All In A Circle Episode 43


Sandra saw Kelvin off to his car outside. Sandra who was dressed in her nightie hoping Kelvin will pass the night was surprised when Kelvin announced that he was leaving.

“Seriously, I don’t want you to leave.” Sandra said leaning on the car.

“Its not like I wanted to leave too, but you know I didn’t plan this beforehand. I came here yesternight because someone annoyed me and I know you’ll put smiles on my face. I’ll be back on sunday.”

“Promise?” She said smiling.

“I cross my heart.” She jumped into his arms and kissed him on the lips. Kelvin unlocked the door and hopped behind the wheel. He switched on the ignition.

“Baby, please call me as soon as you get home.” she said pouting her lips.

“Yes your highness.” He said. She blew him a kiss and this seemed to pummel him, he sped out of the compound.


Ngozi had just finished preparing dinner and was setting the table. Her fiancee, Tobiloba was seated in the living room watching a soap opera.

“Sweetheart, the table is set.” She annouced.

“I’ll be there in ten minutes.” He replied without looking back. Ngozi frowned as she walked into the living room and stood in front of the television.

“Whats the matter?” He asked camly.

“Your food is ready.” She repeated.

“I said I’ll be with you in ten minutes, I can’t afford to miss this episode.” He replied.

“But you can watch from the dining now.” She pushed further.

“You won’t understand.”

“What is it that I won’t understand? Twenty minutes ago, you almost died because you are hungry, now that the food is ready, you are talking about not wanting to miss one stupid episode of a soap opera that is not made in your country.” Ngozi said angrily.

“It is set in Mexico. You see that girl, she is the lead actress.” He said trying to get on her nerves.

“Lets go and have our dinner now. I’ll help you download this episode, then you can see it on your laptop.” She said and switched off the television.

Over the years, Tobi had learnt not to go into arguement with his fiancee, because she is a police and could vent her anger by one day pulling out her gun. So he had always threaded carefully, playing the dumb, something he will later on still regret.

Five minutes into their meal Ngozi brought up the issue of Mr Ayo Okorie’s residence and her decision to handle it.

“Are you out of your mind?” Tobiloba asked.

“How do you mean?”

“You want to explore an underground which you couldn’t even locate. An underground that you had no idea of what could be underneathe. Are you tired of leaving? Don’t you love yourself? Even if you don’t, remember some people do, of which I am.” He poured out.

“But you knew what this job entails before you supported me to enter for it.” She said trying to be cool.

“I only supported you because I don’t want you to feel bad. I want you to be happy, do what you wanna do for us to live happily.” Tobiloba replied.

“Seriously baby let me do this. This is my only chance, I promise you that I’ll resign once this is over and we’ll live happpily.”

“If you like, you may resign now, I am the least concerned but there is no way you are going into the underground.” Tobi stood his ground.

Ngozi tried persuading him to at least let her do it but he didn’t look like giving in soon.

“I think I am done here.” She said washing her hand and angrily walked out of the dining room.


Clement unlocked the door into Kelvin’s room and headed for his tv stand. He searched the shelf on which the 21 inches television stood with a dvd player and two speakers on both side of the shelf. Then his eyes got what he wanted. He saw five film jackets lying on the floor, he examined them carefully.

“These films are new, so where did he keep the once he had watched?” He asked himself. He walked towards his brother’s wardrobe which was locked, but he knew he could unlock the wardrobe with little or no resistence from the lock. His police mind told him to go for it and check whatever was inside, but his second mind advised him against it.

“Its his privacy, you shouldn’t check it while he is not there. You being here is wrong.”

He has learnt over the years not to act on his police instinct when it comes to his family or someone close to him. He opted to heed to his other mind, he carefully walked out of the room and locked the door like he had met it. But his police mind kept telling him, Kelvin has a skeleton in his cupboard. But how sure is he?


Dolapo, Tolani and other occupants of the hostel were all standing beside their lynched security guard while the other members of the vigilante were performing some magic on him. The man stirred and sneezed loudly.

“Thank you Jesus.” The girls shouted.

“Now you all can go back to your rooms.” The eldest among the vigilante said. One after the other, they dispersed to their various room.

“Am not sleeping in that room tonight.” Tolani said.

Tolani who was in Tokunbo’s room dubbing a note as at the time when their room was burgled and Dolapo who was in the room two minutes before Deoye borke into the room only left to go and call Tolani. She narrowly escaped death, because if Deoye had met her in the room, she’d have been killed. They colcuded that whoever the intruder was, he certainyl was not after their money or laptops because as at the time Dolapo left to call Tolani, two laptops were conspicously lying on the bed, while three laptops were locked up inside the wardrobes belonging to Late Hadiza, Dayo and Chioma.

“Lets all go to my room.” Tokunbo came to their rescue like she has always done. The girls all went to Tokunbo’s room which housed three girls and with their inclusion, they made a total of five. The last time Tolani slept in Tokunbo’s room was on the night when Chioma was killed. It was possible for her because Tokunbo’s roomates were all in the library reading late into the night.

“What is the meaning of this now?” Charity one of Tokunbo’s roomates asked.

“what’s the matter Cha cha?” Tokunbo asked.

“How do you expect everyone of us to sleep in this small room?” Charity asked.

“Its just for one night.” Tokunbo said.

Even though Charity was a very friendly person, she was someone who couldn’t trade her comfort for anything. She loved being on her own without disturbance.

“If that is the case, we’ll leave.” Tolani who was not a fan of begging people for help said already moving to the door.

“You don’t need to leave. Shebi you want to sleep ni?” Charity asked. No one answered her question.

“You can sleep, I’ll go to Amina’s room upstairs.” Charity said picking up her wrapper and wearing her slippers.

“Seriously, Charity I don’t like how you behave sometimes.” Doyin, a two hundred level computer science student, Tokunbo’s cousin said.

“You are making it sound like we don’t have somewhere to sleep for the night. We have our room, but we are just afraid to sleep in there.” Tola said irritatedly.

“Whatever.” Charity said picking up her bible, her phone and she tucked her laptop into he own compartment of the wardrobe.

“As a matter of fact, we’ll just leave your room now.” Tola said angrily as she grabbed Dolapo’s hand and led her out of the room.

“You shouldn’t have done that now. We should have begged her, she has a right to talk, its their room.” Dolapo said.

“come on shut up. Is she not our friend?” Dolapo dragged her friend and only surviving roomate to their room even though she was afraid herself and had the feeling that whoever broke into their room would return in the middle of the night.

“You girls should wait na?” Tokunbo called after them.

“Am sorry on behalf of Charity.” she said. The two girl smiled, not knowing what to say. “I’ll sleep with you guys.” She said.

A cold breeze of relief blew on Tolani and Dolapo who quickly urshered her into their room. But on a second thought, their fear came rushing. Tokunbo is just like they, she is a lady too and there is little to what she could do to save them. Even Chioma who was the strongest of them all with a masculine body was killed, not to talk of Tokunbo who was the sexiest. What can she do?

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Clement walked into the police station very early because the day promises to be a very hectic one. Even though, there was nothing unusual about the surrounding except a pick-up van which was not there when he left the previous night, with the inscription “The Nigerian army.” Every other vehicles were always the same, belonging to his colleagues.

He walked into the large hall to see two men dressed in uniform seated in the waiting room. Immediately they sighted him, they stood up and saluted. Even though he was taken aback by their actions coupled with the fact that he was unsure of their rank in the force, with a wave of hand he eased them.

“Lets go to my office.” He said seeing that they actually came to see him. A young female police officer who was behind the counter smiled at their display of professionalism. She one day hoped she’ll be in an enviable position such as Inspector Clement’s or even the visiting detective Ngozi.

“Call sergeant Mike for me.” Clement said to the lady as he disappeared into the hallway that connects to his office.

“Have your seats sirs.” He said motioning them to the two chairs that stood opposite his desk.

“Straight to business, I am leuitenant Harry and here with me is Idowu. We are here on orders of the Major General.”

“Okay. I am inspector Clement patrick.” He said. The two men glanced at each other and Idowu decided to speak on.

“We have been ordered to hand over a criminal who was caught a few days ago to the police for proper investigation. He shot sporadically at the stadium few days ago when the ruling party were having their campaign rally.” Idowu said. “So he was nabbed and we’ve decided to hand him over to the police for proper investigation.” Harry continued.

“He has been locked up in one of the cells here. And Major General Oguntade wants daily report on him.” Idowu said.

Harry who seemed to be the most senior of the two dropped the envelope he was hoding on the table. Just then the door was pushed open and Mike walked in. He saluted the three men and he was eased.

“That’s sergeant Mike.” Clement said. The two soldiers shook hands with him and he stood behind them.

“We’ll like to take our leave now.” Harry announced.

“Thank you very much sirs.”

“Its a pleasure working hand in hand with you.” Idowu said shaking hands with the two policemen as well as Harry taking their hands in his. Clement chipped in a joke and they all laughed like old friends.

“Mike, walk them.” Clement said to Mike who instantly followed the two men out of the office. Clement was taken aback when he saw the picture of the man in their custody. His curiousity got the better of him and he switched on his laptop when he saved the pictures of some wanted criminals. Alas, the man was Viktor, the man who drove the van which brought Kelvin and his team to the airport complex to release a dangerous gas in the ventilation system. Things are turning out a lot more easier than he expected.


Tobiloba brought his car to a halt in front of the police station. Ngozi who has been keeping malice with him since the previous night opened the door and made to get out.

“See you later.” She muttered without facing him.

“Should I come and pick you when I close from work?” He asked.

“No, don’t bother. I’ll be spending the weekend with my parents.” She said shocking him with the reply. Ngozi was someone that, whenever she is with her fiancee, he becomes his priority. Every other thing comes second. Now she wants to spend the weekend with her parents. He remembered how he used to persuade her to at least spend weekends with her parents, now she wanted to go willingly. Is anything wrong?

“Baby, are you still angry because of what I said yesterday?” He asked. She ignored him and shut the car door. He wanted to alight and run after her, but on a second thought, he swung the car to a reverse and off he went.


Tolani picked up her bag and headed for the door. The events of the previous night kept playing in her mind.

“Don’t you have classes today?” Tolani asked Dolapo who was lying on the bed still dressed in her nightie.

“I don’t, not until 2pm. Professor Orimade.” She replied.

“STAT right?” Tola asked.

“Yeah. Last class before exams.”

Dolapo emphasised. Tola pushed the door knob and walked out of the room, head high in the air. Exams will be starting on Monday, the exams that’ll decide their future, their chances of getting a job after their youth service. Even though, her grades have been good, she can’t take chances of failing the exam.

She walked into the lecture hall quite early and sat down in the front like she has always done. She brought out her phone when the population began to increase and plugged in her earpiece. She tuned to a radio station. And was humming to the songs being aired. Just then someone tapped her from behind and handed a folded paper to her, the guy turned back at once and walked towards the exit. She unfolded the paper and saw it written boldly with a red ink,

“YOU ARE NEXT.” she looked at the retreating figure of the guy, he wasn’t a member of the class, she had never seen him on campus before. She considered going after him to ask what the content of the paper meant. She stood up, tucked her phone in her bag and ran after the guy.

“Excuse me.” She called but got no reply. Just then the guy entered a Nissan Amanda and the car drove off. She made a mental note to copy the plate number, but she had no pen on her. She managed to cram the number plate. Just as she tried turning back, the lecturer whose class they are having just drove into the lecture complex. She quickly walked into the hall without turning back. Immediately she got to her seat, she scribbled the plate number on one of her books, she typed it on her phone with the aim of saving it in her diary.


Rachel was watching film in the living room when her ringing phone caught her attention. She stood up and walked into her room to pick the call. Talk of the delvil, lo and behold, Doctor Rapheal was the one calling.

“Hello.” She said a little bit frightened.

“Sweetheart, I was expecting your call throughout yesterday but I was surprised you didn’t call. What did your husband say?” he asked.

“Look here Raph, I don’t think such thing will work between us, I am married.”

“You were what yesterday? Divorced or unhappy with your marriage?” He asked.

“I love my husband and I am happily married to him.” She defended weakly. Just then Onome opened the door and walked in.

“Give me the phone let me talk to him.” She said to Rachel who immediately handed the phone to her.

“Hey, I have a question for you.” She said with a deep croacking voice.

“Who is this? Give the phone back to the owner.” He said rudely.

“How would you feel if your wife, the woman you claimed to love is sleeping with another man behind your back?” Onome asked. There was silence for a while before he spoke.

“Give the phone back to Rachel.” He said.

“I’ll definitely give the phone back to her. But in case of next time, don’t jump around chasing married women. Is this how you were taught to handle your patients?” She asked. Rapheal still kept mute and didn’t say a thing. “Mind you, do unto others what you want them to do to you. Someone will definitely pay you back in your coin. Your wife will warm the bed of another man.” Onome continued.

“Woman, don’t rain curses on me.”

“Am not raining curses on you man. Its the truth and its bitter. Stay clear of Rachel or you face the consequences.” Onome said and hunp up.

Rachel was looking at the elderly lady with in and total surprise.

“When next he calls, don’t pick his call. Talk to your husband and let him understand how you feel about that hospital. You can change hospital just to avoid that useless man.” Onome advised while Rachel continued starring at her.

To be continued