My Misery Episode 6


One Sweet-smelling Monday morning, Davidson did something very stupid. My dad leaves for work as early as 06:00am. I usually leave for shop by 08:00am. Davidson’s dad on the other hand works in a different local government area so he’s only around on week ends, Friday evening, Saturday and on Sunday he would return by the evening. So on this sweet-smelling Monday morning I went to take a shower.
 When I returned to the room after shower, I never knew Davidson was hiding behind the curtain. He saw my nakedness. It was when I finished dressing up and was about to lock the door with a padlock that he screamed my name. 
He actually screamed my name otherwise he would have been there till I returned from work cos he can’t go out through the window. Naturally I got irritated. But it only lasted some seconds. 
“I am sorry,” he apologised. “Do what ever you want to me,” he added. I couldn’t figure out anything. I search through my inner mind. The sheet I could come up with was tell him to remove his clothes so I could take my revenge by starring at his….at his….his…. Oh Gush!
 “Alright,” he simply said and took off his clothes. 
I starred at him. I gave my eyes the pleasure it has longed for. My hands were begging me to give them a feel of his Organ and I almost did.. Almost. I was so out of my mind that instance. I was already feeling s#xually excited again. Then I heard him say,
 “that’s enough… Except if…” “Except if I will also take off my clothes right?” I completed the sentence he started. He responded with a nod.
To be continued tomorrow