Agony of Chioma Episode 62


“are you alright” a voice spoke behind chioma, she turned to see a young man standing at her back..

“oh… Am alright” she said faking a smile

“hope you don’t have a problem because I don’t mind helping you” he said giving her back her phone

“thanks for your care am ok” she said walking away as fast as she could

“do you mind giving me your number??”

Few minutes later, she got home and found her sister eating, she just finished cooking.

“welcome chioma..”

“thanks sister” she managed to say

“your food is in the pot, is anything the problem?? You don’t look bright”

“(deep breath) while coming back home I received a call and the caller said he is chinedu”

“he is chinedu?? As in how I don’t get what you are saying”

“am telling that mba Michael chinedu called me, the one who died in Malaysia”

“what!!!! Are you kidding me”

“am not joking, when he told me he was the one my phone fell off and it’s still off till now”

“oh my God so he didn’t die???”

“how sure are you, don’t you know ghost Call people. He can’t be alive not after his burial in the village…no no no” chioma lamented

“hmm it’s possible that he didn’t die I have seen casses like that. You know what, just put on your phone and wait for his call again”

“Hmmm… I just hope I was dreaming or imagining something chinedu alive???” she said switching on her phone.

About an hour later it was already dark, chioma was sleeping on a chair in their room when her phone started ringing and it was still that strange number. She picked it and started recording the call

“who is on the line??”

“you didn’t save my number, it’s Michael Pls don’t be scared am much alive”

“Michael?? You are alive??”

“am very much alive, it’s a long story pls we really need to see, I came into Nigeria two days ago and I have heard everything. Where are you???”

“am in Lagos, am presently in my house training program, I graduated this year”

“wow Lagos?? That very good, congratulations my dear. It’s good you are in Lagos because I can’t take the embarrassment I will get if I step my legs in itolu”

“where are you now???”

“(deep breath) am in a friend’s house at Apapa, where do you stay”

“I live with my sister at Ikeja”

“good Amaka Now resides in Lagos, so where and when can we meet”

“Hmmm… Tomorrow is Saturday and am going to work, Sunday will be good after church”

“Sunday? Ok no problem. Should I send you my address or you give me yours”

“no no… Let’s make it official choose an open venue”

“OK.. I get you are afraid?? No problem you know I don’t know anywhere in Lagos so choose a place”

“Ermm tell your friend to help you locate Ikeja shopping mall, we would meet there”

“OK.. No problem arrhh”

“what’s the problem??”

“oh nothing, save my number we will meet on Sunday by what time??”

“2pm is ok”

“fine fine.. Ok bye talk to you later my love” he said waiting for a reply but didnt get any as chioma ended the call…

“oh God what sort of trouble is this, so chinedu is alive?? Double problem. Chinedu is a stubborn type same as Jake especially towards me.. God help me” she lamented

Amaka returned from where she went to and chioma narrated everything to her and even played the audio record of their call….

“hmm.. That’s OK chioma this is not a situation you should be afraid of or lament”

“should I call Jake and tell him?? ”

“eh!!!.. Are you insane, you want to cause war. I know Jake very well he may suspend his schooling just to come over to Lagos. This situation is very easy to tackle”

“you think it’s easy as you think?? You don’t know chinedu oo”

“OK this is what will happen, don’t mention anything concerning chinedu to Jake, then you also tell chinedu you have moved on with another person after mourning his death” amaka said

“hmm well I just pray it works, I don’t want trouble”

“but chioma which of the boys do you truly love, I mean true love”

“I love Jake very much but I once loved chinedu”

“all good, what I want to tell you is to use your brain”

Chioma didn’t tell Jake anything about chinedu all through their chat and calls during the weekend. Sunday came, the day was a bit cloudy but later brightened up. Chioma and her sister returned from church before she started preparing for her meeting with chinedu. At exactly 2:23pm chioma was at the shopping mall waiting. She had waited for ten minutes when chinedu showed up…

“wow… Chioma is this you??” chinedu shouted coming to give her a hug but she kind of adjusted back. “cmon I don’t like this, am not a ghost… Ok touch me”

Chioma held his hand but nothing happened, she gave out a little smile before he hugged her for some seconds..

“like seriously you are still alive, what really happened??”

“sweetheart that’s not something we should talk here. Wow this mall is really big, let’s just go and relax there” he said pointing at a chicken republic fast food that was in the mall

“OK no problem let’s go” she said while chinedu held her hand…

“What would you like to have” a waitress ask as soon as they sat down in a convenient place..
“you have chicken and chips??”

“yes sir”

“OK get me a plate, baby what would you like to have”

“a cup of ice cream will do”

“is that all you want??”

“yes” she said nodding her head
In less than ten minutes their orders were supplied.

“my one and only let’s eat, we have lots of things to talk”

“Hmmm.. Your one and only??, am someone’s wife oooo”

“(surprise look) how do you mean???”

“(laughing) Nedu let’s leave that and talk… So tell me what really happened”

“hmm… It’s a long long story.. You know before I went to Malaysia I had this friend Joe I don’t know if you can remember him”

“some how, the name look familiar what did he do”

“he helped me with this connection to go to Malaysia and he introduced me to his cousin. His cousin told me that Malaysia was a good

place to make cool money very quickly and I was desperate In making money just for you”

“for me?? But I never fought you for money”

“you won’t understand chioma.. Joe’s cousin said for me to come over to Malaysia that I must raise at least 800 thousand for my visa and ticket. In three months I raised the money, my visa was ready and I left for Malaysia. Ahhh” he said holding his abdominal region

“what’s the problem”

“am OK… Just sharp pains”

“do you have injury there??”

“I sustained an injury before I was deported”

“oh my God… What have you done about it” she said raising his top to see an untidy dressed up sore “jeez… What happened to you???”

“on the day I was released from prison I was engaged in a fight with a mate and he stabbed me”

“you are always fighting, why didn’t they treat you, this is very risky”

“I was treated and deported at same time, the doctor manage to give me two injection and a kit of materials for me to dress the wound on my own”

“oh s–t… And look at what you dressed up, why didn’t you visit a hospital as soon as you got to Nigeria”

“I thought the treatment given to me at Malaysia was enough so I just needed to change the plaster and clean the wound”

“Noo.. This is unhygienic and dangerous, was an injection given to you in Malaysia??”

“Yea, they called it Tetani something ”

“clostridium Tetani? ”

“something like that”

“OK… No problem just go to a clinic and dress the wound properly”

“aren’t you a nurse?? Pls help me to dress it properly”

“it’s not something that can done once, you have to visit a hospital regularly till the sore is gone”

“OK fine, I will give you transport money can you be coming to Apapa To Help me dress it… Please”

“hmm well that’s after work ooo and it won’t be everyday”

“that’s not a problem… Thrice weekly is OK right?? ”

“sort of… So the conclusion of the matter is that you were engaged in an illegal business and you got imprisoned”

“Yea, I was set up while trying to do a drug transaction so I was shot at my arm and everyone thought I was dead. After five years I was released through the connection of this my friend am staying with now and deported got immediately”

“well sorry for everything, I hope you have learnt your lessons??”

“haha Yea,, I wont do bad business again”

“good boy, good for you. What do you intend doing in Nigeria now to take care of your problems ”

“well it’s not as if I am that stranded or broke, I have over 20million with this my friend but he want to fix me as a managing director In one of his offices in Lagos”

“wow… Good of him”

“how is that Jake of a boy?? He should be out of the country now right”

“(feeling uncomfortable) not really, you know we attended same university he is in his final years”

“OK good for him, chioma I really miss you ooo. Remember before I left I told you to give me a memorable gift and I demanded for sexx , you told me you were a virgin and you don’t want to lose it and I knew you were lying because you are cheap and easy to get and Jake had bragged about he sleeping with you countless of time. Ok later on I pleaded with you but you gave me same excuse two consecutive times that you were on your menstrual flow, I also swallow that”

“chinedu are trying to insult me or what???” she said angrily

“not at all, am just saying. I will test you the address to where I stay so you can come tomorrow”

“never expect me in your house fool” she shouted standing to leave

“why are you angry?? Tho I didn’t still believe Jake because I know that guy could do anything to get fame or whatever he wants… Anyway old things are passed away, am back for us to continue from where we stopped” he said coldly but he could see tears forming in her eyes..

“for your information am already engaged to someone else and am not interested in your relationship anymore”

“OK stop crying am sorry if I have offended you, forget about the relationship stuff all I need now is a proper treatment so I could start work”

“(teary) find someone else am not coming, you had the guts to insult me, why am I still talking to you” she said angrily and walked out of the fast food”

“(laughing) look at her, am I lying about what I said. She thinks I haven’t heard about her affair with Jake while I was in the prison, after eating my money she will just go freely I must enjoy my money back but how do I achieve that???” he said while he was thinking “confirm, I will keep begging her to forgive me and I trust chioma she will definitely forgive me then I will convince her to be coming to the house to dress my wound but I will still behave like a good guy so she won’t suspect what I have in mind then after sometimes when she must have trusted me I will do what’s in my mind… Hahahaha don’t mess with Malaysian boys” he said finishing up his drink and stood up to leave….


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to be continued…..