All In A Circle Episode 54


Clement did everything alone at home throughout the night, his wife was still in the hospital while Dolapo stayed with her so she can help her do some things like carry the baby, help her get water. He felt indebted to the girl because he can’t imagine himself doing all that. He just finished warming his supposed dinner in the microwave, Dolapo had prepared it in the afternoon and left some for him to eat in case he was hungry. He picked a bottle of fanta and sat down to eat the food which complemented the colour of the drink before him. His mind flashed back to Ngozi and Jay, as much as he wanted to help her, he just couldn’t, his job would be placed on the hang if he should try it, she should just try to understand him and stop being selfish, he concluded as he brought the spoon to his mouth and parted his lips.

“This girls cooks well.” He said within himself while he continued his meal. His ringing phone caught his attention. He cursed the caller under his breathe, he hated receiving calls while eating. Alas, it was Mike.

“Hey Mike.” He said on picking up.

“How do you do?” Mike asked.

“Am good. Any new development?” He asked.

“Yeah. Firstly, Deoye and his gang will be attacking the only surviving girl tomorrow in school.” Mike said referring to Dolapo.

“Okay. Go on.”

“There is another development here, a girl was driven into Deoye’s new hiding place today, even though we didn’t know if she is one of them, but from the look of things, she is not. Another girl who we supposed is a member drove the car, a Honda CRV, a tracker was placed on her car and she made her last stop after departing Deoye’s hiding at house 25, St Anthony cresent, Ajayi estate.” Mike explained.

“House 25? Ajayi estate?” Clement asked.


“Anthony Cresent?” He asked while Mike affirmed.

“Keep your tabs on Deoye and his gang, you know what to do the moment they drive out tomorrow. I’ll will get someone work on the other lady.” Clement instructed.

“Okay boss. Goodnight.” Mike said.


“And congrats on the new born baby.”

“Yeah thanks.” Clement replied and hung up.

House 25, St Anthony Cresent, AJAYI ESTATE, that was where his mother lived, he remembered visiting the place about five years ago, after which his father made his vow not to visit the house again. There has to be a mix up somewhere. Maybe his mother is in danger. He waved off the thought. His mind drifted back to his daughter. What name will he call her? He wanted an English name just like his, maybe Kimberly, Amanda, Gabriella or Chloe.


“Are you saying you wanted to free a criminal because you found out he is your long lost brother?” Tobiloba asked.

“That’s ridiculous.” He added.

“Its not. I only wanted him to see my parent, and that’s all.” Ngozi replied.

“Hear yourself out. You ought to distance yourself away from him. Remember he is a criminal, a terrorist, who has committed a lot of atrocities, enough to get him killed.” Tobiloba explained.

“He is your in-law.” Ngozi cautioned.

“I know. But he was not there when I came to meet your family members, neither did he know anything about us.” Tobiloba replied.

“Whatever. I just want him to meet papa and mama, so they can be rest assured that their son is alive.”

“He is alive but in prison because he has killed so many people. Remember how sensitive your job is, unless you want to resign then you can associate yourself with him.” Tobiloba said. The arguement between them started right from the time Tobiloba picked her up in front of his place of work and all through the drive back home, they argued, she prepared dinner which was left untouched, because they argued when they ought to start eating and thereby lost their appetite, now that they were about going to bed, they are still at it.

“Look here if you don’t mind, I want to sleep. Pretend as if you have no brother, Nwankwo or whatever you called him is a beast and will be killed.” Tobiloba said. Where he got the nerve to talk to her like that, she didn’t know. His latest reply earned his a slap on his face and in retaliation, he pushed her unto the bed and pinned her down causing her to scream.

“Are you mad?” Ngozi asked. His anger got the better of him and he slapped her back. She freed herself from him and ran out of the house with only one thing, her phone. The time was 9:05pm and it was late already, he searched for her but couldn’t find her. From her hiding place she placed a call to Kelvin.

“Hello Kelvin, please come and pick me up, I’ll explain everything to you.” She said crying. The cold was getting at her, she had only her nightie on her, hopefully she’ll survive the night and break up with Tobiloba the next day.

Ngozi woke up squinting her face and using her hand to shield the early morning son from penetrating into her eyes. She lifted the duvet off her body, only to realise that she was naked under the sheets, her body was messy and sticky. Then the events of the previous night started playing in her mind, she could remember the minute she ran out of the house into the street, she hid inside an uncompleted building opposite their house, and she could see Tobiloba searching up and down the street with his torchlight, fifteen minutes later, he gave up and walked into the house after which she put a call through to Kelvin, directing him to where she was.

She vividly remembered how she cried and cursed Tobiloba as they drove on. Kelvin made a last stop in a hotel and they both went into their room. She was pissed with Tobiloba and wanted to punish him, she grabbed Kelvin by the collar immediately they entered the room and one way or the other, they had sex. Guilt rushed down to her face as she remembered how she moaned as Kelvin was ramming her all night, she remembered how she talked dirty and cursed Tobiloba as her o—-m came rushing. All her life, she had only slept with two men, the first time was a forced sex when she was still in secondary school, and the second man to sleep with her was Tobiloba. He made her feel like a virgin on the night they first made love, now the number has increased. She could see her nightie and undies lying carelessly on the floor.

“Am I that cheap?” She asked herself as hot tears rolled down her cheeks. She never bargained for this, she never wanted to sleep with Kelvin, even though she has always felt something for him but the fact that she was engaged to someone else is enough reason to keep her in check.

She removed the engagement ring on her finger and threw it away. She picked her phone and saw ninety missed calls, seventy from Tobiloba and the other twenty from her parents and Clement. Did he inform them about her running away? Who wouldn’t?

Her eyes roamed around the room and settled on the table clock beside the bed, 9:35am. No doubt she is in trouble with her boss at work. But her relationship with Tobi is more important than her job. I have to make things right. She concluded as she dashed into the bathroom and returned a few minutes later dripping wet, then she realised she has nothing to wear. But where is Kelvin?


Dolapo was all dressed and seated in the hospital ward with a small bag on her laps, she was looking at Doctor Rapheal with hatred as he checked on Rachel and siezed the opportunity to caress her cheeks all in the name of checking her. She had left the hospital very early in the morning around six o’clock to go and freshen up at home and get prepared for her exam which was scheduled to hold by eleven o’clock. To her surprise, Ngozi didn’t show up to pick her and Clement had promised to drive her down to school himself. She knew something has to be wrong somewhere. Maybe she was in danger afterall for Clement to decide to drive her to school, but she could only hope for the best, which is being safe.

“I’ll be back to check on you.” Rapheal said holding her hand like he couldn’t let her go. He walked out of the ward only to receive a hiss from Dolapo. He gave her a loathing look and walked out.

“Dolapo!” Rachel said smiling.

“Seriously Aunty, I just don’t like the man. He could be good at what he does o, but he is too randy.” Dolapo replied. Rachel thought for a while.

“And there is something I want to tell you. Maybe you can advise me.” She said.

“What is that?”

“We’ll talk about it when you return from school.” Rachel replied.



Don had his fist clenched as he paced around the living room in anger.

“Stop behaving like a baby, you should be able to finish this assignment today.” Don screamed at Deoye who had his hand bleeding. Janet who was locked up in the store all night was trying her best to stop the flow of blood.

“I need to dress this wound. Do you have first aid?” She asked with a shaky voice, she has been crying since she was brought here. She knew she won’t find her stay in the house easy, with almost twelve guys, if Sandra instruct them to rape her, then she is dead. She was only doing this to let them know that she was not that bad.

“Someone get the first aid.” Deoye was forced to scream when he discovered that no one was doing anything to improve his situation. His vision was gradually going blurry and before he knew it, he had passed out.

“Today is gone already. We are attacking the girl on Friday, her final paper.” Don said and walked away angrily.


Kelvin walked into Abdul Maleek’s chamber alongside Hakym who was still limping from the gunshot injury he sustained from their failed attack on the deputy governor of the state, several weeks back.

“Danger-kelv, I sent for you.” Maleek said, swinging his chair to motion and turned to face them.

“I got your message, which was why I rushed down here.” Kelvin relpied.

“Take a seat.” He said to the two men who took their seats opposite the great terrorist from Sudan.

“When are we attacking our target?” He asked. Hakym and Kelvin exchanged looks before Kelvin spoke.

“Sir, we have thought about it, we’ll attack them during the weekend because, Clement’s wife just gave birth. So it is best to attack her when she leaves the hospital.” Hakym explained.

“Clement? What’s his full name?” Maleek asked.

“Clement Obi Patrick.” Hakym replied.

“Chief Obi Patrick’s son?” Maleek asked trying to process what he just heard.

“I guess so sir.” Hakym replied. Kelvin was lost in thought, how did Maleek know his father? Well, he was a household name in the Nigerian politie, so he was known by all.

“His father won’t like this.” Maleek muttered under his breathe. Kelvin was able to decipher what he said but he was still lost in the middle of nowhere. His father won’t like this. Maybe he was trying to sympathise with him, that as a politician, and a National leader and elder stateman, it would be bad if his son looses his wife.

“We have to devise another plan. None of his two sons must be affected in anyway. He is the reason why we are here.” Maleek said. Could his father be the sponsor of terrorism in the country? What does he stand to gain in sponsoring Khal corp? It was not like he wanted any political office or he wants to become the president. Its impossible.

“Is he a sponsor?” Kelvin found himself asking.

“I am not allowed to tell you that. Your duty is to carry out every instructions given. You are not allowed to know more than the name Khal corp and Abdul Maleek. Every other things are confidential.” Maleek explained.

“I was only asking.” No doubt, his father was a sponsor, because if he wasn’t, Maleek would have told him point blank that he wasn’t a sponsor rather than talk him out of asking such questions.

“I want Sylvester’s wife dead before the weekend and Clement’s wife before Monday evening.” Maleek commanded.

“Okay sir.” Only Hakym replied.

“Now you may go.” Maleek said and turned on his chair. The two men walked out of the hall with different thoughts on their minds.

“So how do you suggest we go about it?” Hakym asked as they were being searched outside the hall.

“I am finding it hard to believe what Maleek said.” Kelvin replied absentmindedly. They were given back their phones and weapons, and allowed to leave.

“What’s that?” Hakym asked.

“Its nothing.” He snapped.


Darasimi was heading into the exam hall with Clement and three other police officers shielding her as she walked, their eyes roaming around the whole complex.

“Yes, your clearance sheet.” An examiner asked. Clement stepped forward.

“Hello ma.” He said.

“Yes? How may I help you?” The woman asked.

“I am inspector Clement. The lady here required maximum security and ordered by the state government. I am afraid, she needed no clearance.” Clement said. The woman looked at Clement for a while. He was handsome, cute, young and above all dilligent.

“Inspector Clement?” She asked. “Clement Obi Patrick ma.” He replied flashing his id card.

“You may go in young girl.” the woman said collecting her clearance sheet. She was walked into the hall where about thirty students were already seated. She was looking tensed because all the days that Ngozi had driven her to school, she wans’t shielded like this. Something has to be wrong somewhere. But she trust Clement and God to keep her safe.

Five minutes before the paper, Darasimi came around and with tears in her eyes explained herself to Dolapo in the presence of over hundred students. She was not only surprised, she was embarrassed at the same time.

“Dolapo, you and I know I can never do anything to harm you guys. I don’t mind sacrificing with my life to keep you guys safe. It was all coincidence.” She said crying.

“I know you can’t do that. I over-reacted.” She whispered. She scanned around the hall, the examiners were about distributing the papers. From the door, Clement urged her to let it slide. She pulled Darasimi up and hugged her. Everyone in the exam hall clapped their hands, and a few emotional ones shed tears.

“What’s the noise all about?” The lecturer handling the course asked.

“Am sorry.” Dolapo whispered tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Minus fifty marks for all of you.” The lecturer said and the students all bursted into laughter. Darasimi went back to her seat a happy girl.

The day has been uneventful for Ngozi who has been holed up inside the hotel room. She would have gone back home or gone to work, but she has nothing to wear, save for her nightie which she was currently putting on. Her phone rang for the upteenth time in the space of one hour that her phone battery was almost dead, she was afraid to pick anybody’s call. What would she tell them? Where would she say she passed the night? In a hotel room with one of her male friends? That will look absurd and every human with a right thinking ability would be quick to read meanings into her passing night in a hotel room. No doubt, she has been treated like a love peddler in the last fifteen hours. She remembered how Kelvin treated her like a queen on picking her up from the house, he drove her to a barbecue joint where she refused to drop from the car, instead, he alighted and came back five minutes later with a plate of sauced meat. He then drove her to a hotel, she wasn’t surprised actually, because she knew he can’t take her to his father’s house. But she would have loved him take her to one of his bachelor friend’s place, where she’ll pass the night comfortably. But to her surprise, he had no friend. At least in his work place, he should have one, but no, he had no friend on the outside. What job does he do?

She could remember how eyes were boring holes through her nightie as they walked to the counter and to the staircase. Thank God she was wearing a below knee nightie. Her arguement with Tobiloba made her wear the nightie because she had no plan of having sex with him that night. Assuming she was in the mood, she would be putting on an above knee nightie that is transparent. She can’t imagine herself wearing that into a hotel. She was hungry but she couldn’t place why hunger had to come to her at the moment where all her worries are enough to satisfy her.


Mike and his men were cursing as they spoke inside their shop.

“Are you saying that guy gave us a wrong informtion?” Detective one asked.

“I don’t think its a wrong information. He didn’t know we are spies. I think something is wrong inside the house. Or what do you think Mike?” Detective two replied.

“I agree with you on that.” Mike added.

“What do we do now? Remember we are running out of time. There are so many pressing issues affecting this country, we can’t remain stagnant on one case.” Detective one asked.

“We just have to keep a watchful eye on them. Any time a car drives out of there, we follow the car. Okay?” Mike said. Just then a white Lexus jeep drove in and came to a halt infront of the gate.

“Whose car is that?” Mike asked.

“I don’t know.” Detective two replied. Detective one walked out of the shop and took a turn to the general toilet being used by all shop owners and their customers. He returned one minute later.

“The plate number is customized.” Detective one announced.

“The person must be a high profile individual.” Mike said.

“What’s written on the plate?”

“S O 1.” Detective one replied. His latest revelation left them wondering who could be the owner of the car. A few minutes later, Don came out from the gate and calmly enter the car and after twenty five seconds, he alighted, as well as the owner of the car who turned out to be a lady. Only her back was visible to interested policemen. Don led the lady into the compound.

“She looks familiar.” Detective one said.

“Yeah, but I just can’t place where I met her. I think its on TV, she is not an ordinary person. For her number plate to be customized, she is a vip.” Detective two added.


Don turned the door knob and pushed the door opened and he walked into the living room with Sandra behind him.

“Big D.” One of his boys, he was seated before the tv playing game.

“How many times have I told you not to play games on my flat again? Take this thing to your flat and play whatever game you want to play.” Don said.

“Don baba, we both know the gaming experience on a twenty one inches television is different on a flat screen.” The guy replied jokingly.

“Anyways, you can come back later. Right now, I have a visitor.” He said. The guy disconnected the game console and carried it out of the living room into where Sandra guessed to be one of the rooms. “Get me that girl.” Don said to his retreating figure.

A minute later, the guy returned with Janet who was trying to conceal her face behind the guy.

“You can go.” Don said to the guy. Immediately the guy left, Janet came face to face with her former employer. She went down on her knees.

“Am sorry.” Janet said.

“But why? Janet! Why on earth did you dupe me? Eight million naira?” Sandra asked with a shaky voice. She seemed emotionally attached to Janet because she had planned to rain slaps on Janet if she set her eyes on her, but here she was almost crying on seeing her.

“Janet, what is my offence that made you conclude that this is what I deserve?” Sandra asked.

“Please am sorry. It wasn’t my fault.” Janet replied.

“So whose fault is it? I just can’t comprehend the reason why you’ll dupe me of such exhorbitant amount. You could have asked for it and believe me, I’ll give it to you, rather than take it the way you did.” Sandra said angrily.

“If you’ll permit me to explain myself, you’ll know its not my fault.” Janet replied.

“Explain yourself then.”


Janet just finished taking her bath and slipped on her nightie, ready to sleep. But a novel she has been reading all day on PobsOnline was keeping her awake. The door into her room creaked open and without looking at whoever was coming in, she knew it was Rahmon her guardian who had provided food and shelter for her in the last six month without collecting anything in return. The first time he told her he’ll help her and give her all she needed, she thought it was a joke. But when the joke came to become real, she knew it has to come with a bargain, she knew she had to pay something in return. Even though she didn’t know what job Rahmon and his boys did, she was sure it was something illegal. She knew if she’ll be living with these people, over ten grown men, she’ll be warming their beds. But to her surprise, Rahmon laid down a rule that no one should touch her, anyone caught looking at her twice will have himself to blame. Then she concluded that Rahmon wanted her all to himself, but to her utmost surprise, Rahmon, in her six months stay under his roof had never touched her, not even a handshake. They had body contact once, when Rahmon got a new car and in the euphoria of the occassion, she jumped on him.

“I thought you would be asleep.” He said as he sat at the foot of her bed. She had never bothered to lock the door at night, she knew she was safe in the house, no one would touch her. Not even the boys.

“I am not asleep yet.” She replied sitting up and covering herself properly with a wrapper. One thing she had learnt to do was to always cover her nightie with a opaque cloth when moving around the house. Considering the length of the nightie and its transparency, it could lead a sexually active man into a journey of no return into pleasure and he’ll want to get down with her even if it requires force.

“I have an assignment for you.” Rahmon said. For the past six month, he had been telling her he’ll help her get a job and give her harmless assignment to carry out, none of which has come to reality. But now, its seemed the time is now.

“Am all hears.”

“First thing is that, I got you a job.” He said and watched her reaction, she was elated. “You’ll work as a maid for popular model, Sandra Oselu.” He said, watching her reaction, he could see her face drop, but she smiled happily swiftly. What choice does a begger have? She only had her secondary school ceritificate and nothing else. So she should expect jobs like that.

“I’ll do it.” She had said and the following week, she started working in Sandra Oselu’s house. Unknown to her, her working in the beauty queen’s house is for a purpose. About a year and a half later, Rahmon called her and told her, the time to carry out the assignment had arrived. He told her to find a way to get money off Sandra Oselu. She was unsure of what it meant and so she agreed to do it, thinking she was paying Rahmon back since she has her salary all to herself.

A few months later, she started seeing signs of Barrister Benson(Sandra’s lawyer) lusting after her boss and she wasted no time in swinging to action. She was lucky to have seen them both walk into the bedroom and had sex, after which she sneaked in and took their pictures and sent them to Rahmon.


“So you mean you took those pictures?” Sandra asked slapping her hard accross the face.

“Am sorry. I didn’t know he will threaten you with them. I thought he had a different plan.” she said. Even though she wanted to pay Benson back in his own coin for having sex with her as a sixteen year old in exchange for defending to her father in court. Something he(Ben) didn’t fufil and her(Janet) father subsequently sent to prison where he met his untimely death.

“How do I get my money back?” Sandra asked.

“I was paid two million naira, the rest is with Rahmon.” Janet replied.

“How do we get this Rahmon?” Sandra asked. Don cleared his throat to remind them that he was still with them.

“Am sorry, getting Rahmon is like chasing air. Its impossible, for me and my boys, we dare not go against him. But there is one person who could do it.” Don said.

“Who is that person?” Sandra asked.

“The person I fear most and Rahmon fears as well is Victoria Vicky.” Don replied. There must be a connection between Rahmon and Don. Maybe they once worked together. Janet concluded, he has seen his picture once in Rahmon’s room. —

To be continued