All In A Circle Episode 38


As Clement drove out of the estate, he started weighing his options. He started making plans on how best to spend the day. He was given a week off work, but he concluded that a week would be too much and he’d have missed a lot. Even if he won’t be part of any police team for the day, he won’t mind sitting at the counter, even though it is impossible.

He took a right turn and headed for the Lagos State university. He was not a student, neither was he a parent, he had nobody studying in the school. He just felt visiting the girls is a responsibility. Its been a while since he visited them. He drove towards the girls hostel his mind full of dangerous and wild imagination. He considered divorcing his wife because she seemed not to think like he does, she doesn’t want him in the force, she was a stumbling block. She wanted him all to herself alone. He snapped himself out of the weird imagination just when he phones started ringing.

“Hello, sweety.” He said immediately he picked the call.

“Sweety, I forgot to tell you. But I have a session at the hospital today.” She informed.

“And you didn’t tell me before I left home.”

“Am sorry darling. I can go can’t I?”

“Who’ll drive you? Call one of Dad’s bodyguards.” he asked.

“I’ll drive myself. I already got the keys of the Honda element parked inside the garage. I don’t feel safe with those mean looking guys.” She explained.

“Alright baby. Keep your phone on.” He brought his car to a halt in front of the school’s security complex. He alighted and walked. As he proceeded towards the CSO’s office, he could hear two faint voices arguing.

“He is the one.” A familiar female voice said.

“Who is he?” Another female voice asked.

“Inspector….” I don’t know his name but he bears and english name anyways. He didn’t bother looking back at the locked cells. He knokced on the door to the cso’s office and was asked to enter.

“Inspector Clement.” The cso, Mr Bankole said immediately he saw him.

“Good morning sir.”

“Please take a seat.” The two men chatted for a while, discussed the security level of the school at present. Clement couldn’t help but smile at the latest development. Students are now safe to move around even at night. Ten minutes later, the cso walked him out of the office. A familiar face caught his attention. About twenty students were locked up inside a cell.

“Hey! You.” He called her. Tolani quickly ran towards the iron bar. “What are you doing here?” He asked. Mr Bankole quickly replied.

“They were all fighting yesterday evening. Our man were able to round them up afterall.”

“They were all fighting or two people were fighting and the rest were watching?” Mr Bankole looked at Clement for a while. “Do you realise that you could be sued to court for this? You locked them up overnight, without taking gender into consideration. Don’t you think, something bad could happen?” he paused. “Anyways, can you release them to me?” Three minutes later, all of them were released and Clement volunteered to drive Tolani and Tokunbo to their hostel.


The journey back home was silent and boring. Tokunbo and Tolani were seated at the backseat exchanging occassional glances which he paid no attention to. He was deep in thought. Even if he was at the hospital, someone should have at least told him about the latest development inside the school. He personally invited Roberts and his team over, so they can keep watch over the girls for twenty four hours and give him reports. He just hoped its not what he is thinking.

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One hour later, he drove into the police headquarters happily, but something stange caught his attention. Everywhere was unusually quiet. The young police officer who are always merrying were seated in group with teary eyes. Then it hit him. Another policeman had died. The National flag was flown at half mast as well as the Nigeria’s police force flag.

He hurriedly brought his car to a halt and ran into the building ignoring greeting from the young officers outside. He was friends with everyone in the force but he had some friends who are just too special. Ngozi, Mike, Sylvester. He just hoped it is not Mike. But has he thought about his junior, who rose to the ranks through him? Has he thought about the young policeman who took him as his elder brother and seek advises from time to time? Has he thought about Charles?

“No! It’s not happening.” He muttered as he ran to the counter.


Victoria was cooking in the kitchen when her phone rang from the living room.

“You have a call dear.” Her mother said from the living room.

“Am coming mum.” She said. She could hear footsteps approaching the kitchen, she knew her mother was coming to give her her ringing phone.

“You have a call from Don.” Her mother said eyeing her suspiciously. She picked the call and pressed the phone tightly to her ear.

“Hello.” she said. She knew her mother could hear what Don was saying because her phone speaker was a little bit loud. She tried to locate the volume control on the side of the phone but couldn’t.

“You know what Don? Lets chat. I am busy in the kitchen.” She said throwing a glance at her mother.

“No problems.” She hung up and dropped the phone on the kitchen table.

“Who is he?” She was expecting the question quite alright.

“A friend.” She replied thinking hard on how best to describe him.

“I know he is a friend. What does he do?”

“He is a petrol-chemical engineer. He worked with Shells petroleum.” She lied.

“Is he married?” Her mother asked.

“No mum.” Her mother smiled at her and walked out of the kitchen. She heaved a sigh of relief, afterall she was able to discharge her mother.

Her phone vibrated, a new message. The convo goes thus;

Don: Bae, there is a fresh assignment for you.

Vicky: What is it?

Don: That Sandra lady wants you in her apartment today.

Vicky: What for?

Don: you ask yoo much questions. Why don’t you go and see things for yourself?

Vicky: Alright. Send me the address.

The message containing the adress immediately flew in and she quickly read the message and mastered it, after which she deleted her chat with Don. She quickly rushed her cooking, did many things at a time and in twenty minutes, she was done.

“Mum, the food is ready.” She announced.

“Set the table.” Her mother said.

“No way mum. Am going to see Don. He is in town and will be leaving in an hours time.” She replied.

“Okay. Leave it, I’ll serve myself.” She left the kitchen with her phone and hurriedly went to take her bath. Why was she even rushing? Its not like Sandra wanted her in her place before 10am or something. Was her thought as she walked out of the bathroom.


Kelvin was having his breakfast with Sandra seated opposite him. She was throwing occassional glances at him and was smiling.

“So, tell me about your family. My in-laws.” Sandra said. Kelvin decided to tell her everything she needed to know because its been a while since he talked about his family.

“My dad, is the popular politician and a former…” He was saying when he was cut short by Sandra.

“Minister and an ambassador.”

“Though my parents are divorced. I lived alone with my dad, my big bro is married and my little sister lived with my mum.” He explained.

“You have a sis? Waoh! Tell me about her.”

“I don’t know anything about her. Except that her name is Victoria.” he replied. Sandra gave him a are you okay look.

“We didn’t spend much time together while we were younger. I attended a secondary school in Niger state, she had hers in Oyo state. We only see once in a year which was during christmas. So I didn’t really see her as a sister and we were not that close.” He explained.

“When was the last time you saw her?”

“About eleven years ago.” He replied.

Sandra looked at him intently, he seemed bothered about his sister. She was to help him fill the void left by her sister while they both try to find her. Kelvin’s ringing phone stopped their conversation.

“Hello, Hakym.” He said.

“Guy, you need to be at the corporation right away. Maleek wants everyone present.” Hakym replied.

“Are you out of the hospital? I’l be there in an hours time.” He said and hung up. “Sweety, I need to go. My attention is needed at my workplace.” He said as he drank a full cup of water and stood up.

“Where is you place of work? What work do you do?” she asked.

“You’ll get to know that in a matter of time.” He ran out of the house towards his car when a young lady of about twenty five walked past him. Something seemed unusual about the girl. He felt something run through his body, not sexual desire, but a kind of bond or connection. He waved it off and hopped into his car. The lady turned to give him one last look before he drove out of the compound.


Rachel has been seated in the hospital reception for over thirty minutes. She had asked the nurses she was invited by Dr Rapheal but they told her to wait as the doctor was busy in the labour room with a pregnant woman. She has been playing with her phone, playing game, chatting and viewing her pictures.

“Racheal.” Doctor Rapheal called as he walked into the reception.

“Good morning Dr Rapheal.” She said. Dr Rapheal removed the gloves on his hands and disposed them.

“Martha, wheel that woman in ward seven to the theater.” He said to a young nurse.

“Hope no problem doc?” The nurse, Martha asked.

“She is having complications and we can’t afford to risk it. Doctor Roland from LUTH will be here in twenty minutes. Lead him to my office once he arrives.” He explained to the nurse.

“Lets go in.” He said to Rachel as he led her towards his office on the second floor.

“Sir, some patient are waiting to see you.” Another nurse seated behind the counter said to him.

“Transfer them to that student Doctor. Forward their files to him, he should be able to handle them.”

“Okay sir.” They both ascended the stairs and entered his office.

“Take a seat.” He said pointing to the two chairs that stood opposite his desk.

Rachel settled down on the chair as Rapheal walked to another compartment of his office where she could hear water running. She came to the conclusion that he was washing his hands.

“So, how is your husband? What did you call his name?” Rapheal asked as he settled down on his seat and in the process tidied his table.


“Oh! The agent of corruption.” He said.

“How do you mean?” She asked.

“Policemen are known to be corrupt, they take bribes. They…” He was saying.

“Excuse me, don’t talk ill of my husband or his job.” She cut him short.

“Sorry darling. So what brings you here? You came to see me I guess.”

“Sorry to disappoint you, I am here to see Doctor Andrew, he handles my anti-natal programme.” She replied.

“We both know Doctor Andrew is on leave. That leaves you in my care. Automatically you are here to see me.”


“Lets get it done. Rude Rachel.” He led her to the second compartment of the office where she was made to lie down.

Five minutes later, they both walked out of the consultation room when a knock sounded on the door.

“Come in.” He said. The door pushed open and a man in his early forties walked into the office.

“Doctor Roland, you are welcome.” Rapheal said walking towards the door to greet the elderly doctor.

“How do you do Ralph? I got your message.”

“Take a seat sir.” Rapheal said pointing to a chair beside Rachel’s chair.

“I don’t have all day. Lets do this and get it done with.” Doctor Roland said. Rapheal excused himself from Rachel with a promise of returning in one hour.

A few minutes later, a young nurse walked into the office with a pack of fruit juice and a pie. She dropped it on the table.

“Doctor Raph.” The nurse said.

“Thank you dear.” She said. The nurse nodded and walked out of the office with the tray.


Sandra and Victoria has been discussing for sometimes now, probably an hour.

“You understand what am saying, don’t you? This particular girl masterminded the blackmail and she got away with it. I want her. Just kidnapp her and bring her here.” Sandra said but Victoria was faraway deep in thought.

“Vicky, are you here?” Sandra said tapping her.


“Any problem?” Sandra asked.

“No problem.” Victoria replied smiling.

They continued their conversation until five minutes later when she couldn’t hold it anymore.

“I met a guy when I was coming in. He drives a white Chrysler. Who is he?”

“My boyfriend.”


–to be continued–