The President's Daughter And I Season 2 Episode 52


​The look on her face when she was handing over the phone to me was so unusual; i collected the phone from her thinking I got a night call or something.
Me: What’s up dear?
Mirabel: Victor where have you been?
Me: What’s wrong that you even called me by my name?
Mirabel: I’ve been up for some minutes and I didn’t see you here or in the toilet. Then a message popped into your phone from Promise telling you to try and sleep immediately you get into the room, I scrolled up out of curiosity and found those chats you both had, what explanation can you give me Victor? I trusted both of you with all my heart!
Me: Honey what are you saying? That’s nothing I promise
Mirabel: Nothing?
Me: Come on dear, you have to calm down, what is the thing you saw that’s making you to react this way? It was just a harmless friendly chat
Mirabel: Stop making a fool out of me, what did she mean by nobody can beat the spot you have in her heart? And you also confessed that she also have a spot in your heart, what kind of spot is that? You went to meet up with her because I was sleeping. Victor why did you do this to me? Why? I gave you my everything
Me: Mirabel you have to calm down and allow me to talk
Mirabel: Of course I’ll let you talk, go on and give me another definition of the chats and the meeting you both had
Me: Please sit down
Mirabel: I’m fine standing
Me: Mirabel you have to sit down so we can talk and reach an understanding, this is not how a couple can settle their misunderstanding
Mirabel: **sits down**
Me: (I sat down on the bed too) you have to trust me; I cannot do anything like that. She was only thanking me as a friend and how I’ve been there for her, that no one can replace me in doing all that. Sweetheart please don’t misinterpret it. You know too well that I can’t do something like that and neither can Promise do such thing
Mirabel: Yes I trust you both, but that chat is like that of those having an affair
Me: It’s nothing dear
Mirabel: Like when you said you’re coming and she asked what about me and you told her that I’m sleeping before you went to meet up with her… what did you even go to her for by this of the night when everyone is sleeping?
Me: She couldn’t sleep just as you see in the message, and I thought it was about Fred, so I went to her in the living room to cheer her up.
Mirabel: It’s just too suspicious Ok? Please I don’t like this. I have to say your closeness with her should be redefined so I won’t be suspecting anything please… I have never been suspicious of you for anything; I always believe whatever you say until I saw those disturbing messages that got me so worried
Me: You have nothing to worry about dear
Mirabel: No let’s make some things clear, I’m here to be your friend and companion and everything you need, so please… your friendship can continue but not this close anymore
Me: Alright, no problem
Mirabel: I will let this go, but I’m begging you now, don’t cheat on me and never give me any reason to doubt you
Me: Ok my princess
Mirabel: I am very serious
Me: Relax na, it’s me oh… (Going for my magic move)
Mirabel: You that got me very worried this night abi morning
I threw my phone on bed and drew her closer to me by holding waist
Me: Sorry for the misconception… I hope I didn’t lose any percentage of your trust for me?
Mirabel: You lost 80% of it
Me: Ah!
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Mirabel: Kidding buh you almost lost it
Me: That’s never going to happen; I rather gain more of your trust than lose a single percentage of it
Mirabel: Okay… now can you let go of my waist so I can sleep?
Me: If not until you smile, I won’t
Mirabel: **She let out a fake smile** Can I go now?
Me: Okay…
I let go of her, then she climb the bed facing the other side. I knew we were not all cool yet, so I thought of doing something about it. I joined her on the bed and placed my hand around her waist
Me: Sweetheart…?
Mirabel: What now?
Me: I can see you’re still mad at me, I will just tell you what I wanted to tell you later in the day **withdrawing myself from her**
Mirabel: What is it?
Me: Don’t worry… I’ll just tell you later
Mirabel: No I want to hear it now
Me: Ok, if you really want to hear it, come rest your head on my shoulder
Mirabel: **Hesitating**
Me: Come na… it’s about our wedding oh…
When she hear that one, nobody told her before she brought herself closer to me.
Mirabel: Ok what is it?
Me: Uhmmmm… I think we should start taking our pre-wedding pictures from now
Mirabel: What for?
Me: You don’t like it?
Mirabel: No, we don’t need it
Me: Why?
Mirabel: It’s just not needed, what are we going to do with it? To post on social media and all, I don’t like it
Me: I thought it’d be fun
Mirabel: You know what?
Me: What?
Mirabel: Instead of this pre-wedding thing, let’s just have all the fun together without the world knowing about it until the day we’ll get married
Me: Okay…
Mirabel: And stop holding my waist anyhow anytime you want, because it’s not yours yet.
Me: **Laughs** No problem, I’d be the proud owner come next month
Mirabel: Until then, you’re strictly restricted
Me: It’s okay… I’ve heard you, we need to sleep now
I took my pillow and positioned myself on the floor to sleep
Mirabel: What are you doing?
Me: Well… so you won’t rest on my chest later while I’m asleep, as it’s not yet yours to lay on whenever you feel like
Mirabel: Oh really?
Me: Goodnight, love you…
Mirabel: Goodnight!
I woke up the following morning and saw Mirabel resting comfortably on my chest while on the floor; I just smiled and placed my hand around her waist.
Later that morning when Nancy has gone to school, and Promise to her computer institute leaving Mirabel and I in the house while Frank and Jummy were also around.
Mirabel was in the kitchen preparing lunch while I was in the room working on my website with hollandia yoghurt by my side, sipping it little by little until Mirabel suddenly stormed into the room looking infuriated.
Mirabel: Victor what’s the meaning of this rubbish?!
Me: **Surprised and bemused** what is it?
Mirabel: I saw this diary somewhere in the kitchen which is supposed to be for Promise; take and look what I found inside…