Agony Of Love ~Episode 15


” Naa, where is your father” Miss Bansah asked again.
I stood there confused, what was i going to tell her. That her husband was in the bathroom? When i was just coming out from the bathroom.
” he’s outside” i said.
” okay, i need to use the bathroom seriously” she said.
My heart skipped a beat. She made for the bathroom, she held the door knob about to enter the bathroom. My palms were sweaty, i made a sad face at Miss Bansah.
” Naa is everything alright she asked. When she saw the face i made at her.
I shook my head. She followed me to the children’s room and asked what was wrong with me. I didn’t even know what to tell her. She kept asking me what was wrong. I kept quiet and bowed my head down in shame. I was doing all that to buy me time. The time i wasted in keeping her in the room the more time, the swine had a chance to leave the bathroom. I
finally lied to her that i had just had my menses and i didn’t have a pad on me. She assured me that was nothing and left the room to bring me a pack of sanitary pad.
” are you sure does all that is wrong with you? She asked I said yes.
” so is why were you looking so moody and sad? She said. Or you are shy of your father.
I lied to her again that, i thought she wasn’t coming back and i was worried about how i was going to go back to campus.
” now am here and i guess you are okay now. She said. Dress up quickly and come meet my sister.
When she left i heaved a sigh of relief and changed into my school uniform. After dressing up, i went to the hall and welcomed Miss Bansah’s sister. The swine was sitting there as if nothing at all has happened. I asked permission to leave the house for campus though Miss Bansah wanted me to stay. When i got to the dormitory; my assistant was asking the students to leave.
” are you ok? She asked when she saw me.
” am not feeling well. I lied and went inside.
When finally all the girls had left, i sat on the floor and wept. I couldn’t hold back my tears.
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” how did i let this happen? What at all did i do to this man to deserve this? Was his beautiful wife not enough for him? These were the questions that rang through mind as i wept. I felt so dirty and used. Daniel kept calling me but i didn’t answer his calls and he also didn’t stop.  He even sent me several texts asking if i was fine. I ignored his calls and texts and just wept.
Unknown to me, Esther had told Lydia to come check on me since i told her i was sick. She entered and found me sitting on the floor, i wiped the tears from my eyes to prevent her from seeing.
” what is wrong with you? She asked. I didn’t mind her but bowed my head. ” Esther told me you were not well. What is wrong with you I needed to tell someone but could i trust Lydia.
She sat on the floor and held my hands and said that even if i trusted her to tell her about Daniel, what more couldn’t i tell her. But i just couldn’t, i kept on weeping and she hugged me.
” is it Mr.Bentil? She asked I nodded and told her yes
” what did that man do to you? She asked.
” he raped me” i finally said. She opened her mouth in shock and held me close, while i wept on her shoulders.
” was it because of the small gossip” she asked I told her no and narrated the whole issue to her from the time he begun harassing me.
It was then that she also told me that, she had heard of a rumor about Mr. Bentil sleeping with Miss Bansah’s maids no wonder none of them stayed over a year. Lydia encouraged me that it was going to be ok but the swine needed to pay for his crime. She suggested that we should tell the school nurse about it and later on we would file a report to the police.
Even if we told the school nurse, would she believe us? Mr. Bentil was a respected man in our school. He even preached during church service. And he always told students to report to him any sexual harassment by any male teacher. Who on earth would believe me.
To be continued…..