All In A Circle Episode 42


Rachel has just finished taking her bath. She walked out of the bathroom dripping wet with a big sized towel tied around her body. She walked into a inner room which served as her closet and came back a few minutes later dressed in a gown that touched her ankles, blue in colour. There was a knock on the door as she prepared to lie down on the bed and read a novel she had taken from Doctor Rapheal’s office.

“Come in.” She said, half expectant that it could be Clement. The door knob turned and Onome, the maid walked in smiling, but a second thorough look at her will suggest she was there for something serious.

“When are you coming for your lunch?” Onome asked curtly. Rachel smiled,

“this woman could be dramatic at times. She came in with a straight face, now she was talking about food.” “I’ll be down there at dinner.” She replied.

“So what do you intend taking for lunch?” The elderly lady asked with concern.

“I got myself some fruits because the doctor said they are good for us.” She said pointing to her bump.

“But I don’t mind getting a vegetable soup, garnished like that of yesterday.” She continued. “Locust or no locust bean?” Onome asked smiling.

At least, someone is appreciating her cooking expertise unlike her employer who seize every opportunity to critic her cooking.

“I want enough locust, but please, no beef.”

Onome bowed curtly and made to walk out of the room when she remembered the main reason why she was there. She turned back to face Rachel who was still smiling.

“And I have an important issue I want to discuss with you.” Onome said. Rachel’s smile slowly disappeared. “this woman would fit perfectly well in the movie industry.” “You may sit.” Rachel said pointing to a black suede couch.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to discuss it here with you. Uncle Clement could be home anytime and he may not like me in your room.” Onome disagreed.

“Oh! Clement is not like Chief or Kelvin. He won’t mind seeing you here. He knew how badly I needed someone to keep my company.” Onome thought for a while before settling down on the couch uncomfortably. Rachel sensing her mood

“Okay, lets go to the kitchen.” The two ladies walked out of the room.


Kelvin walked into the living room, slamming the front door behind him. He walked towards the kitchen where he was hearing voices.

“Hello.” He said walking into the kitchen. He felt embarrassed immediately he saw Rachel seated on a stool. Rachel on the other hand went pale and couldn’t move or talk, her eyeball blinking at intervals and her heartbeat taking a further leap in its speed.

“Welcome sir.” Onome greeted.

Kelvin hissed and walked out of the kitchen in anger. Onome who saw the reaction of the two maintained a smiling face.

“I think I have to go. Am no longer comfortable with this conversation. Please, do bring the vegetable into my room once you are through.” Rachel said and stood up.

“I believe you are at fault afterall.” Onome said. Rachel wasn’t sure if she heard her right wanted to comfirm what she heard.

“What did you just say?” She asked.

“I said, its all your fault. Imagine if you hadn’t allow your emotion to get the better of you by allowing the doctor to touch you like you told me, Kelvin won’t make passes at you. You know what they say about first impression? You gave him a bad impression which he himself misunderstood because he has no emotion himself.” Onome explained. Rachel was awed by her brilliance and the way she spoke.

“What do you suggest I do?” She asked resignatedly.

“Spill everything to your husband. He knows you more than anybody else, he trusts you. He’ll definitely believe you acted without thinking. He has a feeling of his own and am sure he’ll forgive you.”

“I don’t think that will be possible.” Rachel said with a pale face.

“Its possible. It is possible, you didn’t cheat, you only had a recurring fling with him. You kissed him because you regreted not dating him back then. It could happen to anybody, but your ability to bounce out of it, is the most important.” She explained further.

Rachel thought for a while allowing every of her words to sink in as she pondered on what to do or how to go about it.

“Will Clement understand like Onome predicted? He doesn’t act like someone with a feeling of his own. He act like he has no emotional attachment to anybody. Will he be quick to forgive her?


Don drove his black Nissan Amanda into the university of Lagos where he claimed to have graduated, but in the real sense, he was rusticated in his second year as a Biochemistry student and he couldn’t go home, he joined an armed robbery gang and started making money, while his parents thought he was still in school.

Three years later when he must have graduated, he told his parents he has gotten a job with a six digit pay per month for a start.

“Where is their hostel?” Don asked as he manouvered his way.

“That’s it over there.” Deoye replied from the backseat just when a torchlight was flashed on them. It was one of the security guards.

“Duck!” Don barked silently. Deoye quickly hid between two guys who were seated with him at the back.

“What do you have here?” The guard asked moving closer to Don who kept a straight face tapping his fingers lightly on the steering wheel. The guy seated on the passenger seat was whistling as he hid his face.

“I came to check on my sister.” Don said pointing to the hostel a few metres away. The guard pointed the torchlight towards the building painted in white.

“That hostel over there?” The guard asked. Don nodded affirmatively getting irritated.

“It is out of bound to visitors. You can’t go in there once it is dark.”

“Mr man, you are wasting my time.” The guard thought for a while before he allowed them to pass. Deoye sat up once again as he heaved a sigh of relief.

“You will go in now, we’ll be waiting out here for you.” Don said patting Deoye on the back.

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Deoye landed silently into the compound and crawled towards the front door. And with a gentle push the door opened. He ascended the stairs and headed for the girl’s room. With a light tap, he knocked on the door and waited a few seconds with no one answering. He removed a hand-driven drilling machine, placed it on the the door lock, it clicked open and he walked in carefully holding his gun high in his hand. Alas, no one was in the room, he searched every nook and cranny of the room without making a single sound.

“Where could this girls be?” He asked himself.

“Maybe you should just leave, there is always another day.” A voice told him frankly. He pocketed his gun and scattered the room to leave trace of his visit when he started hearing footsteps. He quickly hid inside the small room which served as their kitchen. Tokunbo walked into the room surprised to see the state of the room.

“So this girls did not lock their door. Ah ah, who could have scattered this place?” She asked herself as she walked out. Deoye concluded she went out to call her friends, to avoid stories that touch, he felt it is high time he left. He considered leaving a note behind for them but he’ll be wasting his precious time and chances of escape.

“Time to go.” He walked briskly out of the room. And when he was traces of flashlight heading towards his direction, he jumped from the verandah upstairs to the ground with little or no noise. He rolled to the side of the hostel when he realised he had woken up the hausa man keeping watch over the hostel. The northern man grabbed his gun and headed for Deoye’s direction. Deoye grabbed his head and covered his mouth before hitting him on the neck, he passed out, just when he started hearing screams from the girls alerting every other students in the hostel of a burgler in the compound.

Deoye jumped the fence like he had done when he came five minutes ago.

“How did it go?” Don asked as he sped past the hostel.

“I didn’t see them in their room. One useless girl like that gave me out.” Deoye explained.

“Boss, take the second gate on the west.” The guy seated beside Don in the front said. It seemed these guys know a lot about the school, maybe they were all once students.

“Don’t brood over something that is not worth it. There is always a second time.” One of the two guys seated beside him at the back said.


Clement walked out of his office fastening the lock, he proceeded towards the counter to sign out.

“Oga, you are leaving?” A short bald man that stood behind the counter asked.

“I didn’t sign for the night job.” Clement replied. The bald man handed a file to him and Clement filled the neccessities, his name, rank, time of signing out and his signature.

“Goodnight.” Clement said and made to walk out of the police station when he bumped into Habeeb who was taking the night.

“You are leaving?” He asked.

“What do you think? I have a wife.” Habeeb smiled as he remebered something.

“What do you suggest we do to those cultists?” Habeeb asked.

“How do you mean? They’ll be questioned tomorrow, then we’ll be able to differentiate who is who and the fraternity they belonged to.”

“My mind tells me they belonged to Deoye’s frat.” Habeeb said.

“That makes our job easier.” Clement replied.

Earlier in the day, the school security were contacted, as well as the police to come and stop a fight that was ongoing between two cult groups in the school. The first group killed a member of the rival group and this escalated, there was a gun battle in which no one was hit, none of the cult members were hit but with use of other dangerous weapons, an additional cultist was killed while the last casualty sustained a head injury because he was hit with a redbrick(made from mud) on the head.

“We’ll be able to question them tomorrow. But you can make Scorpion give you the names of his members, then you can call them into a different cell because am sure they’ll fight overnight.” Clement instructed.

“Okay sir.”

“Have you see Ngozi lately?” Clement asked.

“She left with her boyfriend.”

“Goodnight then.” Clement said and walked out of the bulding which was by now deserted, with only few officers on the night shift. He entered his car and drove off.


Rachel has been anticiptating his return immediately the clock reached the hour of eight, she knew he’d be home any moment and she made up her mind to spill out her darkest secret to him, she dreaded what his reaction would be like. But he remembered who Clement was, that gave her a glint of hope, he doesn’t raise his voice on a woman, he doesn’t hit a woman. Then came the most dreaded moment, his car honked outside the gate and he drove in seconds later. She sat on the bed and thought of how she’ll explain to him.

“Sweety, I have something I want to tell you.” She said.

“Yes? What is it?” He asked removing his shirt.

“There was this guy when I was much younger. I loved him and he does too but somethings prevented us from taking things further. But recently I met him, one thing led to another and we kissed. That was because the feeling of the past was still there, but believe me, I now hate him. Baby please, it is you I love. And I know I am at fault because I allowed my emotion to get the better of me. Please for give me.” She explained with tears in her eyes when two hot slaps landed on her cheek in quick succession.

“How dare you? Feeling of old time? Emotion? Are you mad.” He asked moving closer to her. She went pale.

“Onome has put me in trouble.” she thougth.

“So you could cheat on me?” He asked.

“Baby, am sorry.” He shook her vigorously.

“Sweetheart, am home.” He said. She heaved a sigh of relief, afterall, it was just her mind playing tricks on her.

“What’s wrong with you?” He asked joining her on bed.

“I have been calling you for almost five minutes.”

“Tell him.” A voice said.

“You better don’t. His reaction has been shown to you. He’ll hit you and send you out of his house.” She was torn between two ultimate decision. Its either she told him and he divorced her like he threatened in her imagination or she kept it in herself until he found out much later, and still divorce her. Same result for the two options. But the former seems okay, her predictions may be wrong afterall. He might not hit her.

“Am perfectly okay. I am only imagining how its gonna look like on that day that I go into the labour room.” She lied.

to be continued–