All In A Circle Episode 36


It was later in the evening around six thirty pm that Clement returned home.

“Welcome son.” Chief Patrick who was seated in the living room said.

“Good evening dad.” He replied.

The voice could not be mistaken. Rachel immediately ran out of the kitchen where she was assisting Onome with the cooking. She stopped in her tracks and frozed when she saw Clement’s left arm on bandage.

“Wh….a…..t ha…..ppened?” she asked pointing to his bandaged arm. Clement looked at her and smiled.

“Is that how to greet your husband whom you have not see in three day?” Clement asked.

“Can someone explain what’s going on to me?” She asked raising her voice.

“You can drop the bag over there.” Chief Patrick said to his driver who brought Clement home.

“What happened to you sweety?” She asked.

“I was shot that’s all. Its a minor injury anyways and I am fine now.” Clement replied.

“Thank God you are fine. But why didn’t you tell me you are in the hospital? I am your wife, I should first be contacted before anybody else.”

“I don’t want to put you through a lot of stress, remember your condition and functuating blood pressure.” Clement replied closing in on her.

“No matter what? Let me breakdown, let me faint, so far it is because of you and moreso….” She was saying when his lips met hers and she stopped talking to savour his sweet lips.

“Lets go in.” Clement said.

She nodded her head as they both walked into their room. Chief Clement smiled at their display of affection. Kelvin who was looking at them from the stairs angrily walked back into his room slamming the door behind him, such that the only picture that hung on the wall fell to the floor and shattered into pieces.


Benson has been moody right from the time, his wife decided to save him from public disgrace. Unknown to her, she saved herself the tears that’ll roll down her smooth cheeks when she eventually found out his sex scandal with popular model, Sandra Oselu.

“So, this woman is richer than me? Forty million naira in her fixed account?” He asked himself.


She handed a brown evelope over to him and sat down beside him on the bed. He tore the envelope impatiently and saw an account details that threw him off balance. It reads;


“How come the money wasn’t touched?” Benson asked. Joyce smiled as she planted a kiss on his lips.

“You see when I was born, my father was diagnosed with cancer which at that time was at its third stage and he was told to expect death very soon. Which was why he deposited a million and a half in my name so that eighteen years later, I’ll be in the university and it’ll be enough to see me through. But miraculously, my father lived until a week before my final exam as a student. And therefore the money was untouched. It has since been transferred into my personal account.” Joyce explained.

Benson oppened his mouth in awe, he was angry, he was happy, he was guilty. He was angry because his wife was keeping things from him, but on a second thought, he knew he was guilty of this too. He was happy because, afterall, he’ll be able to pay the people who treathened to blackmail him and therefore a last chance to put his marriage beyond the reach of divorce or anything. He was guilty because he had cheated on his wife. He felt opening up to her will life up his spirit a bit, but on a second thought, he knew, he’ll lose his wife and the forty million.

“So you can use the money and pay that client of yours. You can use the rest to upgrade your law chamber. It has been your dream to practice in America, why not take a step towards it?” His wife adviced.

Benson felt hot tears roll down his cheeks, its a different thing to marry the one you love. A different thing entirely is it to marry the bone of your bone, the flesh of your flesh, and above all, your love.

“Also, change your car from the money.” She said.

“And you’ll have a big supermarket to your name.” He replied.

She smiled happily. Its a good thing when you have a loving ambitious husband whose priority is his family and not his job who could fold up one day.

“Lets make babies.” He said.

“Am all yours.”


Janet was lying on her bed when her phone beeped. She picked it up and saw a message from her bank. It was an alert of a credit transaction that took place in her account a few minutes ago. A sum of two million naira has been paid by a certain Mr Benson. She smiled happily as she mapped out how she’ll spend the money. Then a realisation hit her, this was supposed to be a revenge mission and not a mere blackmail business.

Her mind flashed back to five years ago when she just met Barrister Benson.

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Janet walked into the living room looking very tired but happy. The time was 6.30pm and she just finished her evening lesson ahead of her WASSCE and UTME. She was a young girl of sixteen in senior secondary school three.

“Mum, how was it?” She asked as she dropped her schoolbag. Her mother who was seated in company of some extended family members and her sibling just looked at her sadly.

“Janet, you go inside and change your uniform.” Her uncle said in a bid to excuse her from the crucial family meeting.

“She is a family member, and the person we are talking about is her father. So she has every right to be here with us.” Her mother said.

The family has been thrown into mourning, since her father was arrested and accused of fraud by his employers. He was accused to transferring a sum of fifty million from the company’s account into a foreign account. And her father being the accountant was held responsible. Every effort made by his family to get him freed proved abortive, even after the money was found, they still wanted him to be jailed.


Omolola held her hand and dragged her out of the class and led her to a secluded area around the school hall.

“Janet, what is going to happen to your dad now?” Omolola, her best friend. Her father also works in the same company with Janet’s father.

“The company said we should look for a lawyer. And there is no money. You know they have siezed our property, frozen our account.”

“So will you allow your dad to go to jail?” Omolola asked.

“I don’t want him to go to jail, but now that we don’t have money there is nothing I can do.”

“I can help you.” Omolola announced.


“We have a lawyer beside our house, he can help us for free. All you have to do is pay him back after your father is acquitted.”


Janet followed her friend home and they visited the lawyer who promised to help them out. He asked Janet to come back the following day, so they can discuss alone.


Hot tears rolled down her cheeks as she remembered how Barrister Benson removed her school uniform, her undies and had sex with her thereby breaking her cherry, breaking her virginity with a promise that, he’ll help her out. Her father was subsequently sent to prison because Barrister Benson failed to show up like he promised. Her father died in his second year in jail and her mother died a few weeks afterwards. Her elder sister in a bid to cater for her and her immediate elder brother took to prostitution and she died of a deadly virus. And her brother, up till today is yet to be found. All of this caused by her father’s unfortunate jail term and most importantly, Barrister Benson’s failure to show up in court as promised.

Ever since then, she has vowed to revenge on Benson in the best possible ways. And when she saw him defend a tax fraud case for Sandra Oselu a year ago, she contacted her long time partner in crime, Rahman who quickly made a plan and she was planted in Sandra Oselu’s house to get facts. Things seemed to be leading to nowhere until she caught Benson starring at Sandra lustfully and Sandra dressed seductively. Then she knew, something must happen between them.


Kelvin angrily picked up his car keys and walked out of the house. He drove out of the compound with a boiling anger with one place in mind, Sandra’s house. Even though he has never been there before, he just hoped he’ll have little or no problem locating the place.

The events of the day kept playing in his mind and his anger grew further as he remembered how his day went. He remembered how he started the long and eventful day by going on a mission to attack the vice president’s convoy which he failed as a result of luck which shone on the vice president.

He remembered Viktor who tried to kill him at the stadium but luck was on his side and he escaped death narrowly.

He remembered the short message he recieved from the corporation, asking him to find his own replacement in the corp.

Then his wonderful stay in the hospital where he put all his worries behind him and joked with Clement and Ngozi. His stay was pretty an unforgetful one until he uconsciously blurted out how much he loved a high tech weapon. Even though he was quick to lie his way out of being questioned by the police officers he was with. He knew his brother, Clement didn’t believe him and he was expecting a close tab from his brother, he knew his brother will occasionally sneak in on him in a bid to catch him unawares, but he won’t give up.

The main reason why he was angry came flashing in a second in his mind. This infuriated him and he hit his fiest on the car steering wheel. The car blarred loudly even though there was no vehicle in front of him.

Two and a half hours ago Kelvin walked into the living room holding a polythene bag. He proceeded towards the staircase but his brother’s wife, Rachel blocked his path.

“Welcome Kelv.” She said smiling.

“Rachie.” He replied maintaining a straight face with a blank expression.

“Any problem?” She asked. Kelvin kept quiet for a few seconds trying to figure out what actually changed his mood.

“How dare you Rachel? You are married and….” He was saying when she quickly covered his mouth with her palm.

“Shhh, don’t talk here.” She said as she held his hands and led him upstairs into his room. As they ascended the stairs, he could feel a sensation running through him and he knew what it was. This was the first time he’ll be having this strange feeling around her. They had had various body contacts over the years, but this seemed different. There was a time they both danced for hours in the living room downstairs, a few weeks to her wedding, he spent an hour with her in the swimming pool throwing ball at each other. So why is he feeling this now?

“Rachel, have you ever thought about your fling with the doctor?” He asked.

“Kelvin, I think I already explained to you. This doctor was my long time crush but you know it is our mentality in Africa that men should always ask the ladies out. Though I am happy in my marriage. Its just that the old feeling never died.” She explained.

“Don’t give me that old time crap. Was that the reason why you allow him fvck you?” He asked angrily. Rachel was now staring at him like he was some sort of a picture gallery. How humans behave like remote controlled appliances. He didn’t react when he saw her kissing the doctor, why is he reacting after a week?

“We both know he we didn’t have sex. We only kissed.”

“But you could have gone down with him assuming I didn’t show up.” Kelvin replied.

“Believe me, it was exactly when I got my senses back that you showed up.” she said. They argued for a few minutes, she tried persuading him for sometimes and he kept threathening her. Kelvin knew he was not in his right senses, he knew he was under a certain influence, but he could not name it.

“Since you are sex starved, I’ll advice you to meet me here by midnight so we can settle this issue. Failure to show up means….” He was saying when a resounding slap which echoed around the room landed on his cheek.

“Useless boy, how dare you make such request? Do you think I am a s–t? I am carrying your brother’s baby and you are here saying trash.” He was awed by the reaction. He couldn’t talk, he felt paralysed that second. She pushed him violently out of the way as she marched out of the room angrily. He hissed at the thought of it.

“She will surely hear it. The last time I recieved a slap was fifteen years ago.” He thought as he took the right turn into Dolphin estate gate.

to be continued–