Agyemang Episode 3


“Agyemang, my betrothed husband and the of god Dawiri, I call onto you to do your will. Agyemang, you shall never know peace until you see the essence of a woman’s virginity” She cursed me. Just when I wanted to stop her, she smashed the egg on the floor. She quickly wore her dress and rushed out.
Just like that, she cursed me and went out. I didn’t believe in any word she uttered so I wasn’t really bothered about it, after all I have been able to get her out of the house so I had nothing to worry about now. Maybe I should be more careful the next time around because she now knows where I live. 
My day wasn’t that bad and even though Emy was curious to know what was actually going on, we had a great time together. Now it was time for her to leave, so I saw her off. 
Over the years, since I came to Accra, I had been surviving on my own. I had a teaching job and that had been my means of living. I was a private teacher, teaching in various homes during weekends. I really liked it because most of my students were not that slow to learn. With just a little effort from me, they were able to make their mark. 
I had a favorite student, Jacky. Trust me, on a normal day you would have mistaken her for an adult. As young as she was, she was heavily endowed and her shape was curvy as if she was properly carved by a gifted potter. Her lip were so tiny and looked very pink, tempting the hell out of me. 
 I knew there was no way I could go out with her, so I equally treated her very special. She always wore tight jeans any time I went to their house to teach her and again after a hard day’s work, her mother will serve me with a delicious lunch.  I was actually treated like a family friend than a teacher. Her mother who looked quite old grew fond of me over time; mainly because she never had the son she had wanted. 
My relationship with Jacky’s family became even closer than I expected. It got to a time that her mother will call me to come baby sit her daughter while she went about her work schedules. Her trust for me was too much that it got me a bit uncomfortable. As for Jacky she was a no-go area for me, I just had to admire from behind. 
Jacky’s mother had to stay away for work one weekend and just as expected I was asked to baby sit Jacky for some few hours till she returned from work. It was already 7:15pm, and I was stuck up in their house. I had nothing really to do than to make sure that Jacky was okay and had everything she wanted. 
Everything seemed to be normal as time went on. It was 8:30pm and yet there was no sign of Jacky’s mother. I tried calling her, but her phone was not reachable. Jacky and myself sat at the living room. I hated this “Game of Thrones” series just because everyone was talking about it. Emy and the rest of the guys will just sit down arguing over each episode. The news was no different with Jacky. She was into it too, She got me stuck watching it and before I knew it I was already enjoying it.
I didn’t even know it was already 9:00pm until Jacky went in to  shower. I kept calling her mother and yet her phone was still not reachable. She was unusually late and I was beginning to get worried. What could be keeping her? I kept asking myself this question.
Shortly after, Jacky came back to the living room dressed in a transparent night gown. You could actually see her under wear and bra through her gown. I just gulped and took my eyes away as quickly as possible. She laid on the floor and took a book to read and from where I sat, It was quite impossible for me to take my eyes of her. 
I didn’t like what was going through my mind and I needed to stop myself before the devil could have his way with me. I quickly picked up the phone and started making unnecessary phone calls.  Festus was not answering my calls and Joe kept telling me he was busy and would call me back. Emy on the other hand had his phone switched off. 
Before I knew it, Jacky was fast asleep on the floor. I kept my eyes off and begun flipping through the channel since it seemed that was the only available thing I could do. 
The next thing I noticed was Jacky twitching all of a sudden. Was she having a nightmare or what? I tried calling her from where I was seated but she wasn’t hearing me. I wanted to ignore her but it even became worse. She was just moving all about and begun to scream. There was nothing more I could do than to quickly rush to her aid. 
Before I knew it, she grabbed my neck and believe it or not she landed a kiss on my lips, just like the kissing scene we saw in the “Game of thrones” Series. As much as I wanted to resist, I couldn’t. I was surprised because the kiss felt so good. She was a good kisser and  from this I could tell that wasn’t her first time. I couldn’t hold back, I kept kissing her back. 
I didn’t know where it came from or how she got there. “What the hell is going on here” Jacky’s mother shouted as she stood at the door staring at us. 
To be continued Tonight. 
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