All In A Circle Episode 41


Rachel alighted from the car and locked the doors. She picked up her handbag which sat on the passenger seat and her phone which she kept on the dashboard, she walked towards the front door.

“Welcome madam.” One of chief patrick’s security man said.

“Thank you.” She replied pushing the front door open.

There was nothing unusual about the living room except that a bottle of wine and a glass cup sat on a stool opposite a black sued couch.

“Onome am home.” She announced as she dragged the stool away and sat down tiredly on the couch. The heat coupled with her tiredness isn’t helping matters, but there is little to what she could do.

Her ringing phone brought her from her trans. She checked the caller and talk of the devil, it was Doctor Rapheal.

“Hello Raph.” She said. She listened for a few seconds before speaking. “I am yet to tell my husband, and moreso, I am married so you can’t expect me to pick your calls while am with him.” She kept quiet trying to process what he was saying, her anger swelling. “Raph look here, what happened should stay between us, I am married, get that straight. And don’t call me, I’ll always do the calling.” She screamed and hung up. She dropped her phone on the stool beside her causing the bottle to spill its content. “Aw!” She exclaimed as she quickly raised the bottle but half of its content was on the rug already.

“Don’t worry I’ll get it.” A voice which unmistakably belonged to Onome said. She was shocked as she spilled the wine once again, this time from the half filled glass.

“You startled me.” Rachel said.

“I never meant to. How was your session with the doctor?”

“It was great. How long have you been here?” Onome wanted to lie but on a second thought, she knew telling the truth will make her realise that someone knows about her dealing outside marriage.

“I came here three minutes ago, exactly when your phone rang.” Onome replied. Rachel gave Onome a deadly look, Onome on the other hand pretended not to see the look on her face. “Let me get something to clean the mess.” And she strolled out of the living.

Rachel angrily picked up her bag and phone, she marched to their room.


Five guys were seated ouside Harmony lodge arguing about the best of players between Christiano Ronaldo, a portuguese superstar and Lionel Messi, an Argentine superstar.

“I’ll always be in support of Messi.” A guy who sat on a banch which stoon next to a Toyota camry said.

“Why won’t you support Messi, I remembered you telling us your brother works in Rosario, Messi’s hometown. He must have seen Messi’s humility and not his playing ability.” Another guy seated on the car bonnet replied.

They continued arguing for a while until a ringing phone brought their discussion to a halt. Immediately the owner answered the call, the arguement resumed.

“Guys!” He said after dropping the call. But no one was ready to listen to him. “Guys.” He said banging his fist on the car bonnet. They all faced him expectantly. “Ak just called me now, he said the members of Aiye confra just dropped Ay.” Angry groans and wails from the guys shook the whole lodge.

“Lets go and hit them” Another cute light complexioned guy said openening the driver seat and hopped behind the wheel. Everyone else followed suit, they all drove into the campus, with one thing in mind, ‘fightback.’

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Tolani walked out of the lecture hall and brought out her phone to call her boyfriend when her roaming eyes caught something. A crowd gathered around something she couldn’t see from her end. Her mind told her it was a student who has been killed again. If it were to be on the street of Lagos, one would conclude it is either a goat or a dog. But here in the school campus, it has to be a student or nothing else.

Her curious part dragged her legs to the crowd and straining her eyes to catch a glimpse of who died. Cold swept through her body immediately she saw the face of the student who was lying on the ground.


“What do you suggest we do?” Hassan asked and he continued peering at the glossy paper Ngozi held between her fingers.

“I think we should let this pass. I can take the laptop with me to our station. I’ll work on it from there, and discreetly we’ll access the underground without James or Sylvester knowing.” Ngozi explained.

“Don’t you think, that will be too risky, only the two of us? Am not a party to that, remember, I am a soldier, we don’t do much of detailed tactics. Once we have the basic informations we attack. We could both loose our job if things go wrong.” Ngozi thought for a while, though he may be right but her instinct has never failed her. This won’t be an exception, she’ll follow her instinct but this time carefully.

First she’ll have to win the hearts of her colleagues, Mike, Clement and others. They’ll try and axe Sylvester.

“Hey lets go. Our time is up.” Sylvester said to her from the doorway. She turned to face him but said nothing.

“Trust me, you can do better than looking at me that way. Meet me in the car now or I leave without you.” He turned towards the exit.

“I have to go.” She said to Hassan who saluted her and vice versa. She walked briskly through the living room with the almost broken laptop clutched to her chest.

“Its nice working with you.” Leuitenant James said. She stopped then turned to see the soldier lighting his cigarret.

“Same here.” She replied and off she went.

The soldiers manning the front door, the gate(from inside and outside) were saluting her as she walked. She could only beam with smiles as she approached the car in which they had come. An angry Sylvester was keeping the car engine running and with a frown on his face, he hissed immediately she opened the passenger side of the car. Immediately he sped off even though she was yet to shut the door.

“Sincerly speaking, Silvester, you are mad.” Ngozi said as she tried to recover from the shock she felt when he accelerated the car without her properly in the car. He kept mute and drove on in silence. Whatever was going on in his mind must be something bad or so she thought.

“You’ll give me five minutes of your time. I want to see a friend down there.” He said. Ngozi nodded her head and smiled like she has been best of friends with him all day long.

He pulled up a minute later in front of a cafe, he walked in briskly. Ngozi crossed to the driver seat and switched on the ignition of the car. She drove off at once. She had taken her time to study him, he always leaves the car key in the car. She gave a wicked laugh as she glanced at the cafe one last time.

“You’ll regret the day you were deployed to assist the police.” She muttered. Even though she hasn’t perfected her driving skills, she knew she wouldn’t be involved in a crash. The road was free, she drove with absolute concentration.


“This is how you do it. We’ll storm the girl’s hostel today and kill them both. You’ll even end up having a nice time with them.” Don explained to Deoye whose eyes was glued on the weapons spread on the table.

“The security in the school is tight presently and I heard a team of police has been deployed to keep twenty four hour surveillance on them. I don’t think we stand a chance.” Deoye explained.

“Stop thinking like a bloody jew man. Act like a man, think like a man. In the end, you’ll realise that this is the most easiest task afterall.” Don said as he grabbed his shoulder and squeezed it. Deoye inhaled deeply,

“Let do it.” He said. The members of Don’s gang all clapped their hands at his bravey.

“Remember, you are doing this alone. We’ll step in if things go out of hand.” Don said as he distributed weapons to the guys. Deoye nodded.

to be continued–