My Misery Episode 7


What I was doing was wrong. I knew. But you know the saying, ‘we are all prisoners of our own Passion.’ So I took off my clothes ‘cos I wanted to stare at Davidson much longer. I locked the door with the bolt before doing that. Davidson drew closer to me. We were both as Adam and Eve. His Organ was hard. He tried to put it in me. I held him back.
 “Do you want to get me pregnant?” I told him. 
“I would be careful not to release inside you,” he promised. I was so Obssessed. I didn’t want to masturbate that day again. Plus I was eager to have a taste of the pleasure of s#x. I was s#x freaked. I still managed to decline telling him that unless we get married. I remember his crazy reply. He said, 
“But we are still going to get married afterall…whats the use starving ourselves!” On hearing that I succumbed. 
He placed his right hand on my left boob and I felt his thing inside of me. At first it was painful, a kind of pleasure mixed with pain….. then it was normal. Oh gush, don’t wanna refresh my memory. Then all of a sudden he was riding so fast. he paused. I didn’t understand what that means. 
“I’m sorry,” were his words.
 “Why, for what?” I remember asking him. 
“I released in you…. I… I” he stammered. I suddenly became worried. I was already imagining how shameful it was going to be moving around the house with a big tommy outside wedlock. Davidson was just smiling. A kind of irritating smile. But the funny thing is that we still continued. Since he had already released in me, we just continued until I cum.
To be continued