All In A Circle Episode 37


Sandra left the bed and headed for the bathroom. She prepared water for bath and left the bathroom and proceeded to go and wake her lover Kelvin who had a sleepover in her house and the night was a memorable one, not to be forgotten in years to come. She was surprised to find the whole house silent, no clattering of pots, no clattering of cutleries, neither are the sounds of dishes being arranged or the electric blender at work. It was then she realised that her best friend and her closest companion, her sister is gone. Even though she committed a gruesome act, she had the mind of forgiving her provided she gives the police the lead on how best to capture those hoodlums and her money returned. But the fear and guilt made her run out of the house to only God knows where. Even though her cousin who visited her the previous evening claimed he saw her enter a car and she concluded that she is going to meet her kind(blackmailers).

“Good morning sweety.” She said the moment stirred on the bed and opened his eyes.

“Who told you I am awake?” He asked smiling.

“I guessed just right.” She reply jumping onto the bed and landing on his stomach.

“Aawww! That hurts.” He said pushing her off his body and clutching his stomach.

“sorry darling.” She said planting a wet kiss on his lips. She left the room after some lovey-dovey actions and headed for the kitchen to make breakfast. Something she hasn’t done in over a year. She was quite unsure if she still could cook.

++++Back in the bedroom++++

Kelvin was left deep in thought immediately Sandra exited the room. Did I actually slept over? Was a question that kept troubling his mind.

All his life, he was never a huge fan of sleeping outside his comfort zone overnight. In the last two years he only slept outside his father’s house twice. The first time was when he just joined the corporation and they travelled to Kogi state to attack a senator’s motorcade, they had to lodge into a hotel since they arrived Lokoja around 9pm in the evening and the proposed attack was scheduled to hold at 8am the following day.

The second time was the time a former president’s son was kidnapped. He led the team of abductors and they had troubles with the security details of the guy who was then the speaker of the state house of assembly. They arrived at the Corporation building at eleven minutes to 12am. So he was left with no other choice than to sleep over in his own room.

“I don’t think I am ready to get commited with this girl. I still have Ngozi at heart.” He said as he picked up his phone and sent a message to Ngozi which reads;

“waking up this morning is a thing to be joyful about. But I realised my morning won’t be completely good unless I know you are awake and your night was good. Did you sleep well honey?” He contemplated for a few seconds before he pressed the ‘send’ button.

“What if her fiancee get to read the message before her?” was a question that dominated his mind. “Abeg! They are not yet married. And moreso, he shouldn’t expect everything on a platter of gold, especially when it comes to the issue of women. He should be prepared to go into contest with several other guys.”

He walked into the bathroom to take his bath.


Clement walked into the room fully dressed in a sky blue shirt and pair of black trouser. He had a pair of black shoe on his feet and he held his car keys and a pair of Rayban sunshade. He climbed into bed and kissed Rachel on the forehead. She stirred and opened her eyes all smiles which soon turned to a scowl and then a frown.

“Are we expecting a visitor?” She asked him.

“No. Why did you ask?”

“The way you are dressed. Its as if we’ll be having some visitors for breakfast or even a few cups of coffee.” She replied. He gave a short laugh.

“Actually, am going to work.” He said straightening the sleeves of his shirt. She knew it, but she wanted to hear it from him.

“Work? What work?” She asked.

“Come on. Have you forgotten that I work with the force. I need to be at the office today.” He replied.

“But you just returned from the hospital a few hours ago. You should be resting.”

“I know. I’ve had enough rest at the hospital. See you later honey.” He said as he made for the door. She was already on her feet and blocked his way.

“There is no way you are going out today. Your bosses should understand. Moreso, there are capable hands who could actually do what you do everytime you are there.”

“There is no way I am sitting down at home today. You know I love my job.” He said.

“You love your job more than me right?” She asked. He moved closer to her and held her waist.”

“You know you are my priority, every other thing comes after you. If I am not a policeman, someone will be responsible for keeping us safe. If he/she decides to leave us for one day, we could be in danger. Exactly how I am to the citizen of this state.” He said and kissed her on the lips. With this he walked out.

The new action left her speechless. She lazily dragged herself back to the bed, where she laid down gently. Her mind drifting off into a faraway land.

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Dolapo walked into their room with a bucket full of water, she headed towards the bathroom. Then the realisation hit her, she slept in the room alone. She could remember the last time she heard from her roomate, Tolani, she informed her that they were somewhere on campus making photocopies of the notes they had missed. She even told her to make a GNS note for her. Only for her to call her later in the evening around eight, the automated machine voice imformed her that the number she tried calling was switched off. She tried Tokunbo’s room and her roomates told her she went out with Tolani and are yet to see her. Together with Tokunbo’s roomate, they tried calling Tokunbo, but her phone was switched off.

Dolapo began to fright but Tokunbo’s roomate assured her of their safety saying she was sure they were charging their phones at the business centre where they were making photocopies. And to avoid disturbance decided to switch of their phones. Dolapo didn’t buy that and therefore, refused to calm down. She would have gone to the school’s security complex that minute but it’ll be very risky for her, as only a few students were seen loitering around in the school. Mostly those who take up the night in full by attending parties outside the school campus. Her sleep was disturbed but as nature would have it, she forgot about her missing friends and slept off the previous night.

She dropped the bucket of water at the entracnce of the bathroom and went for her phone. She dialled her friend’s number which still gave the same reply of their phones being switched off. She knew something was wrong but she prayed it shouldn’t be something serious. Even though she was sure God wasn’t listening to her prayers. Where was he(God) when her three friends were killed?

She decided to call some of her friend who get news around the campus before any student of the school today. She asked fearfully if there had been reports of dead bodies in the school but got a negative answer. At least her mind will be at rest for a while longer. She picked up the bucket and stripped herself ready to take her bath.


–to be continued–