Agony of Chioma Episode 63



Every one in the chamber was dressed in red robe and a black scarf, smoke was bubbling from all corner of the chamber. A very long table was in the middle of the members who were antagonistic to each other. Lord zukaka was sitting on his giant chair but was backing the members because most of them were not qualified to see his face…..

“yayayakuduyaaaaa” lord zukaka sang

“yayayakuduyaaaaa” they repeated the song

“The great brothers of the brotherhood”

“lord zukaka the great” they responded uniformly

“Chief amadu where is your dues??”

Chief amadi walked some distance away and dragged two bodies to the long table at the center.

“lord zukaka these are my dues of two virgin girls”

“Hahahaha you are a humble servant”

Immediately a red beam of light showed on the two girls who were lying on the table and they vanished….

“(Angry mood) Chief madu hahahahahaha your death is coming soon buts it is going to be a slow one, the strange girl still partake of your money and your son is planning to marry her anytime soon. Your punish for not being able to man your house is”

“Pls Pls Pls lord zukaka, I have tried all I could to separate those two, it was even in the process of doing that I developed this my present health condition that requires me to change my blood twice in a month. Pls can’t you give me another option other than death.”

“hmm Hmmm… You have only one option!!! Which is to sacrifice your only daughter and after which you will sacrifice your wife in the next three years”

“Haaa… Lord Pls are there not other ways out?? Pls I can’t afford to lose my only daughter”

“then you can afford to die. Your death is coming slowly and painfully” lord zukaka said angrily as something like thunder struck Chief madu.

Chioma and her sister had gone to bed after she narrated all that happened to her sister. Her sister was not that angry with chinedu, she just took it as a jealous talk. Chioma was woken up by the call chinedu by after 5am..

“why are you disturbing me by this time eh I have told you it’s over between us”

“chioma that’s not why am calling, my sore is bleeding seriously and am feeling like am vibrating Pls come and help me check it” he sounded like who was going to die

“oh my gosh, your wound is contaminated quickly visit a hospital”

“Apapa is not that far Now, I can’t walk, Pls why don’t you come to save me before I die” he said gasping for breath

“OK OK easy is your friend not around??”

“he is beside me now, pls chioma do this last thing for me pls”

“OK OK send your address, I will be coming with my sister and two of her friends” chioma said trying to decode his intentions

“OK no problem thank you chioma” he said groaning before ending the call

“hmm he doesn’t have an evil intentions, but my sister will still accompany me” she said tapping her sister who was next to her on the bed

“oooo.. Chioma what is it??”

“chinedu called, he is having some health complications and needs me to help him out”

“(sleepy voice) are you a hospital, tell him to go to the hospital”

“sister he can’t walk, am willing to help him I just want you to accompany me to his house” she said while her phone made a pop sound

“chioma I thought you had matured upstairs I don’t know that your brain is still milk.. So you still want to go to his house Hmmmm if anything happens to you, my hand is not there. Today is Monday and I have to prepare for work”

“Pls, that’s why I said you should follow me, at least let me pay him this last Price”

“(angry mood) I don’t blame you,. Find I will follow you, but won’t spend more than ten minutes there”

“no problem sister”

An hour later, chioma and her sister was set for work. Their plan was to first visit chinedu and from there they would go to work. They got to chinedu’s house by quarter to 7am..

«door bell»«ding dong»

Few seconds later a young guy opened the door

“good morning” chioma and her sister greeted

“are you chioma??”

“yes am chioma”

“oh.. Come in” the guy said making way for them to go in. He took them to the room where chinedu was lying

“thank you very much chioma” chinedu said on seeing them.

She quickly wore a latex gloves and ordered for the kit given to chinedu in Malaysia before he was deported. She took some necessary things she needed from the kit and gently cleaned up the wound before applying some other things before sealing up the wound. The region where he sustained the injury was now looking tidy and clean, her dressing was superb.

“chioma thank you once again, I really appreciate”

“chinedu that’s OK, this is one of the things I should do for you”

“sorry Nedu, thank God you are still alive” amaka added

“thanks amaka, how is work??”

“work is fine, we thank God”

“that’s nice, won’t you like to eat something??” chinedu asked trying to stand up from the bed that he was lying on.

“oh thanks, we are in a hurry to go to work and beside we ate before coming”

“OK if you say so no problem”

“chinedu we would be on our way now” amaka said

“OK. So chioma when next are you coming to change the plaster”

“that should be on Wednesday night, I will branch here from work”

“OK I will be expecting you”

“no problem, Nedu Pls don’t allow water to get into the sore and don’t stress yourself too much”

“OK nurse lemme escort you people” chinedu said as he managed to stand up.

He got to the downstairs sitting room of the house and introduced his friend to chioma and amaka and they exchanged pleasantry.

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Chioma kept visiting chinedu with one day interval, he was getting better swiftly and getting fond of each other again. Whenever chioma comes to visit him, chinedu and his friend will beg her to prepare food for them, being a good girl she cooked lot of food and stored them in the freezer and they really appreciate her effort. Two weeks later chinedu sore was dried up and he was fit again, he took chioma shopping and other places for fun.


“thanks once more for all you have been doing for me but I think it’s time for us to end all these, the services am rendering to you is over so we should just move on” chioma said looking into his eyes

“(sighed) I understand, but I would like to ask you a question. Why do you prefer Jake over me??”

“(jaw dropped) it’s not as if I prefer Jake but my heart lies with Jake, he is the key to my heart and I want to spend the rest of my life with him”

“(scoffs) Hmmm, no problem with that, it’s good for a person to follow his or her heart and it’s obvious you like Jake so much… But chioma I love you even though you didn’t choose to stay with me but let’s be close friends”

“close friends on what ground”

“you know what I mean”

“sorry chinedu that can’t work, it’s a sin and Jake wouldn’t like to See Me around you Infact if I get to tell him that you are alive and living in Lagos he may change my house training location. So chinedu I think this is going to be our last meeting” she said arranging her bag to leave

“OK chioma no offenses, let’s just keep being normal friends and forget the dating aspect and I promise to be a good guy”

“OK fine we are normal friends no problem am OK with that”

“thank you very much, let me take you home”

“OK thanks”

Chioma and chinedu continued their friends at a normal level and was going fine. About a month later chinedu introduced a girl to chioma as the lady he wants to marry, chioma was really happy for them and the girl Amara really likes chioma alot. She visits chioma on regular basis and wants to always be with chioma, she learnt lot of things from chioma including cooking and other things, everything was going well not until one friday evening when chioma received a text from an unknown number who happens to be Amara

“dear (as she usually call chioma) am ending this relationship with chinedu, he hits me on daily basis and now he ceased my phones for me not to make or receive call and stopped me from going out. Am texting you with one of the maids phone and am planning to run away this night, Pls if there is anything you can do for him to release my phones to me Pls do”

Chioma was touched by the message so she immediately changed her schedule. Her duty was over in the hospital so she quickly changed into a casual cloth and headed straight to chinedu’s house at FESTAC….

She got to the house and met chinedu reading a magazine in the garden…

“wow who am I seeing??”

“(faking a smile) yea it’s me”

“a sudden visit, hope all is well”

“chinedu all is not well where is Amara??”

“Amara?? Mtcheew she went down the street to get something for herself”

“chinedu what’s wrong with you, why would you have to treat Amara like a slave?? She is your fiance for crying out loud”

“what!! Who told you this, how did you know we are having problems”

“(rolling eyes) ok fine she told me, why would you cease her phone and banned her from going out”

“fine chioma we have resolved all that some minutes ago and as soon as she comes back I will give her back her phone. Come to think of it how would you feel when you see your wife to be chatting romantically with another guy”

“it’s not her fault, at least you should take it easy with her and talk things over. Sometimes some guys can be ridiculous”

“that’s true but we have settled all of that and I have forgiven her, let’s go inside while we wait for her to return she went to purchase some personal belongings”

“OK no problem” she said following chinedu.

They went inside the house and chinedu went to bring a bottle of champagne and asked chioma to get the cups in the bar. Chioma got to the place were wine glass were kept in the bar and brought the first two cups she saw. Chinedu looked at the cups carefully and took out one of them introduced some champagne drink into the cup and served chioma before pouring some of the drink into the other cup and sipped from it…

“so chioma how was work today”

“work was fine and stressful” she said as she drank from her champagne making chinedu’s face lit up

“wow that’s good, you must be hungry let me tell the cook to prepare something for you??”

“oh.. No don’t bother, the drink is OK.. Hope the alcohol percentage isn’t that much”

“not at all, it’s mild”

“OK, and you how is work going??” she said as her eyelid closed gradually

“well everything is going well”

“this drink is very intoxicating” she said drinking from her cup

About three minutes later her eyes were shut as she rested helplessly on the bar chair.

“chioma! Chioma!! Chioma!!!” chinedu called out but got no response as she was very fast asleep

“wow… She is half gone” he said as he lifted and carried her upstairs to one of his rooms”

He laid her on the bed which was well decorated as she laid helpless in the bed

“am sorry chioma but I just have to do this. Am sorry for deceiving you, I composed those text by myself in order to make you come here. Amara is presently not in Lagos, I just have to do this since you didn’t give me the opportunity to do it on a normal level am sorry” he said sitting beside her…


“This is going to be a good period to bring chioma into the house and have my way with her since Amara is not in town. But how do I do this, even if I convinced her in coming to visit me will I rape her forcefully” he thought sipping from his red label.

“no no no that’s going to be bad, what if I drug her????… Hmm nice idea but chioma is wise, she won’t accept the drink because drugging her will be in her mind since we are alone”

“What do I do?? …. Hmmm idea idea idea.. Chai chinedu you are a bad guy, I have a plan THE FALSE MESSAGE” he said in an excited manner.


chioma was putting on a casual wear a pencil trouser and a shirt, he gentle unbuttoned her shirt one after the other till the shirt was open viewing her brassier which was black in colour. Chinedu sighed as he saw her glowing fair b—-t, he got to the lower region and unhooked chioma’s Jeans trouser viewing her short Nika undies. He sighed again and pulled down the nika viewing her reproductive anatomy….

[dramatic song ?]

The drug was too hard on chioma that she was deeply asleep without moving any of her body part.

“Should I do this??” chinedu said looking at chioma helpless body lying on the bed.

“no no, this is the last opportunity I have, chioma forgive me” he pulling down his short. He was about positioning her well when he started hearing an iPhone ring tune from her jeans trouser. He fetched for the phone and saw the caller “my king” and Jake’s picture was on it

“d–n…” he said throwing the phone to the bed….


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to be continued….