All In A Circle Episode 55


“Do you know Rahmon?” Sandra asked turning to Don.

“Yeah. We once belonged to the same fraternity while in school before I was rusticated. He managed to graduate with a fail. I with the little knowledge began working for politicians, killing their opponents while Rahmon used his certificate and his four years stay in the university to establish his own business, BLACKMAIL. We went our separate way when we realised we can no longer work together.” Don explained.

“Is he that powerful?” Sandra asked.

“More than powerful. While at LASU back then, he was the number one and also presides over three other university’s dominant cult group. He wielded so much power and with the help of his certificate he has so many members of the Khal corp at his beck.” Don explained. The mention of Khal corp sent cold shivers down her spine.

“But how sure are you that Victoria can get him?” Sandra asked. All these while, she(Sandra) has always seen Victoria as a weakling. To her best of knowledge, an assassin doesn’t have emotion or cry when in trouble, but her few encounter with Victoria, she knew she had something bothering her, especially, the first time she came visiting when she met Kelvin.

“Never underestimate the powers of Vicky. She is the only one who could stop Rahmon. Rahmon knew this, which was why he tries as much as possible to stay clear of her. He tries as much as possible not to cross her path or handle businesses that could make them meet. Vicky on her path has a level of respect for Rahmon, but if she knew he is always afraid of her, she’d have stopped respecting him.” Don explained walking toward the kitchen. He returned a few seconds later with a bottle of fanta and small stout. He gave one to Sandra who dropped in immediately. He gulped half the content of the bottle.

“Get Vicky on the job and she’ll get you your money.” Don explained. He made sure he didn’t tell her of Vicky’s decision to stop the job, its always good to hear the word from the horse’s mouth.

“I’ll talk to her. Let me take my leave now.” Sandra announced. Don walked her to the door before he spoke.

“What do we do to this girl here?” He asked.

“Let your boys rape her until death.” Sandra said defiantly and stormed out of the house. It was evident that she only said the first thought that crossed her mind, becuase considering the way she had spoken to Janet, one would know she really loved her and trusted her, but disappointing the person who loved her this much made Sandra decide without thinking.

Don walked her to her car outside the compound.

“Whan you talk to Vicky, give me a call and tell me whatever she says.” Don said helping her shut the door. She wound down the glass and spoke to him.

“You’ll receive your bank alert before the day runs out. You’ve really been helpful to me.”

“My pleasure.” He said bowing down a little like a gentleman that he once was. She ignited the car and swung into action.


“Is that not…?” Detective one asked pointing to Sandra car trying to remember her name.

“Who?” Mike asked.

“She is a model. Sandra something, I have forgotten her surname.” Detective one said.

“Oselu.” Detective two added.

“Yeah.” Detective one said.

“And that solved the acronym on the plate.” Mike enthused. As expected of them, Mike set out of the shop towards the junction where their car was parked along with Detective two and they sped after Sandra’s car. Don who was looking at them from the peep hole on the gate, called two of his boys and drove after Mike.

“If they try anything funny with Sandra, we’ll have to attack them.” He had said to them.


Sandra drove into her compound and pulled up into the driveway. She alighted and walked into the house looking sad and heartbroken.

“Welcome madam.” Sabur, the gateman said. She ignored his greeting and pushed the door open.

“Wetin dey do this girl sef? Shey no rich person dey after her ni?” He said angrily as he walked back to his post, then a knock sounded on the gate.

“Who be you?” Sabur asked as he walked towards the gate. He looked through the peep hole and saw two men standing outside. Their faces were strange and unknown, but they looked gentlemanly. He pushed the gate open a bit and squezeed himself between the opening.

“I am Sergeant Mike, from the police headquarter.” Mike said.

“You are welcome. But I guess you are in a wrong house. Maybe the next compound is your destination.” He replied trying to close the gate but Mike quickly stopped him.

“We want to see your madam. The one who just drove in now.” Mike said.

“My madam thief government money?” He asked.

“No o. We just want to ask her some questions.” Mike the operator replied smiling.

“Come in.” He said opening the gate wider for the two men to enter. Mike led the way into the beautiful compound which has a striking resemblance to the pictorial representation of the biblical Garden of Eden in primary school bible knowledge textbooks. The only difference was that, there was no Adam or Eve in the compound, neither are there animals or rivers, instead of short grasses on the ground, the compound was made with concrete and tiles. But the similarity between the compound and the garden was the beauty. There was no car in the garden of Eden too.

“Wait here o.” Sabur said to them and quickly rushed into the house.


Sandra sat down on one of the chairs in the dinning room sipping her favourite fruit juice. Her thought drifted to her recent decision to kill Janet. She remembered how she had employed the girl a few years ago and grew to become an integral part of her life that she couldn’t do without. A minute without Janet in the house was like a lifetime without Joy. She picked up her phone and dialled Don’s phone.

“Hello Don, please tell your guys to hold on. Nothing must happen to that girl, I will come and pick her up tomorrow.” She said to Don unknown to her, he was a few meters away from her house. The doorbell sounded. Who could be at the door except Sabur? Maybe Kelvin, but he didn’t tell her he’d be visiting today.

“Come in.” she said to whoever was at the door. Sabur came into view. “Yes? Sabur, what do you want?” She asked rudely.

“Madam, I just come ask sey what is the matter, because the madam wey me know doesn’t do like this. You are friendly and playful with us.”

“Sabur, please go straight to the point. If that’s why you are here, get out.” She said loosing her temper. Could she be on the verge of loosing her mind? Why was she over-reacting to people who did nothing wrong to her. She could remember how she screamed at other motorists on her way back home. No doubt, Janet’s action really broke her heart.

“You have a visitor.” He said.

“Which stupid visitor, tell them to get out. I don’t want to see anybody.” She screamed grabbing her handbag and marching towards her room.

“They said they are policemen.” He said.

“Sabur, I pay you and its your duty to harken to instructions given. Read my lips, I don’t want to see anybody.” She disappeared into the hallway.

“You asked me to read your lips and you walked away. You should at least stay and let me read it.” He said walking out of the living room. Sabur succeeded in pushing Mike and his partner out of the compound.

“My madam is not happy. She is in a very bad mood. I think you should leave.” He said.

“Its very important that we see her today.” Detective two spoke for the first time.

“Will you cater for me and my family in our village? Abeg get out.” Sabur violently pushed the two men out of the compound and locked the gate.


The time was 6:30pm and Kelvin just returned from wherever he went to. He ignored a sulky Ngozi who lay on the bed sobbing, he removed his shoe and sat down on the bed.

“How are you?” He asked holding her leg. She snatched her leg off his touch and raised them up against her chin. “What’s the matter?” He asked joining her in bed, he spuatted before her and held her legs.

“Leave me alone.” She said.

“Are we quarrelling?” He asked.

“Do you think I can ever forgive you for this? You saw me in a depressed state and took advantage of me.” She said. He hissed silently on hearing what she just said.

“I thought something else happened while I was away. I didn’t take advantage of you, you wanted it, you said it, you were clamouring for it and I gave it to you.” He replied. She felt degraded and slutty that moment.

“I am leaving.” She said.

“To where?” He asked.

“My fiancee’s apartment of course.” He had thought she’ll spend like a week with him, but now that seemed impossible, but he was not going to give up. He has the upper hand, she can’t leave in her nightie, she has no cloth to wear, she has no money on her. He should be able to persuade her into spending another night.

“How do you intend to do that? Are you going in this?” He asked with concern written all over his face. Her face dropped immediately she realised she had nothing to wear.

“I was thinking maybe you will drop me off.” She said.

“Not tonight. I am tired, maybe tomorrow morning.” He replied removing his shirt and trouser and walked into the bathroom. His wallet lay on the bedside table, she walked towards it, picked some naira notes and sneaked out of the room. With the aim of getting to a boutique outside the hotel and buying what to wear and get a cab home.

“Madam, we can’t just allow you to leave.” The lady receptionist said gently.

“What do you mean?” Ngozi asked. She was lucky that aside the receptionist, there were no other persons in the waiting hall. Therefore, there was no one undressing her with their eyes.

“We don’t know the condition in which the man you both came in is in. We need to chack him before we allow you to leave.” The lady explained.

“But he went out this morning and no one bothered to check on me.” She said angrily.

“That’s true ma, he went out but he took us to the room and we saw you sleeping. Therefore, we have to do that now.” The lady walked out of the wooden carved table and stood face to face with Ngozi.

“Lead the way.” She said. Ngozi pleaded with her eyes and she stood rooted to the spot.

“He is in the bathroom taking his bath.” She said.

“I’ll call the security.” The lady threatened. How she wished she was with her identity card, this would have been an added advantage to her.

“Hey, here you are?” Kelvin asked as he descended the stairs. Ngozi wanted to die that moment because she knew there was no other option for her.
“You were strolling around I guess.” He said grabbing her hand. Ngozi looked at him in the eyes as tears rolled down her cheeks. “Lets go.” He said as they both walked back into their room. He shut the door behind them and fastened the lock.

“Kelvin, why are you treating me like this?” She asked as she sat on the bed.

“What is that supposed to mean?” He asked.

“Please, let me go home.” She pleaded.

“You will definitely go home, but not today.” He replied. “And if you’ll please return my money to where to took them.” He said pointing to his wallet. She knew he tempted her with the wallet by putting it in a conspicous place, the bedside table.

“Kelvin is it a crime to feel safe with you? I had issues with my fiancee and I trusted you to make me happy. You took advantage of me and…” Her voice trailed off. “What are you doing?” She asked alarmed. He was rolling the hem on her nightie upwards that it was now a few inches away from her mid tighs. “Kelvin, not again.” She said pushing him away. He ignored her pleas and stuggles as he pushed her unto the bed and had sex with her. By the time he was done, she was feeling sick, her privates was sore and bruised. Aside the fact that, she was in no mood to have s.ex, there was no preintimacy or anything, thereby, no lubrication to ease his member into her. She was sobbing as he walked out of the room angrily.

“How dare you steal from me?” He asked as he slammed the bathroom door shut. It was now clear to her. He wasn’t in love with her and she was just leading him on all the while. He wanted something from her and he just got it twice within the space of twenty four hours. Only God knows how many times he’ll sleep with her before daybreak. That is, if she lived to see the daybreak. No doubt, she had betrayed Tobiloba and their relationship had crashed, five weeks before their wedding.


Mike and his men were getting prepared to go home for the night, they lived a few blocks away from their shop. A one room apartment rented for a month so they can work effectively.

“We’ll still have to go back to Sandra’s house. Won’t we?” Detective two asked. Mike nodded his head as he took the last piece of bean cake before him and munched in down till there was nothing between his fingers except oil. He picked a sachet of water and drank from. He was never a fan of meals like this. He doesn’t eat outside his house, even though he was a bachelor, but one in a serious relationship.

His girlfriend was from the North and she was a youth corper in Lagos state. She visit him once in a week to prepare stew and some other foods which will last him for a few days. He doesn’t go to eateries, which was why he only knew one fastfood joint, Mr Biggs. And that was because he celebrated his tenth birthday there as a kid with his parents. But with the latest case and spy job they were handling, they can only eat ready made foods.

A car came to a halt before Don’s compound and a young man alighted and walked towards the gate. Mike who had finished eating was able to make out the outline of his face as a result of the light that shown on the pillars holding the gate. This is Doctor Rapheal. What’s he doing here?” He could be the one treating them of injuries sustained. Doctor Rapheal knocked on the gate and he walked into the house.


A guy had already tore off the shirt she was putting on thereby revealing her while lacy bra and perky br.e.ast which was too big for the small bra. Another guy was fondling with the zip of her skirt.

“Please, don’t do this to me.” She cried. About ten guys were getting ready to sleep with her, on empty stomach. She was sure she’ll die. The guy after several futile attempt to unzip her skirt resolved to rolling the hem of her skirt and revealed her while lacy panties.

“Who will go in first?” One of the guys asked.

“Please I am a virgin.” She said.

“We all loved virgins.” They chorused like they had reharsed for this question all day. One of the guys with one finger dragged her pant to one side, thereby revealing her almost bald private.

“Look at her, she is shaved. Slutty s–t.” One of them said mockingly. A knock sounded on the door. The guys all scramble away each hodling their trousers as the ran. The door opened a few seconds later and a young man walked in. Janet had stood up and rolled down her skirt. She covered her chest with the shirt which has been torned into shreds.

“Good evening.” She greeted the youngman.

“Hello.” Doctor Rapheal greeted.

“What can I do for you?”

“I am doctor Rapheal and I love your body.” He said.

“Thank you.” She replied. She had no choice. Only God knows what he was here for. Maybe to take a pound of her flesh too like the other guys.

“I want to see Deoye.” He said. Janet who didn’t know which of them goes by the name Deoye looked at him blankly. “I am his doctor.” She stringed every word she had hear together and it made sense. He must be Doctor Rapheal and Deoye has to be the guy with a gunshot injury in the arm.

“I’ll be back.” She said and walked out of the living room to fetch Deoye from the room where he had been sleeping since he came around from passing out in the morning.

“Deoye.” She called him. She clicked the switch and light flickered on. Deoye sat up weakly. He had developed a certain likeness in her since she treated his bleeding arm in the morning.

“What’s wrong with you? Who tore your cloth?” He asked. She ignored his question.

“Doctor Rapheal is here and he wants to see you.” She said and walked out of the room. It would be suicidal if she started paying attention Deoye and his gentleman advances. But she could as well be protected by him from the randy guys in the house. But hey! He needs protection himself. Someone whose hand could be amputated will protect her? Not even possible in the dream.


Akpan banged the girl below him with great abandon and they were both lost in the ectasy of their lovemaking.

“Oh! My God. Am cummming.” Akpan screamed and he continued banging the eighteen year old girl. A few more thrusts, they were both panting and trying to regain their lost breathe. The girl stood up after few seconds and walked into the bathroom, she returned a few minutes later already dressed and looking beautiful safe for her hair which was rough. But this isn’t the first time she’d be leaving Akpan’s apartment with a rough hair. He doesn’t have a comb.

“Akpan.” She called beating him violently.

“Wake up jor. What did you do that you are sleeping?” She asked. Akpan opened his eyes.

“You are going?” He asked.

“Yes, my money. And that of last week too.” She said with a straightface.

Akpan walked towards the basket where a few of his clothes were, he picked three trousers and walked out of the room, in a bid to confuse her incase she tried stealing his money next time. The trousers are all the same. He returned a few minutes later refreshed, wearing one of the trousers, he gave her one thousand naira note. She collected it and tucked it into her purse.

“When next am I seeing you?” He asked.

“I don’t know o. Maybe on my way back from lesson tomorrow, I’ll branch, but we won’t do more than two rounds o.” She said.

“No problem.” He said and gave her two hundred naira extra, as usual for transport. He saw the girl off to the gate where directed her to the shortcut that leads outside the estate. The girl left and he walked into the house. A minute later, another knock sounded on the gate.

“Who be? Why did you come back?” He asked thinking it was the girl who just left. He opened the gate and came face to face with two men dressed corporately in suit.

“Good evening sir.” He greeted.

“Yeah. We don’t have much time. We are from the Federal Security Commission.” One of the men began.


It was time for the monthly departmental meeting at the police headquarters. The commissioner’s office was the venue of the meeting which had the likes of the SP, the ASP, Clement, Sylvester and Edgar from the ICT department.

“How much progresses have you made in the cases at hand?” The commissioner asked. Clement and Sylvester exchanged looks and Sylvester cleared his throat.

“We’ve gotten about sixty percent of what we need to stop Khal corp. Now we have three of their men in custody including our own man who was their mole and also an underground was discovered inside Mr Ayo Okorie’s residence. We have all it takes to stop Khal corp in a few weeks. Minimum of two and miximum of three.” Sylvester said confidently.

“That’s a good one there Mr Sylvester. You know, I knew your inclusion in the police team would pay off.” The Commissioner said smiling. Clement smiled, if only they knew Sylvester did little in getting any of these men. Except that he let them know about the phone call between Jay and Danger-kelv.

“Mr Clement, what about the LASU students killing? You know the commissioner for education wants the last girl safe.” The commisioner asked. Clement cleared his throat.

“Investigation are in full swing. No stone will be left unturned, and I assure you that by this time next week, we’ll have those cultist in our net here.” He said. That’s one thing about Clement, he hates giving out details, because it was his own principle not to trust anybody when it come to polic investigation. He talks less to his wife about his investigation.

“We trust you to bring them down.” The SP said indifferently.

“Mr Edgar, you?” The commissioner asked.

“I am working on their leads……” Twenty Minutes later, Clement was heading towards the parking lot smiling. The thought of visiting his wife in the hospital and seeing his baby was enough reason to be happy, especially a proud father like him. About two hours later he got home after spending about an hour with Rachel at the hospital, she’ll be discharge the following day. Dolapo would be spending the night with her afterall.

“Welcome oga.” Akpan had greeted him.

“Akpan, how do you do?” He asked as he marched towards the front.

“Oga.” He called. Clement turned to face him. “I want to ask maybe I can goand greet madam and the baby at the hospital tomorrow.” He said.

“That’s very nice of you Akpan. But she’ll be discharged tomorrow. But you will be the one to go and pick her up. How about that?”

“Its good like that. Thank you sir.”

“Goodnight.” He said and unlocked the door. He slipped into the house. He had forgotten to tell his boss about the visitors he had three hours ago again. This is the second time they’d been coming in two weeks and he had failed to tell his boss about the visits on both occasions.

–to be continued.