Agony of Chioma Episode 61


Jake really felt happy for chioma but at the same time sad that he would be away from her for a whole year but he can’t be an obstruction to her progress so he just have to endure. Paulo was also going to do his house training with chim at port Harcourt, Emeka on the other hand graduated last year and he is almost through with his youth service…

The school had gone on vacation but the final year students were not on vacation as they were preparing seriously and attended classes for their final mbbs examination by next year.

Jake got up angrily from his bed after his alarm clock sounded, he had barely slept for two hours after returning from the night reading class. He glanced at the wall clock which was reading past 8am. He said his prayers, did some exercise before going to take his bath

He got to the university of Nigeria teaching hospital UNTH enugu, thinking he was already late when he met his colleagues parading around..

“Ikenna Howfar una never start class”

“Dr dike never come, me just dey study this diagram” Ikenna said showing Jake a picture of the brain

“Mtcheew… This man should come fast na you know today is the last day am to see chioma, she will be going to Lagos tomorrow” Jake said checking his time

“oh that’s true… Men you will miss chioma ooo”

“guy no be small, she never go but I don dey miss am”

“Hahaha funny you..”

“hello jake” nneka interrupted ikenna

“nneka howfar”

“dear am fine and you??”

“dope… How is aminat??”

“she is in the emergency ward… Sir Ikenna Whatsup na”

“can’t you see the prof is trying to grab something” Jake teased

“oh.. Sorry prof” nneka said smiling

“look at them, make una dey whine una papa oooo”


They were still talking when doctor Dike Akandu Michael entered the class where they were. They quickly settled down on seeing him, but the class was incomeplete.

They were about 84 medicine and surgery student but not up to 50 were present…

“Good morning class”

“good morning sir”

The elderly doctor looked around the class before taking a maker and wrote on the white board “ACHONDROPLASIA”

“we will be talking on achondroplasia today, before we continue where is aminat??”

“emergency ward sir” nneka spoke out

“hope she is alright??”

“I think so sir”

“ok.. I know this word is not new to any of you so who can tell me what is achondroplasia”

Everyone was looking at each other before raising up their hands…

“wow so many hands, tell us jake”

Jake stood up reluctantly before speaking

“achondroplasia is a medical condition also known as disproportionate dwarfism caused by the mutation of the Fibroblast growth factor receptors 3 before birth”

” go on” doctor dike said moving around

“achondroplasia is coupled with retarded growth, short muscular limbs resulting to dwarfism, large and protruding head…”

“nice, good attempt. Jake can achondroplasia be corrected??”

“erm sir I don’t know about that,”

“can anyone tell me??” doctor dike asked. After some minutes of silence a guy stood up from the back

“I don’t think mutation can be corrected because mutation is a permanent alteration of the nucleotide sequence of the genome of an organism DNA or RNA leading to the transformation of such organism”

“Hmmm nice… May I know your name again”

“am Jude sir”

“very good… Anyway I expected you people to lecture me on achondroplasia but seems you guys are not reading. See you in the next class” doctor dike said and left the class

“pheeew” Jake said packing his books . He stood up heading out of the room when aminat entered and announced

“we are having surgery class, a family was just brought in , they were robbed and sustained bullet injuries”

“oh f–k!!!!” Jake shouted

“haha chioma Abi… Better come and face your future” Ikenna whispered to him before leaving. After some seconds he went to the rest room to change.


The time was 12pm , chioma was already prepared to go see Jake. She was dressed in a red gown coupled with a red sandals and a red small bag. Her king has loaded her with lots of cash so she boarded a taxi straight to enugu. She got to Jake’s hostel but he wasn’t around, she dialed his number and Jake told her to have little patience for him. Finally by 2pm he showed up looking stressed up

“am so sorry for wasting your time” he said peaking her

“(smiles) am not angry, how was school??”

“stressful, we had an emergency surgery class by 10 and it has not been that long we finished. A family of seven was attacked by robbers and they were all injured by gun shots. Unfortunately we lost two of them but five survived after removing series of bullets from them.”

“oh.. That’s disastrous, Kudos for the successful five hope you learnt something today??”

“sure.. Surgery procedures of removing bullets”

“that’s my king.. Let’s go inside” she said dragging Jake inside..

“your dress is gorgeous”

“thanks dear… I brought you food since this is the last time we would be seeing till further notice”

“wow…. What did you bring for me???”

“your favourite spaghetti and beef sauce”

“oh my God… Let’s consume it”

“Hahaha… No problem”

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They both ate together like couples but Jake was really feeling bad same as chioma. The probability of Jake coming to see her at Lagos was low due to his academic schedule..

“the food was great… My queen is a great cook”

“haha and my king is a great eater he can eat my food for Africa”

“Hahaha…. Chi mummy, I don’t know when next we will meet ooo so give your boy that stuff last last”

“(mood changes) am sorry dear I really wish we could do it but am on my monthly flow”

“(sad mood) too bad, anyway no problem. We could do it some other time. But is that why you wore red throughout”

“Hahaha naughty boy not at all”

“am not ooo. Just asking”

“my king promise me one thing”

“what’s that??”

“can you keep yourself for me?? And stay off those girls I know they are looking at you” she said with a pity face

Jake moved closer to her, crossed his left hand over her neck…..

“(clearing throat) my queen we have gone too far for me to do that, don’t you trust me at all”

“I trust you.. You Know women will always be women”

“hmm.. True no problem I promise”

“that’s my king.. You mentioned something like we have gone too far, how do you mean”

“hope you still remember how we met??? That glowing morning”

“no I can’t remember, remind me”

“are you kidding me?? If you say so.. That day was my first day in almond school of science, I was getting confused on the right way when I met you… (smile) you were still small then na but not too small sha”

“Haaa what do you mean small that’s about 7 to 8 years ago I wasn’t that small”

“lol abi… When I asked you a question concerning the school alarm you were forming for me though I didn’t care because your beauty engrossed me”

“Hahaha.. Jake!!! That’s because I didn’t know you na but I told you to follow me then we got to the entrance of the assembly hall and we were punished for late coming, then you proved to those senior student WHST you were made of”

“Hahahaha those senior wanted to try me but I became a saviour to others”

“that’s true I remember vividly”

“when I told you if you could be my girlfriend how did you feel”

“hmm well I was feeling happy but don’t know how to reply you tho I already felt something for you”

“(smiles) let me tell you one truth you won’t believe, you are the first person and still the only person I have true love for”

“Hmmm big lie”

“I know you won’t believe”

They discussed about so many things before she later left by 7pm. Chioma arrived Lagos successfully the next day though it was a bit late when she got to her sisters house at Ikeja. In less than a week she started her house training at St Emmanuel’s hospital isolo where her sister works.

Everything was going smoothly for chioma and her sister, she was loved by everyone in her neighbourhood and where she works. It’s already three months in Lagos and she was enjoying her house training and the hospital was making good comments about her, but something happened on a fateful day.

Chioma had a stressful day at the hospital and was returning home, she barely had gotten to Ikeja when a strange number started calling her, she just decided to pick with the hope that it was an important call.

“good evening Pls who is on the line”

“chioma!! Wow”

“Pls who is this??” she asked because the voice kind of looked familiar

“you won’t believe who is online, but I really need to see you”

“who the hell are you??? Don’t you have a name” she shouted

“I don’t really want to scare you, it’s me mba michael chinedu your one and only on the line”

“Jesus!!!!!!!!” chioma shouted as her phone dropped to the ground while everyone looked at her surprisingly….


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to be continued….