Agony of Chioma Episode 7

<phone ringing> jakes phone was ringing

Chioma searched his pocket and brought out his iPhone

“don’t pick it” her elder sister commanded

“its his cousin calling”

“I said don’t pick that phone, do you want to implicate yourself,. It’s like you don’t know who omeluora is, he is a good and cheerful man but has his deadly bad side” her sister spoke authoritatively

“but it’s his cousin, do you want to put them in fear”


“he and his cousin are living together”

<phone ringing again>

“do you know this his cousin”

“yes, we are all classmates”

“OK pick it and give me the phone”

<the caller {from the back ground}>

“guy, hope say you escape, I dey house now and your papa just call say he just arrive Enugu few minutes ago and he is coming to see mama this evening so better come home before he use shout scatter me hello Jake”

“hello who is this” Amaka chioma’s sister asked

“so you are even with a girl… Wait oo hey where is the owner of this phone”

“the vehicle is here let’s go let’s go” their uncle interrupted

<amaka ended the call>

“driver come help us na” their uncle shouted

In no time they took Jake into the car and drove off..

“community hospital abi” the driver asked

“yes yes” their uncle said in great fear “hope he is still breathing” he asked

“pls Jake don’t die now pls wake up” chioma said in tears as jakes head rested on her laps

“he won’t die” amaka said in faith

Emeka’s side of the story

“am finish ohhhh that’s why I do say Jake is a dummy, while I was running why didn’t he follow me, now maybe the bullet fired has touched him and I don’t even care”

I ran swiftly out of the compound to mama ekemma’s Shop to get recharge card. Instant I loaded the card and redial jakes number

“God pls I pray nothing happens to Jake, else am gone his dad will skin me alive” I muttered quickly a short prayer
<trouble songs>

The driver drove into the hospital quickly and parked while they all alighted

“nurse, nurse, doctor” chioma shouted at the top of her voice

Two nurses ran out of the hospital, on seeing Jake’s condition one had to go back to get a bed to carry him in but fortunately chioma’s uncle had to lift him up and carried him in….

“You all should wait here” a nurse instructed chioma, amaka and the driver..

<jakes phone ringing again>chioma picked it on seeing the caller


“who is this, and where is my brother”

“emeka it’s me chioma”

“oh chioma you are with Jake, pls give him the phone. By the way why are you breathing this way??”

,”can you pls come to the community hospital”

“what hospital, hope he wasn’t shot”

“just come now, I would explain”

“OK OK I will be there soon”

<call ends>

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EMERGENCY 101=======

Chioma uncle dropped Jake on a bed while some nurses went to send for the doctor..

“sir what really happened” the chief nurse asked

“ermmm ermma”

“calm down and tell us what happened to him so we would know where to start from”

” he was beaten brutally till he passed out”

“ahh what did he do, who was beating”

“oga are you his father??”

“no, he was wrongly accused”

{doctor walked into the ward}

“hello what’s happening here” asked the doctor

“sir an emergency, he was beaten and on the process passed out” the chief nurse said, pThe middle aged doctor walked to him, used his stethoscope to check his heart beat….

“hmmm he doesn’t have a regular heart beat, and he is out cold”

“doctor does he need an oxygen” Chief nurse asked again

“not really, pls you guy need to leave the room now, for ventilation nurse ejiofor administer to Him a drip

****** ***** injection 10 mg
****** ***** 5mg
and ********** 5mg
His pause is fine I will check on him later, also clean up his bruises”

“no problem doctor”

“thank you doctor” chioma’s uncle said

“are you his father??” asked the doctor

“no sir just a helper who was at the scene”

“nice of you”

“sir you can wait at the reception, pls leave” commanded Chief nurse

“nurse Ada get those drugs for me from the store”


“God please keep him for me at least let me reply his offer” chioma said involuntarily in tears

“what offer” amaka asked

“sister I love Jake and he asked me to be his girlfriend I need to tell him yes… So he must not die ” she said teary

Amaka hugged her and rubbed her hair

“he won’t die, he will live” amaka muttered

“ahh oga sorry I kept you waiting, take this is your money” chioma’s uncle said giving the vehicle man 500 naira

“no problem, hope the boy is OK now”

“yes they are attending to him”

“alright I will be on my way”

“thank you very much”

“uncle how is Jake” chioma asked

“chioma why are you crying”

“I know him, he is my classmate”

“it’s alright wipe your tears, he is fine”

“Chioma what’s happening here” someone shouted in anger


“where is my brother???????”

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To be continued……