Agyemang 6


“Are you kidding me, She is my fiancée, as a matter of fact, I came here to tell you that I’m going to be father soon” Joe revealed. 
No, no, noo… this can’t be happening. Joe is my friend, what have I gotten myself into. While I was trying to figure out what to do, Esther had already come out with something. She was soo smart about it. 
“Do you two know each other” She said.  
“Honey, I can’t believe it. Do you remember I told I had a distant relative in Accra that I had to catch up with” She continued as I stood there completely lost in words. I just didn’t know what to say or how to react. I mean there was no way you can blame me, tell me what you will do  when you just found out the girl you have been intimately involved with and also carrying your child just happens to be your best friend’s fiancée?
It was too much for me to bear, I just stood there and played along while Esther tried to cover everything with lies. I couldn’t blame her though, at that moment that was the only thing we could result to.
Joe on the other hand, was so much happy because he thought he was actually the father of the unborn child. We both had not married her though but we all needed and wanted to be responsible for that child.
Between Esther and I, I could feel the sense of guilt all over the place while Joe just kept on ranting about the name he will give to the child. The worse that got me upset more was the fact that he wanted to name the child after me, if he was a boy. However the only thing that we both agreed on was to name the child Emy if only its turns out to be a girl.
I just wanted to be alone with Esther so we could talk about these issue once and for all and from the look on her face I noticed she wanted the same thing. 
Joe kept annoying me, he went straight into my fridge and brought out a bottle of whiskey. He then poured some for himself and I. I thought he was going to do the same for Esther so I quickly came in and intervene. 
“Come on, Alcohol is not good for my…..errmm … the baby” I said. I almost blew the whole thing up. As dump as Joe was he didn’t even notice it. 
“Excuse me, stop acting like the father of the child Don’t you think I know what’s good for the baby? This bottle of whiskey for you and I, we are finishing it. Come on let’s make a toast.”  
Finishing the whole bottle? This guy must be very crazy. What does he think? The last thing I will want is to drink around my unborn baby. I believed that it was a bad omen. That was the only reasonable superstition I can actually relate to. 
Joe took the glass of whiskey, raised it and began to propose a toast. “A toast to my beloved Esther and my unborn baby, for long life and to Emy. May her soul rest in perfect peace” he toasted. 
I took a sip and decided to get away from Esther and Joe for a while. At least, just to clear my head. I left them at my end and went out for a walk. 
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What was the way forward? I kept asking myself. There was no way I would let another man take over my responsibility as a father especially Joe. At this very moment, I don’t really care if that will come between our friendship. That unborn child is mine and there is nothing no one can do about it. 
I kept walking  and before I knew it, I had really gone far away from the house. Just when I decided to turn around and go back a young man approached me from nowhere. He was sweating all over, dressed in a blue jeans and a white top just like myself. 
It appeared that he had been walking for long. I didn’t know why he approached me until he begun talking. “Erm Sir good day, Excuse me, can I have a moment” he asked.
“Any problem? I said. 
“Not really, I don’t know my way around here and  I really need go to lavatory at this very moment” He said. 
Oh, no wonder he was sweating like that. As much as I wanted to laugh my heart out, I couldn’t. From the look of things this man is really at the verge of losing it and if I delay him even just for a minute, I can imagine what will happen. 
“Oh sure, it’s just behind this building, the one opposite us.” I said. 
“Thank you very much sir. I hope you are not in a hurry” He asked. 
“No, not at all” I answerd. 
“Please hold on to this for me, I will be back in a minute. You really sound like a trust worthy person” He said and gave me a briefcase. 
It was quite heavy though but hey there was nothing I could do. I just can’t refuse it. I quickly took it and before I know it, the young man had already left. Gish I can imagine what he was going through. 
Just when I settled down to wait, there came along a group of men out of nowhere, rushing on me. Before I knew it, a heavy punch landed on my face. I fell heavily down on the floor. The guys took the briefcase from me and begun beating the hell out of me. 
That was the last thing I remembered. I didn’t see anything again. 
To be continued on Monday.