Agony Of Love ~Episode 13


Mrs. Bentil was the name of our senior house mistress, though she was married with two kids, she preferred to be called by her maiden name, Miss Bansah. She lived in one of the teachers bungalow right behind the girls dormitory. It was a two bedroom house. When I got to her house, I knocked at the door and was asked in by the maid.
Miss bansah was relaxing in her sofa with her head on her husband’s shoulder. How romantic that was, I thought, for that was how I wanted Daniel and I to end. I greeted them and she offered me a seat. She sat upright and looked at me with scorn.
“ how are you doing” she asked.
“ I am fine Miss” I replied, though within me I wasn’t. it wasn’t that I was an undisciplined student but knowing about my secret life, I was just scared.
“ where were you during entertainment” she asked. I was surprised by her question. I didn’t know if I was to tell her the truth or lie.
“ I was in the classroom learning Madam.
“learning? Really? She asked
“ yes please, I repeated. I was wondering if this woman knew something and was just putting up a show.
“you know the schedule of activities in this school, the times for virtually everything don’t you?
“ I do but…………………..
She cut me off before I could finish my words.
You have no reason whatever to absent yourself from any social gathering. You are an example to the girls and if they do same, can you punish anyone for that?
“ madam I go to class to study, am always failing in my science papers and I don’t want it to affect me in my final exams.
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I understand you, but please be at entertainment and other social gatherings. She said
Thank you Madam
“ don’t thank me, I have to punish you” 
“ oh Madam” I giggled ‘
” what should i do to her? She asked her husband who was just coming from the kitchen with a glass of water.”
Well i think she can do some chores for old times sake. He said.
When i was in first year, due to my discipline attitude, i was selected by my house perfect to work at Miss Bansah’s house. I together with another girl. We would wash her clothes, scrub the bathroom and cook meals for her since the maid was off on Saturdays. Thus we had some sort of rapport with her husband. When i got to form two, i decided to stop because it was only first years who were allowed to work there.  Though Miss Bansah wanted to maintain me, another reason i decided to stop was that, her husband had made sexual advances towards me and i had turned him down several times. But here he was suggesting such a punishment.
” well you heard your father.” She said. For that was how she asked us to address her husband. Be here on time right after inspection she said and dismissed me from her presence.
When i got to the dormitory, it was already lights out so i headed straight to my cubicle. As girl’s prefect, i shared a room with my assistant called Esther. She was seriously learning when i arrived. ” i have been waiting for you” she said. I asked her why would she be waiting for me since we were not friends at all. She said she wanted to ask me something. I just wondered what at all she had to say. Esther was a serious talkative, she never ceased talking. She would chat about everything, from how boring class was, to that cute boy in her class and how bad the food at the dining hall tasted. And i just wasn’t ready for her mindless talk this particular evening.
” could you please help me solve this question? She asked
” at this time? I replied. Let’s make it tomorrow i said and jumped into bed.
” you know our final exam is just two months away and we have to study hard not only for ourselves but to make the school proud.
” i know that, but there’s time for everything. I retorted.
” but you Naa, you learn too much even skipping entertainment just to study. I think i should join you next week, she said.
It was then that i realized that it was Esther who told Miss Bansah. I asked her if she had been spying on me and even if she told Miss Bansah.
“No i didn’t, i heard it from a girl in my class who said she heard from another girl in her house and that girl said she heard if from a girl in your class. She said. I haven’t been following you ok, Miss Bansah said someone had reported you to her and she only called me to confirm it and i told her i didn’t know anything ok she said reassuring me.
” and who is that girl who told that other girl who heard it from a girl in my class. I asked angrily .
” you don’t have to be angry about this ok, it’s not like you are having sex with someone in the classroom, you go there to study don’t you?
“I know but i need to know who that person is” i spoke softly trying to convince her to tell me the name of the chief informant.
” Lydia was the one, she finally said. She didn’t even have to add her surname cos I knew the Lydia she was talking about.
If Lydia my best friend was the one then my secret affair was already out. Ever since i was elected as the Girls Prefect,a distance grew between Lydia and I. I no longer visited her house as usual and when she came to my room, i would tell her i was busy. Not because i was now a Prefect though i liked her so much, she was a gossip. Always talking about the secrets of other people, spying them to get evidence and showing it to the whole school. I didn’t want to be a part of that kind of life where you had so many enemies. I decided to confront her the next morning and try to cool her off. I didn’t want to create a scene between us so i met her very early in the morning at the tap side.
Lydia was an early bird thus she woke up even before the rising bell. How was i even going to approach her after distancing myself from her.
” good morning I said when i met her”
She didn’t respond but looked at me and continued fetching her water. I greeted her again and told her i was greeting her.”
Since when did you start greeting me” she said.
” so now i can’t greet my own friend huh? I said.
” do you even consider me as a friend? Since when? Tell me? You and I were more like sisters, we did virtually everything together and when you had this small position you let our friendship down the drain ” she said.
I expected this reaction from her but i didn’t even think she would take it this far.
” well I don’t blame you that much since you have started sleeping with Sir Daniel. She blurted out.
” oh my God! I shouted. Please bring your voice down. So it was you who told Miss Bansah. I knew it. I said
” you are even lucky i didn’t tell her what i saw that night. You have to thank me for that. I could have said it any way but i didn’t and you know i could.
I was speechless and couldn’t utter a single word. Once my secret was with Lydia I wasn’t safe at all.
” what do you see in him? He’s a womanizer, he drinks and..
” and i love him. I ended her statement for her.
” you call that love? Even after what George did to you. Do you know the number of girls he had slept with? She said
“For your information, he’s not George and all that you are saying are lies. I replied. He’s not what everyone thinks he is, just because he’s handsome and young doesn’t mean he loves women. And besides he has promised to marry me ok.
” well that’s the code he uses on every girl. Open your eyes and see the truth rather than opening your heart to be hurt okay.
We continued with our conversation, filling each other on the parts of our lives we had spent separately
Is my secret safe with Lydia and should i go to Miss Bansah’s house?
Find out in the next episode.
To be continued…….