Agony Of Love ~Episode 14


A problem shared they say is half solved but who was i going share this dilemma i was in with. I couldn’t tell Daniel for he really respected that man and i also didn’t want to tell Lydia. No one’s secret was safe with her not even mine. I only asked her to escort me to the house and she agreed.
I begun the week again as that same vibrant and enthusiastic girl. I met Daniel as usual and we spent some quality time together. Saturday arrived soon for me because i was scared going back to Miss Bansah’s house even though i knew she would be around the whole day at home.
When we arrived she was in a hurry leaving the house. She told me she had received an emergency call the previous night about her twin sister who lived in Accra. She had just lost her baby and the worst part of it was that, that was her sixth child she had lost to pregnancy. Thus Miss Bansah needed to be with her. I was really disappointed and sad not for her sister’s issue but the fact that i would be left alone. But i assured myself with the fact that Lydia had come along.
Even though i knew what i had to do she asked me to talk care of her children and her husband for her. She packed her things into her car and Mr. Bentil drove her to the station. I prepared breakfast for the children since their mother wasn’t able to, helped them take their bath and asked Lydia to play with them. I then washed the family’ s dirty clothes while Lydia was having so much fun with the kids. I  asked her to go and clean the bathroom and toilet. She was reluctant at first but went anyway.
Mr. Bentil arrived an hour later with a load of foodstuffs and told us what to cook.
” is that how he is? Lydia asked as we were cooking ” always frowning his face?
,” you and gossip, concentrate on the cooking ok” i said
” but does he think he owns you? See how he just handed the items to you and instructing you like a maid” she continued.
” what’s your problem at all? I asked her. But for me that was just the tip of the iceberg.
” i just can’t believe how Miss Bansah ended up with such a man. I guess she was getting old and had no choice but him. She retorted.
She was really getting on my nerves.
” don’t you mind that he can hear us?
” let me free my mind ok” she said
” i guess it time you shut up! Mr Bentil said.
Unknown to us,he was coming to the kitchen when he heard us talking and decided to listen to us.
” Is that how you were brought up? Talking about other people even without minding if they could hear you? He said pointing to Lydia. ” and you Naa is that the kind of friends you keep? He said.
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I was speechless and couldn’t say a word. We were all silent with our heads bowed.
” am so sorry sir, i didn’t really mean to talk about you in such a manner.
Lydia apologized I was really shocked at her words. Everyone knew that saying sorry wasn’t part of Lydia’s life and thus i was happy she was feeling sorry.
Mr. Bentil said it was ok and told us to carry on with the cooking. I poured him his glass of water and he left to the sitting room. As soon as he left i couldn’t stop talking.
” you see what you just did. I am in a mess for violating school rules and i only asked you to come help me not add more to it. I said almost in tears.
” i am really sorry ok and am feeling so embarrassed right now. After all the man said it’s okay. She replied.
” the fact that he said it’s ok doesn’t mean its ok. I said.
I got angry and asked her to leave for campus. She pleaded with me to please let her help me out but i was just fed up with her attitude. I went back to the cooking and finished late afternoon. I served the children and their father lunch and i ate mine too. After lunch i decided to rest a little. I went to the children’s room and relaxed on their bed. I called Daniel and we spoke happily. He told me how he has missed me and how he wished i was lying by his side. He told me that he really loved me and he didn’t want anyone or anything to take me away from him . I promised him that i also loved him so deeply and didn’t want to lose him because i believed he was my soul.
After our sweet conversation i decided to go take a shower. I wrapped a cloth around my body and went to the bathroom. I opened the shower and let the water over my body. It was so refreshing.
” do you mind if i join you? Dinner was delicious and so would you be. Mr. Bentil said.
He was trying to enter the bathroom. I thought he was over me already but here he was trying to enter the bathroom.
” sir please, you cant do this. Let me finish and you enter. I said.
I immediately wrapped the cloth around my wet body and made an attempt to leave. He pushed me inside the bathroom and stripped me of the cloth revealing my naked body.
I tried to put it back. He closed the door and touched my breasts. I pleaded with him to please stop what he was doing but he forced his way into me and raped me breaking my virginity. I felt so dirty and helpless as i stood there and he entered me. After satisfying himself he asked me to leave. I grabbed my cloth , wrapped it around my body and left the bathroom.
Immediately i got out there stood Miss Bansah. I was surprised to see her since i didn’t expect her to be back so soon. She explained that when she went to see her sister in Accra, her sister said she couldn’t stay in her house and thus she had brought her sister along who was sitting in the hall. ” where is your father she asked referring to Mr. Bentil.
She said and headed for the bathroom. I stood there gazing at her without a word.
To be continued……..