Agony of Chioma Episode 79


Emeka pulled jake up and carried him downstairs. He brought out his phone and sent a message to one of his boys and in no time everyone including the maids were entering jakes sitting room one after the other with their hands on the head….

‘’lie down!!!!! Lie down!!’’ dino one of emeka’s boys commanded with an ak47 while everyone went on the floor

‘’skobido get me water from the kitchen’’ emeka instructed before removing his face mask

‘’emeka!!!’’ cindy called out

‘’hahahaha yes its me emeka, hope am welcomed home??’’

‘’chukwuemeka when did you turn into this, why did you choose to follow the bad way??’’ mrs madu asked almost crying

‘’oh late chief madu made me turn into this, he forced me into it’’ emeka replied pouring cold water on jake while he woke up immediately and saw emeka with a heavy gun

‘’emeka!!! Is this you for real???’’

‘’bro its me…its been a while’’

‘’emeka, this is not good for you at all. Daddy tried all his best to send you to school, you are a mechanical engineer for God sake, he also sent you to the united state for you to get established but you choose this bad way of life, am very sure daddy will be very angry and disappointed in you anywhere he is’’

‘’shut up!!!!! Shut up!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate this s–t coming out of your disgusting mouth,,, so your dad was actually using my mums blood to make wealth.. oh you think I wont find out??? Chief madu is a beast and I will show him that am more than a beast’’ emeka said angry cocking his gun

‘’pls emeka, all those are past event beside chief is already dead and we didn’t know all of these until he was about dying pls have mercy on us’’ mrs madu pleaded

‘’woman am here to revenge and I promise to deal with this family. Dino get me the bag’’

‘’emeka abeg na, abeg remember how close we were back then. Don’t harm us’’ jake pleaded

‘’fool shut up like father like son, you think I don’t know how you maltreated chioma and frustrated her life and never cared about your son, beast like you….see jake if I leave you unpunished God go vex for me, you suppose go join your papa for hell and that is what am doing tonight’’ emeka said to jake while he sat on a single couch. Dino brought an brown leather bag and handed it to emeka, emeka opened it and brought out a file containing some vital document

‘’ahhhaa you see this document is the certificate of ownership of chief’s estate in banana island, how I got it was unbelievable but that’s none of you guys business. I want jake and you to sign on this spot which means I now owns the estate’’ emeka said giving it to mrs madu

‘’emeka!!! How can you do this, you know this is one of the way we are going to survive pls don’t do this this’’

‘’hey skobido hala for me…tell this people say I know dey smile, begging is a sin in our land’’ emeka lamented

‘’kpa,kpa’’ skobido shot chizzy the house maid in the leg ‘’ahhhhhh’’ she cried in pain while everyone lowered their head

‘’master!! ride on sir’’ dino said

‘’I give you just 30 seconds to sign that paper or I go with cindy’s head’’ emeka said politely

‘’heeeey…mba oooo mba oo jake sign this thing kwanu’’ mrs madu spoke in fear. Jake quickly signed the paper with trembling hand while his mother signed after him.

‘’haha..correct, correct’’ emeka said collecting the paper with a hard smile

‘’[lighting his cigarette] so doctor jake tell me for how long you don dey run that hospital??”’

‘’[shaking hands and feet] like four years now’’

‘’hmmm four years well I no too wicked make I comot my eyes for there’’ he said bringing out another document from the bag ‘’now you alone will sign this and do it quickly’’ emeka said giving the papers to mrs madu.

Mrs madu looked at the documents and started wiping, it was the document of chief’s company where he imports foreign building rods. She had no option but to sign the documents which she did in few seconds.

‘’chai…skobido you dey see how everything dey enter???’’

‘’my boss I dey feel you die’’ skobido said in a thick criminal voice

‘’shey this one no come for celebration???’’

‘’my boss celebration na mandatory’’

‘’oya delete two people from this arena’’ emeka instructed while skobido shot sporadically at two maids who were lying flat on the floor

‘’master!!! Ride on sir’’ dino said

‘’nice, skobido I dey feel your morale begging and forgiveness is a sin no be so’’ emeka asked

‘’naso my boss….omo my liver dey high see fresh fish for this place umu asa make we chop small sharwama na’’ skobido shouted

‘’chill skobido make your blood no too dey hot….everything soft’’ emeka said making a puff of smoke into the air while he brought out another document.

‘’ben lother na b—–d lawyer by now he go dey hear am for orthopedic hospital….. jake you see this document wey dey my hand so?? This is the document of the 6 acres of land your papa buy for itolu with your name., wetin you go do for me no much that just to sign here that is change of ownership agreed’’

‘’ahhh emeka pls, don’t do this I have so much hope on that land, you have almost collected all we have’’ jake pleaded in tears

‘’dino dino remind him the rule’’ emeka instructed

‘’begging and forgiveness is a sin’’

‘’now sign that paper or I go with your head’’ emeka said relaxing on the couch. Jake quickly signed the papers with huge tears and sweat coming out of his body…

‘’good boy, my good brother’’ emeka said standing up from the couch where he was sitting and headed to cindy ‘’cindy, you are looking so beautiful and I have always admired you and wanted to fvck the hell out of you but I had my reason for not doing so… I want you to pull off your clothes and lie on the couch naked’’ emeka said while dino and skobido pointed gun at her

‘’pls, emeka pls’’ she pleaded silently. Jake was really boiling with anger and wanted to intervene but he may lose his life in the process. After cindy undressed naked in the presence of everyone, emeka looked at her lustfully licking his tongue and smacking her a-s….

‘’jake, I want you to undress and fvck your sister so hard to the point of death while I video you guys…hmm that’s gonna be memorable’’ emeka said with an evil smirk

‘’never!!!!!!!! Emeka I can never lay my sister, that’s an abomination and am not gonna do it, if you like kill me’’ jake shouted with anger stunning emeka and his guys

‘’chai you get mind??? Ooooooooo dino give am three by three’’ emeka said angrily

‘’kpa,kpa,kpa…kpa,kpa,kpa’’ dino shot jake three times in his hand and three time in his leg while he groaned in great pain

‘’jake I like you oooo,….thats why I didn’t order for your death, skobido fvck the hell out of her, dino pick any of the maid girls you like and fvck’’ emeka instructed while he sat down carefully positioning his gun…

Cries and screams were heard as cindy and one of the girls were banged really hard till they passed out. fifteen minutes later skobido and dino were feeling alright, emeka packed all the documents and was set to go with his men but changed his mind, turned back and shot at mrs madu sporadically till he was satisfied that she was dead. He also implanted single bullets each to the remaining maids before they vanished and was no where to be found

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Those neighbors who over heard gunshot during the night found a way to destroy the gate which was locked from outside after several knocks without answer. They searched lucky the gateman house and found him tied up of which they freed him before proceeding into the main house but found no one there. They entered into the second building and saw great massacre, immediately the police was informed and they showed up an hour later but before then, some maid who still had life in them, cindy, jake and mrs madu was taken to the hospital.

At the end of the day, out of seven maids in total four were dead, mrs madu was also confirmed dead while cindy was in coma. Jake felt lot of pain in him as he couldn’t sleep that night in the hospital… a week later he was discharged but cindy was still in coma, his mum’s body has been taken by her people and her burial arrangement was made. Her brother barrister ben lother almost lost his life but he was taken to a hospital in Pakistan where he recovered two weeks later from the condition emeka and his dangerous boys kept him in order to collect valuable document including chief’s will…

Chioma and nuel’s relationship was really going smoothly, nuel has gone to see chioma’s uncle and all arrangement has been made. According to her uncle, nuel was only going to pay bride price and some other things required in the list but wont be wedding her in church since she has been wedded before but hasn’t divorce unless if he wants to do a court wedding.

A week passed, jake woke up with a severe headache as he said some prayers before going to refresh. He got a call from his uncles that his mother will be buried in a month time and arrangement for the burial is being made so his own financial contribution is needed. He dropped his phone on the bed with forms of tears in his eyes and made an online transfer of three million naira to the account number they gave him from his dad account which he had access to.

He was fully dressed and ready to go to work when he received another call from konami specialist hospital that cindy is back to consciousness. With happiness he ran downstairs entered his vehicle and was about to drive out when he remembered that lucky was no more in the gate post, lucky resigned and ran away after the robbery incident. He got down from his SUV and went to open the gate only to see three men outside the gate drawing some signs outside the compound wall

‘’good morning gentle men, how may I help you??’’

‘’are you the one living here??”’

‘’yes sir this is my fathers house’’

‘’ok I see, we are from the state government’’

‘’ok is there any problem??’’ jake asked gently

‘’take this letter its directly from the state government and you are advised to abide by what is in that letter or report to our office’’ one of them who looked like the boss said giving jake the envelop before they left.

Jake wasn’t understanding what was happening, he opened the white envelop which read

‘’the occupant of this building No 9 madu estate lekki is expected to vacate this building on or before 28th of august because the land on which the building was erected belongs to the government. In conclusion the buildings will be demolished on the 29th of august and left to the government to carry out their intentions on the land’’

Jake lost balance immediately not knowing what to do. He sat on the floor and started weeping bitterly, everything they had was going gradually. The only thing jake had left was the remaining two million in his dad’s bank account that he had access to, if his dad had any other bank account he doesn’t know about it, his mum’s saloon, and his hospital. His dad house in the village has been taken by emeka, the conclusion of the matter now is that jake and cindy are presently homeless, the worst part was that barrister ben lother who was suppose to help him run this case was asked to have a one month bed rest by his Pakistan doctors..


‘’ding dong’’ the door bell sounded
<door opens>

‘’nuel!!!!’’ chioma shouted hugging him tightly while he shrugged and walked into the house with a sad face

‘’nuel whats wrong, you are looking so sad’’ chioma asked touching his cheek

‘’[tears forming in his eyes] my mind is shattered’’ he manage to say with a sob

‘’talk to me dear what is the problem, I can help you if I can’’ chioma said feeling concerned

‘’this problem is beyond you’’ nuel said sobbing

‘’ok just tell pls dear tell me’’

‘’am am am am’’ he stammered bursting into tears while he handed an envelop over to chioma….


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to be continued…..