Agony of Chioma Episode 6



“don’t call my name again”

“but what did I do wrong”

“find out yourself mtcheew” I hissed leaving the class as i went to ss2 General Hall.

The hall was really filled with lots of student, we copied maths scheme, did a little revision of last terms work before we left the class..

The class was boring and noisy for my liking as we were having a free period before closing time. I left the class and decided to walk around the school premises.

I was trending on a path, close to the school basketball court when I saw the girl who helped me in the morning to locate the Assembly Ground.


“hi” she replied with a smile dropping the novel she was reading

“why are you all here alone” I asked

“just felt like being alone beside the class is noisy” she replied

“can I sit beside you” I asked like an innocent boy

She looked at me for some seconds before Accepting. I watched her beautiful body and face as she read the novel.

“You haven’t told me your name” I broke the silence

“like seriously, you don’t know my name”

“yea, am very serious”

“am chioma obi”

“chioma, what a nice name you got”

,”thanks and you too”



“oh thanks. Are you from this village?”

“yes, this is my hometown”

“wow I like you, you are cool to be with”

“(smiling) let me take that as a compliment”

We kept on talking till it was closing time before we went to our different houses.

Life went on, few weeks later emeka made peace with me, he begged me to leave Anita for him which I did, because the bond between chioma and I was getting stronger. I asked her to be my girlfriend but she hasn’t accepted.

It’s been 6 weeks in school, I was already populous in the school, teachers and students loved me including some of our out going seniors. Emeka do take me along when going for his local dance practice, I was even learning how to play ogene(gong). I was gradually falling in love with my culture


Emeka and I just finished eating our launch as we were prepared to go for our dance lessons. We didn’t want to disturb kimkom so we decided to leg it to the dancing place.

Immediately we got there, we saw some group of boys fighting our team mate, we thought the fight wasn’t that serious until two guys opened fire as they were shooting spontaneously in the air.

All I could remember was I entered a bush with some guys and started running till I came out of the bush entering another pathway. I noticed I was the only one in that pathway as I continued running to no place in particular.

Suddenly I heard someone

“stop there, stop there, stop there” a male voice commanded

I froze in fear and turned to face the person

The man held me in my collar immediately

“so you are one of those boys that use to come and steal yam, cassava and fruits from this farm” the bold voice said

“(in fear)no ooo no sir, I didn’t come to steal, am running for my life”

“taaaa,” a very hot slap landed on my cheek

“(crying) pls sir, am not a thief” I said in tears

“after today, you will serve as an example to your other partners”

He huge man dragged me and continued beating me like a thief, I nearly died

Minutes later we arrived a compound, quiet big as he tied my two hands to a tree and went inside to bring something

“God pls help me, is this how I will die, oh I told my dad I don’t want to come to the village. My mum, Cindy, chioma, Hannah oh God pls help me” I prayed in lamentation

The man finally came out with two long cane and a cutlass

“pls oga, pls sir am not a thief, I was only running for my life”

“whoop, whoop whoop” he was flogging me without mercy.

At a time he started hitting my head on the tree. I was already covered with my own blood and tears.

He brought out the cutlass and asked me a stunning question

“do you want to loss your right hand or your manhood??”

“oh sir pls, if I die my blood will be on your head ooo and my father will wipe out the whole of you family” didn’t know when that came out of my mouth

“taaa shut your mouth what can a father of a thief do” he said and raised the cutlass up.
Suddenly the gate opened and two girls came inside

“uncle!!!!!” The both girl shouted as they ran towards him

“leave me alone let me deal with this thief”

“Jake!!!! Is this you” younger one of the girls asked

I turned to see my one and only chioma

“chioma” I said weakly

“do you know this thief???” The man asked putting down the cutlass

“yes… ooooohhh uncle why, Jake is not a thief” chioma cried out untiring me

“pls tell him not to kill me” I said slowly with my last strength

“who is this Jake” her uncle asked

“uncle this is Jake madu the son of Chief madu omeluora one of itolu”

“Jesus” the other girl shouted

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“chioma pls take me to a hospital, am dying” I said with my last strength as I passed out

“ahh uncle you have killed someone’s child”

“(with great fear)shhhhh are you sure of what you just said, chief madu’s son”

“uncle lets take him to the hospital this boy is dying” the other girl cried out

“am coming, let me get a vehicle. Chioma go inside and get me some money” her uncle said and ran out of the compound while chioma ran inside the house to get money.

In no time she came out as she and her elder sister lifted Jake up

<phone ringing> Jakes phone was ringing

The girls looked at each other in fear

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To be continued…..