everyone took the bend towards the descending staircase which took them back to the second floor. “Jesus!” Sylvester exclaimed as he moved backwards a bit, disturbed by the dead body on the floor. “Hakym!” He squatted beside him almost in tears. The commissioner and the other team members were looking dumbfounded and suprised at the same time. “Do you know him?” The commissioner asked eyeing him suspiciously. Sylvester ignored the question and mumbled some incoherent words, maybe he understood what he was saying no one knows, after which he stood up, dusted his knees and motioned the other team members that it is time to go. “What’s all that about?” The commissioner replied when they are safely back in the underground, this time they seemed to have killed a considerable amount of the terrorists, even though half of the policemen who left the police station early in the morning were dead too, but on a neutral ground, one would say the terrorist had an edge in stopping the policemen because they knew the ins and outs of their base which the police didn’t know and they could possibly lockdown all entry and exit into the building or allow them into the building and kill them one after the other, but on a second critical thinking, one would realise that the police left it too late for the terrorist. The terrorist got to know about the infiltration when a police team had already gained entry into the building, while the second police team, weren’t spotted because no one is paying attention to security, but the safety of Maleek and hunting Danger-kelv and Mike. The fear of Danger-kelv teaming up with Mike was the reason why they combed the nook and cranies of the forest overnight, and in the early hours of the morning, they returned into the building which was exactly when they were attacked, and this gave the second police team the opportunity to stand at strategic places outside the building. “All of you, split into two, Sylvester lead the first team through the left hallway, I’ll take the second hallway with my team.” The commissioner instructed and immediately, he set off into the hallway, and Sylvester followed suit. —————- “Which way?” Becky asked after she had covered a considerable amout of distance with Kelvin and they had not met any living soul. All they saw were dead bodies and injured policemen and terrorist which Kelvin wasted no time in adding one more bullets to their already damged body parts. “I don’t know.” Kelvin confessed. “I believe, our next target is Abdul Maleek, where is his chamber?” Becky asked. “Now, I know. This way.” Kelvin said already running off again, but Becky was quick to pull him back moments before he set off. “I believe we still have more policemen in this building, because I have not seen Sylvester’s dead body, neither have I seen a lifeless Ngozi.” Becky began. “So?” Kelvin asked impatiently, but Becky only smiled as she removed her bagpack and placed it on the floor as she rumaged its contents. “We don’t have time.” Kelvin said angrily. Becky removed a digital device which looked like a tablet and after a few seconds she announced. “Either, Sylvester or Ngozi is inside this underground.” “How did you know?” “The tracking device.” Becky replied. — “What’s this place?” Ngozi asked Clement pointing to a circular door which look like the entrance into a tomb. “I don’t know, unless we moved closer to it.” Clement replied approaching the door which looked like concrete, but who would use concrete as a door? How would they be opening it? Were the questions raging on in Clement’s mind which gave him hope that no sane person would use concrete as his door. When they had reached the supposed door, Clement knocked on the door and it sounded metallic. “Its actually made from metal.” Clement said facing his colleagues who stood some distance away for the fear of being electrocuted, and Ngozi who has been a victim of such on two seperate occassions and the latest in less than an hour ago stood a few steps away from Clement which could still be considered as bravery while their junior colleagues stood a few steps away from her, which is pure cowardice, but there is no one who won’t loose his/her bravery in the face of death. “How is it opened?” Ngozi probed further. “I don’t know. This is the first time I am seeing such, lets try this way.” Clement replied already trying to roll it like every sane human being would do since the door is circular, then to open it, one has to roll it in such a way that it would tripple over. “Come over here. What the hell are you still waiting for?” Clement asked when he realised that his colleagues are making no move to help him in pushing the door over. “oh! You think the door would shock you if you touch it? Does that mean I am electric resistant? Stop being ridiculous and join me here.” One after the other, they all joined him at the door and with concerted efforts they all pushed the door away from the large circular entrance with the exception of Ngozi whom they considered as being weak. The entrance led into a hallway which looked endless, but with many adjoining hallways probably linking to various rooms, the hallway was dimly lit in such a way that, one couldn’t make out the face of the person closest to him, but being able to make out the outline of the person’s body is okay by Clement who didn’t give it a second thought. On the walls were various plaques bearing the phrase ‘OUT OF BOUND.’ The reason for such, Clement had no idea of, but if truly the hallways which looked like and emergency exit is out of bound, then for that moment that he is inside the hallway, it should be ‘in of bound’ if there is anything like that. “What out Clem..” Ngozi’s scream was cut short by the loud blasting sound of a ground mine that went off. Clement was lying the the ground clutching his face a writhing in pain. “Are you hit?” Another member of the team asked squatting beside Ngozi to know the condition of their boss. The mine which was place on the ground is not and explosive one that come with fire, but the one that spill out redish-fire particles into one’s body, but the most common is its particle, smearing once face. When Clement managed to remove his had from his face, he already had a burning scar just below his left eyes which looked redish, all thanks to his fair skin. “Will you be able to continue.” A junior officer asked. “Definitely.” He replied straightening up his uniform which he picked up off one of his father’s security men. “Here is a kitchen.” Ngozi announced as they took a bend towards the left into another hallway which bore a lot of resemblance to the first only that this one has no ‘out of bound’ inscribed on the walls. A minute later, they were out of the kitchen and going through a list of locked rooms and by the time they reached and entered on of the rooms which looked a lot more recently used, they could hear gunshots and footsteps above them. “Ngozi, I think there is a way out through the door upfront, I’ll take the second exit.” Clement said referring to the mined filled hallway. “Be careful of the mines.” She said. And immediately, Clement ran back in the way which they had come while Ngozi set off at once with the rest of the team on her heels. ———— Kelvin and Becky were manouvering their ways into Maleek’s inner Chamber when Maleek and his cohorts came running out of the chamber with a police team high on their heels and a shootout ensuing in the process. A group of terrorists were providing the behind cover for Maleek, and his top officials. The behind cover terrorists were waging off intending dangers by engaging the police in shootout as the escaped while the police kept ducking the bullets as they advanced towards them while a few unlucky one had been hit. Kelvin had to pull Becky to hiding when the police team came around and without much ado, Kelvin took out the police who had lost their ways in the chase because, Abdul Maleek and his cohorts had returned to the underground.By the time Clement reached the first floor, it was enmpty and still the same way he left it some minutes ago, save for new dead bodies that were now littered on the floor and fresh blood spillage on the floor. The sight was enough to cause neausea as he quickly shut his eyes which he opened just immediately as a result of the impacts of the mine explosion which affected the skin beneathe his eyes which made it impossible for his to shut his eyes unless he is prepared to endure the unending pain that comes with it. The top floor was as well deserted and by standards, it is up to him to check all other floors even though he still heard loud noises around her a few minutes ago. A figure skipped past the hall where he was, a hooded figure, and whoever was beneathe the hood did a good job by aiming at Clement as he ran past the room and by sheer luck or better the put as, the man’s inability to aim at his target, the bullets missed Clement who immediately went after the figure. By the time Clement got into the next room which was also as big as the one he just exited, the man had succeeded in disappering, something Clement regarded to as running out of bullet, because the hooded man dropped his gun in the former room before he took to his heels, so Clement was sure that if he managed to find the man, he might stand a chance to take him on since he has nothing to defend himself, but the fear of the unknown made him return to the first room where he was able to access the stairs into the second floor. ——————- By the time Kelvin and Becky reached the underground, Maleek and his men were scampering off into an underground train. “Wait right there Maleek.” Kelvin said just in time before Maleek entered the train. Maleek who by now had lost all his men except his second in command and his girlfriend, Romina. Kelvin knew exactly what to expect because when one is dealing with Abdul Maleek, it is just like eating from the same plate with the devil and anyone who wants to eat from the same plate with the devil must have a very long spoon to outsmart the devil. Therefore, one needs all smartness just to deal with Maleek. “Danger-kelv, I know you.” Maleek said smiling, gradually moving backwards towards the train. Kelvin knew every man in his right senses should have dived into the train and escape, but on a second thought, it takes the door of the train up to ten seconds to slid close giving whoever Maleek is running from the time to dive into the train with him, meaning it would have been better to see him off before he enters the train. “I bet you don’t know me. But why are you running away?” Kelvin asked smiling. “The war is simply over.” Maleek replied. “No, it is not. The war is just starting, Khal corp is coming back stronger with the trio of Becky here, Jay and I. I bet you can’t come against us, even Al Queda dare not.” Kelvin replied. Becky cocked her gun. “Baby don’t. I will when it is time.” Kelvin replied. “We don’t have all day. The police are waiting for us out there. Lets do what we want….” She was saying, but Kelvin isn’t listening to her anymore. “Do it.” Maleek said angrily. The train hooted loudly, and after fifteen seconds, the light around it changed to red, and since it is an automatic driven engine, Kelvin knew the train would move in a matter of seconds. “Romina, you can leave. I have more businesses to trash out with Maleek here and it’ll take time.” Kelvin said to the lady beside Maleek. A mere side glance at the lady, she hopped into the train whose doors slid close and it sped off. “Do it.” Maleek shouted at Kelvin. Still bidding his time, probably to make Maleek drop to his knees and plead for mercy before he killed him, but Becky was seeing things differently. The fact was that, Maleek was standing with a walking stick held with his right hand which was hidden under his robe, while his left hand was also hidden underneathe the robe, Becky knew he must be up to something fishy, probably trying to remove his gun. “Why did you do that?” Kelvin asked after Becky had shot Maleek in to the arm, thereby making his gun to fall to the ground which she kicked away immediately. “This is why I shot him.” Becky replied pointing to the 9mm rovolver lying on the rail line and Maleek clutching his arm as he cried in pain, making efforts to remain on his feet. “It has always been you dream to kill your boss. This is the only chance you have got. Now do it and lets get outta here.” Becky said impatiently. And Kelvin released two quick shots on Maleek’s head which bursted like a bubble and blood splattered everywhere. “Boss, all has been set, we’ve set the bombs accross all floor. When is the train…..” A voice said as several footsteps approached the tunnel which they are, and just as they all entered the tunnel, they were met with gunshots from Becky and Kelvin — Sylvester’s team managed to give chase to a group of hooded masked men who were making installment on all the floors in the building. Some landed from the first floor and they had been killed, the few who escaped numbering up to five were able to enter a tunnel which has been computerized and no one could unlock the lid covering the tunnel. After reuing on their failure for a few seconds and trying to locate the Commissioner of police team and Ngozi led team, they realised that a bomb has been installed in the floor which they currently occupy. And to avoid stories that touches the heart, they decided to first escape to safety, after which they can start making moves to rescue Ngozi’s team and the commissioner’s team who by all standards are nowhere near the underground. Sylvester was marvelled at the way which the building was constructed and he had to laud the contractor who made the construction and the architect who drew the plan. Apart from the four floors that are visible from the outside, there is also another underground which seemed to have been achieved by digging the ground a few feet below while from that other underground, there was also another layer below the first which unknown to Sylvester part of it was an escape route which contain an electric powered train. Their hurried footsteps were the only sound that could be heard even from the first floor outside the underground, and under thirty seconds, they were out of the building and the could for the first time in four hours breathe fresh air. A minute later, Ngozi and her team came bursting outside the room through the staircase at the side of the building, panting and breathing hard as they did ran. “Where is Clement?” She asked, but no one could give answers to her question. “Am sorry Ngozi, we lost the battle.” Sylvester replied thinking Ngozi has lost her mind as a result of the failure. “I know what I am saying, Clement was in there with us.” She replied crying. “There is a bomb in there, Clement would be killed…” Her voice trailed off. ————— “Do you still know how to unlock these lids?” Backy asked Kelvin as he tried to unlock the lid covering the underground. He didn’t reply her question. His mind was filled up with various thoughts, he knew what he wanted to do before he agreed to work with Becky. Now is the time to achieve his long time aim. The lid slid open and at once, they both scrambled out of the underground and they made runs of the the underground in a bid to beat the time just before the bomb will go off. Kelvin was ten steps ahead, while Becky was following behind, she had dropped her bag, dropped her weapons, because she was convinced that the every enemy of theirs has been killed. But her conviction didn’t becloud her reasoning as she still kept a fully loaded rovolver in her hip holster. The light at the end of the tunnel was visible, from her position, she could see the high walls of the building and a door ahead of them, meaning, all they had to do was walk out of the door and find a way to escape beyond the walls of the building. “Is there a way through that wall?” Becky asked, this time she had caught up with Kelvin who was ticking the key hole on the door with a pin and after, ten quick ticks, the door unlocked with a click. “That’s brilliant.” Becky exclaimed, covering her mouth with her palms. Her suprise was quickly replaced with fear as she stood with a blank expression facing Kelvin whose gun was pointed at her. “Why are you doing this?” She asked. But he replied her question with a quick pull of his trigger and the gun went off silently. Kelvin quickly accessed the door and at once he manouvered his way to the back of the building where he was able to crawl out of the compound with little bruises on his body. ————– Ngozi was franctically struggling with her colleagues who were trying to hold her from returning into the compound. She wanted to go back into the building to find Clement and with the timed bomb ticking away, she knew Clement stood no chance of surviving the imminent bomb blast that is bound to happen and the odds of his survival is on the low side, even though there were some sort of assurance that he might be in the underground which meant that, provided the blast doesn’t collapse with the underground, then he definitely might survive, but no one is sure of his present location. “I have it covered. A chopper is on its way.” The commissioner who was nursing an overall body injury said. Ngozi didn’t know the exact thing the chopper would do, a chopper can’t stop bomb attacks, it can only aggravate it, if it was hit too. “That’s him up there.” Clement was at the top of the building, an area designated for aircraft landing, but all over his face were victorious smiles, unknown to him, a bomb would be going off in about fifteen seconds. –to be continued–