Agony of Chioma Episode 78


In shame and disgrace linda packed all her belongings and left the house, jake was now like someone whose life started from the beginning. Chief madu was taken to the mortuary that same day while his burial arrangement was made. As soon as chief’s friends probably his business partners or cult members heard of his death, they came to visit and console the family for their lost and some other family friends. Many of them promised to bank roll the burial and made lot of contribution that will make the burial a memorable one in itolu….
‘’mum, cindy I called for this meeting to let you know howfar we have gone concerning dad’s burial’’

‘’ok we are all ears’’ cindy replied

‘’from the contributions from dad’s friends and partners, we have made about 30million and I think that should be enough for the burial’’

‘’son have you estimated everything that will be needed for the burial incase it is not enough’’

‘’yea mum I think it should be enough though am still estimating. Meanwhile I have already bought casket worth 6 million’’

‘’ok son that’s good of you. But did you know if your father wrote will??’’

‘’uhmmm I don’t know but I will contact uncle ben lother our lawyer’’

‘’hmmm even if he wrote will, does it have any value when he said that as soon as he dies the money will finish in no time’’cindy asked

‘’cindy that’s enough, lets leave your dad and face the future’’ mrs madu said while jake dismissed the meeting
‘’cindy do you know anything about chioma’s whereabout’’

‘’I don’t know anything about chioma, when you were doing all these I was warning you but you never listened’’

‘’[sigh] it wasn’t my fault, I was blindfolded’’

‘’wait are you planning on going back to beg chioma or what??’’

‘’yes, I really need to see her, reconcile with her and start my life again remember the pastor said that chioma is the only person who will save us from further disaster by forgiving this family. Thank God we have a son’’

‘’hahahaha jake I laugh at your stupidity, chioma can never forgive you. Remember you took away her child and maltreated her so badly’’

‘’I know she would still forgive me, we are meant for each other’’

‘’didn’t linda tell you how she broke the bond between you both by taking your blood to a shrine’’

‘’what???? Linda did all this ohh am finished’’

‘’to round it off there is this doctor nuel who has been following chioma and asking her hand in marriage even at the point of death, chioma must have been healed and probably married to him’’

‘’did you just say doctor nuel??’’

‘’noo doctor niel… rubbish’’ she hissed and left jake

‘’could it be doctor nuel of alpha hospital??’’ jake asked no one in particular

Chioma and nuel were discussing at the sitting room when amaka came to meet them

‘’hmmm love birds, sorry to disturb you guys. I told uncle about everything, he was really angry and sad but he said we should come to the village most especially you because its been so long he saw you’’

‘’[smiles] no problem with that, so when are we going??’’

‘’in two days time and we are staying for two weeks’’

‘’two weeks??.. ok’’

‘’wow so I wont see you for two weeks??? Am going to miss you’’ nuel said

‘’am going to miss you more pls take care of yourself for me’’ chioma said while they all smiled. Suddenly nuel was seeing on the floor in a kneeling position facing chioma with a small silver box

‘’am really short of words and I don’t know where to start from but in you I find love, beauty, a mother, a wife, a partner, a soul mate. Chioma will you be my wife and the mother of my children???’’ nuel said opening the box, viewing a diamond ring

Chioma was speechless as she starred at the box not knowing whether to say yes or no. No will be a disappointing word, nuel has been there for her even in the time of sickness when everyone abandoned her, he is a loving, caring and a kind person he would make a good husband. She looked at amaka who was giving her a yes sign, she remembered jake, how loving he was when he was still normal

‘’yes!!!! I agree to be your wife’’ she shouted hugging nuel. They were still hugging while nuel gave her a kiss on the fore head

‘’am happy for you both’’ amaka interrupted

Seven days later almost everywhere in itolu was shut down, bullets could be heard sporadically and expensive vehicles entering into the village at intervals. Yes it was chief madu’s burial ceremony which was going to last for three consecutive nights, not everyone was allowed to enter into his house because it was strictly on invitation and of course only big men were seen close to the scene of the burial. The burial wasn’t a small one, different wealthy men all over Nigeria and some African country came for the burial, more than two million naira was been spread by some group of men dressed in white and black attire whom jake suspected as his father’s cult members, and the money they spread were all in dollars.

The burial lasted for three days and nights as chief was successfully laid to rest. Different people came to pay condolence visit and mrs madu’s hair was shaved off by so high class women in the village. Jake have always wanted to go to chioma’s uncle compound to ask after for her forgive and for them to get back together but he was d–n scared and waved the idea off.

The period of the burial was really stressful for jake since he is now the new father of the house, finally it was remaining few days for the madu’s family to leave the village for the city. Jake went to the house of the onowu[prime minister] of the village to collect something, he was about entering his vehicle to leave when he saw a familiar figure.

‘’wait who am I seeing??? Is that not chioma??’’ he said getting down from his vehicle and running after the person….. ‘’chioma’’ he called out and the person turned to be chioma.

‘’am really sorry… pls give me the chance to talk to you’’

‘’[sigh in frustration] fool!!!!!’’ she cursed and continued her journey

‘’pls chioma hear me out am sorry for all that happened I wasn’t in my real senses’’ he said following her bumper to bumper but she snubbed increasing her pace ‘’I have something to tell you about derek’’ he spoke while she paused and turned back

‘’[jake going on his kneels] pls forgive me, I was the one who sent some guys to take away derek from you’’

‘’[fuming in the mouth] so you were behind my son’s kidnap’’ she said angrily giving jake a dirty slap that almost blinded him. You are a monster

‘’I didn’t kidnap him, he is our son’’

‘’jake I hate you and I don’t want to see you again. If you know what is good for you return my son else you wont like what you would see’’ she said and left

Not up to ten minutes chioma got home, she saw an suv parking at the front of the house. She waited patiently outside her uncle’s building only to see jake, cindy and Derek entering the compound, her heart was over filled with joy on seeing that Derek was already a big boy as she went to hug and carry him…..

‘’good evening sister chioma’’ cindy greeted with so much excitement

‘’who is your sister??, so all this while you couldn’t tell me jake was with Derek, you people caused me a high blood pressure. God will punish you people’’

‘’sister chioma its not like that, am so sorry we have lot of things to discuss. Am really happy you are looking so healthy thank God for your life’’

‘’thank you for bringing my son back. You can go now’’

‘’my queen, we have lot of things to tell you’’ jake said but before he could finish his sentence someone came out from no where and stroked a cutlass on the floor. In no time cindy and jake vanished

‘’nonsense, set of useless people let me get any of you in this compound again’’ chioma uncle shouted in anger

‘’[crying] aunty cindy, come come’’ Derek cried out

‘’shhhhh she is not your aunty, am your mummy now call me mummy’’

‘’[looking at her strangely] mummy’’

‘’good boy..thats my baby boy’ chioma said while he giggled

‘’nwadiala how are you handsome boy’’ mr olugo asked

‘’am fine’’ he replied gently

Jake pleaded with cindy to visit chioma the next day maybe she would agreed to listen to her but she refused instantly with great fear. After so much persuading she later agreed to go but unfortunately chioma left for Abuja the next day. Nuel was making serious arrangement for his marriage with chioma, he flew to Abuja as soon as chioma told him she was back to inform her of the latest…..

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Two Weeks passed on a sunny afternoon nuel was so busy in the hospital, he just returned from the theatre after performing a surgery. He entered his office to have a little rest when he saw jake entering his office, the both men stared at themselves angrily before nuel broke the silence

‘’what are you doing in my office’’ nuel asked angrily

‘’[clapping] nuel or whatever is your name I like you so much. You have the mind to be rolling about with someone’s wife, you don’t even have shame’’

‘’hey I hope you haven’t come here to insult me, you are talking of shame no who among us suppose to be ashamed. You were so blind with magical powers that you abandoned and maltreated such a beautiful woman are you not a fool??, see sometimes I admire your son what an epitome of beauty chioma gave birth for you, well I know soon she will give me beautiful children too but you never cherished such woman. For your information our wedding is coming soon now get out of my office’’

‘’if you know what is good for you leave my wife alone else I promise to kill you mark my words’’

‘’funny, you cant do anything you are a big disgrace’’

‘’then wait for me’’ jake said and left. He rushed home to get something only for him to see a mad woman sitting in the front of the gate with all sort of dirty thing….

‘’hey hey get out of here, who allowed you into this estate??’’ jake asked chasing the woman away

‘’[in excitement] ahhhh my husband is back I prepared food for you’’ she said bringing out a container of sand mixed with water and leaves. Jake was shocked as he recognized that the mad woman was linda and immediately took to his heels while she ran after him shouting ‘’my husband come and eat’’.

Linda was super fast as she caught up with jake and baptize him with the so called food mixture in her hand, she climb on him and started kissing him, as if that wasn’t enough she fed him with the remains of her sand mixture not after ripping off his shirt. So many people gathered watching the drama, some were videoing the scene while some were laughing and gossiping about jake and his family.

‘’ahhhh nemesis…this family is facing the judgement of God, so finally this proud and arrogant lady became mad’’ mrs bello said who was their neighbor

‘’hmm I heard she snatched this man from the real wife’’ mrs ajala whispered to mrs bello’s ear

‘’ahh you mean that fair lady that I usually see with a baby then’’

‘’exactly’’ mrs ajala replied


Jake was in the sitting room of his house thinking of his messed up life, things weren’t going fine ever since chief died. He buried his head in a pillow thinking of a way to find chioma and ask her for forgiveness, suddenly he heard a loud scream

‘’ahhhhh pls pls don’t kill me’’ lucky shouted as he was shaking like a jelly fish and sweating profusely

‘’[cra-ca] lock that gate and give us the key’’ a huge guy shouted cocking his gun. Lucky stood up from the floor swiftly and went to lock the gate before giving the men the key.

‘’pa,pa,pa’’ three bullet were shot into lucky both legs before he was tied up inside his house

Jake became so afraid immediately he heard some gun shot, he peeped through the window and saw three men with different guns bouncing towards the main building while he quickly took cover. He ran upstairs to his room to call the head security of the estate but a punch to the nose knocked him off..

‘’fool!!!’’ the unknown person cursed cleaning his fist which was stained with jake’s blood


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to be continued……