All In A Circle Episode 40


Clement was deep in thought in his office, his meeting with the state commissioner of police didn’t go well. He never envisaged something like this in his career. This was exactly what he would describe as a displacement. A knock sounded on his door.

“Come on in.” He said. The door was pushed open and Sergeant Mike walked in. “Mike, how do you do?” He asked smiling. Mike stood still and saluted his boss. With a wave of hand, Clement eased him.

“Take a seat.” He said. Mike drew a chair from under the desk and sat down facing his boss.

“How are you feeling now?” He asked.

“Am much better, at least, I can use my hand and I reported to work this morning.” Clement replied.

“I should have come to see you in the hospital but the assignment on my table is too enormous that I spend most of my nights here and on campus.”

“That’s nothing to worry about. I was with Dolapo and her friends today, they claimed a group of policemen were assigned to them.”

“Yes sir, since the job has been divided. Its impossible for me to keep tabs on Deoye and his gang and at the same time, provide security for the girls. So I had to call on Robert.” Mike explained.

“That’s brilliant. Who is this Robert?” Clement asked.

“He was at the Area F-command before he was transferred to the Apapa police station. He is a friend, so he volunteered to help. And with the right paper work, he was released.” Clement smiled at his brilliance and the way he does his thing. Mike is fast becoming a better policeman.

“What have you found concerning Deoye and his gang?” Clement asked.

“We narrowly missed him yesterday. He was lodged into a hotel…..” Mike explained how they striked a deal with the receptionist and how they lost him, including the ordeal the poor receptionist went through.

“You were wrong from the start, you should have taken all protocols into observation. You spoke with the receptionist which was the first thing to do, did you see the manager? What about the security men who could get him for you?”

“Am sorry sir, since everyone wanted it that way I had no choice.” Mike replied.

“Who are the everyone?”

“Sergeant Habeeb.”

“Who is in charge of the case?” Clement asked angrily.

“He is.”

“Who is the superior?” Mike couldn’t answer the last question. “If you tell him to do something, he will comply because you are the superior officer.” Mike nodded his head.

“I know how to get Deoye, am ready to step into the case.” Clement announced.


Activities inside the Khal corp has been brought to a halt in the last five minutes, no one was moving. All security men guarding the entrances and the exits have all gone into a closed door meeting with the CEO of the corporation, Abdul Maleek.

One hour later, the meeting ended and everyone, numbering up to a hundred and fifty trooped out of the great hall.

“Kelv, we need to talk.” Maleek who was busy introducing a new man to the top officials. Meleek took Kelvin out of the hall into his chamber in the underground.

“You didn’t show up after your attack on the vice president. Why? Don’t tell me you are planning to chicken out at this stage.” The Sudanese terrorist asked.

“I received a letter from the corp.” Kelvin replied. Maleek frowned from under his mask.

“A letter? We don’t send letter to top members, why would you receive a letter?”

“I was asked to find my replacement.” Kelvin replied. Maleek dropped his right hand on his shoulder.

“You know what? I’ll get whoever is behind this. Let your mind be at rest, you are an important asset to the corporation. Even if you die, we’ll prefer to have your dead body with us. It inspire us and keeps us going.” Maleek explained and walked out of the chamber. Kelvin followed him after a few seconds with the question “who would want me out of the corporation? Something is wrong somewhere.” He knew he had to go home, but he wanted to know who the new man was, he seemed to be very rich or used to be rich, he had muscles at the right places.

He was flanked at the back, right and left by mean looking bodyguards. Maybe he owns the corporation after all and invited Maleek to run it facelessly. As he walked towards the exit door he heard something that throbbed his mind.

“They are two policemen, Sylvester who invaded my residence and Clement his boss. We need to shut them up, but not by killing them” The new man said. Every top officials(members who don’t execute attacks) on seat all gave the new man a explain yourself look.

“We’ll attack someone whose death will demoralize them” The new man said.

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Ngozi was still discussing with Hassan on how best to handle the situation. Then Sylvester came strolling into the room.

“Don’t just stand there. Keep searching, we may find something helpful.” He said to both of them, his eyes darting towards the map in Ngozi’s hands. He strained his eyes trying to see the map from where he stood.

“What’s that?” Sylvester asked. Ngozi quickly folded the paper and hid it in her pocket.

“Its nothing.” She replied. Sylvester moved closer with clenched fist. Ngozi moved backwards defiantly still holding the pocket where the map was hidden to prevent it from flying out.

“Give me that thing in your hand.” Sylvester bossed.

“Its something personal. Was showing it to Hassan.” She replied, this time, she had reached the wall and there was little she could do anymore. Sylvester held her shoulders roughly and pinned her to the wall. He freed one of his hands to her back pocket, which she still held onto. Hassan quickly separated them even though, Ngozi offered no resistance except that she still held onto her pocket firmly.

“Hey man, be a gentleman for one.” Hassan said. Sylvester gave Hassan a ‘does it concern you’ look, but seeing he was no match for the well built military man before him, he walked out of the room.

Ngozi leaned on the wall suprised at her defiancy and stubborness. Hassan walked up to her.

“What do you intend doing with the map?” He asked.

“Don’t say a word to anybody. We’ll both work on it on our own. Am suspecting Sylvester, his hands are not totally clean. Write down your number, I’ll keep in touch with you from time to time.” Ngozi explained. Hassan wanted to say something, but he kept it within him and nodded in the affirmative.

“Good, so now lets continue with our search.” She said as she lifted a couch very close to her to see if there is anything hidden underneathe.

“I need to power this laptop.” Hassan said. Ngozi left what she was doing and walked over to where Hassan was seated.

“Is it working?” She asked. Hassan nodded.

“The battery is down. It could reveal some facts.”

“Let me see if we could power the generator.” With this, she walked out of the room leaving Hassan to the task of searching for the laptop charger. She walked the whole length and breadth of the house with no sign of a power generator.

“Is it possible for a house as big as this not to have a power generator?” She thought as she walked towards the front gate where an electric pole stood. To her surprise, the electric pole didn’t connect to the building she was in. Meaning, Mr Ayo doesn’t use electricity provided by the government. But he has electric appliances in his house, how does he power them? A mystery. She returned to Mr Ayo’s room to brief Hassan about the latest revelation.

“Its not possible. And did you check if he uses solar?” Hassan asked.

“There is nothing of such.” She replied.

“Lets check the map, you know, you could have missed something while you were searching around.” He said.

Ngozi immediately produced the paper map and unfolded it, they both scanned the map but couldn’t see anything. Just then, Hassan’s eyes darted towards the part where the underground, and saw something that heightened his curiousity. He showed it to Ngozi.

“Power?” she asked.

“I guess, that where the house is being powered.” They both concluded that the underground must be a very important part of the house. Will the two of them be able to pull it through?

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Don walked into the living room finally. Since he left with Victoria over an hour ago, he was just coming back. Deoye has been anticipating his return because he has some questions for his cousin.

“Welcome bro.” Deoye said.

“Thank you guy.” Don replied as he slumped unto a couch nearest to him.

“How my babe na?” Don asked glancing towards his room.

“She neva commot o. As you left, I didn’t see her at all.” Deoye replied.

“Maybe she is sleeping, you know. I did her so well that she couldn’t move.” He said with a wink. Deoye smiled.

Don picked the tv remote and searched for a suitable channel and luckily for him, he found a music channel.

“This is good isn’t it?” Don asked. Deoye heard his question quite well but he couldn’t reply probably because he was deep in thought and conversing. So he couldn’t use his mouth.

“Guy!” Don shooked him. Deoye snapped out of his thought and faced his elder cousin.

“Wetin?” Don asked. Deoye hissed silently and adjusted himself on his seat.

“That girl who just left. How she be?” Deoye asked. Don gave a wicked smile.

“That girl is way above your level. You are a small boy compared to her. Okay?” Deoye wanted to ask more questions but Don was already on his way out of the living room, so he let them pass.

“Get ready. You are rounding up your attacks tonight. We are driving into your school today. Those girls have to die today.” Beads of sweat formed on his forehead, even though he had already written himself off as a student, he knew he has been rusticated.


Clement was seated in a round table alongside Habeeb and Mike. Two other uniformed policemen completed the fold.

“So how do we intend to get this guy?” Habeeb asked.

“Good question, we have his car in custody right?”

“Yes sir.” One of the uniformed policemen replied.

“I believe he can run no more without his car. All we need to do now is invade his room and get some necessary facts.” Clement continued.

“Darasimi said something like his gang members all lived in the same lodge with him something Scorpion attested to.” Habeeb said.

“Good. We’ll release Darasimi, she has been of help to the last she could do. Now all attention must be shifted to Scorpion. I believe he can lead us to Deoye.” Clement continued.

“From the questioning sessions that I had with Scorpion, he said Deoye’s parents lived in Niger state. But he said he has a cousin here in Lagos, he also had another cousin in Yabatech.”


“If we get the facts, its possible he is hiding with either of them.”

“So what do you suggest?” Clement asked.

“A team should be sent after those cousins of his, then the second team can act within the school campus.” Habeeb replied.

“Lets get it done with then.” –

to be continued–