Agony of Chioma Episode 59


Jake came out of his room dressed in a simple manner, he was wearing a Louis Vuitton top and a jeans short coupled with a Prada pam. He went downstairs to the sitting room and saw Cindy watching a TV series.

“hi Cindy”

“hi… Where are you off to”

“I want to visit the boutique, Pls accompany me”

“boutique?? But you must buy me something”

“OK no problem let’s go” Jake said

Cindy went upstairs to change into something better before coming back to join Jake. They both used their mum’s Prado jeep for their outing.

“Jake why do you want to go to the boutique because I know you don’t lack clothes or wears”

“and so, what if I still want to get more clothes”

“hmm OK ooo”

“am going shopping for chioma” Jake said turning into another street in the estate

“hmm.. You and chioma, you guys love is very strong”

“yea stronger than rock if you don’t mind”

“haha.. Bro is she a full breed??”

“full breed as in how??”

” I mean is she an half cast?”

“half cast?? Noo why do you ask”

“she is too fair, I was going through her facebook photos last night so I thought she was a half cast”

“yea. She is very fair but she is a typical enugu woman full breed”

“hmm.. I can’t wait to see her ooo”

“for once won’t you come to see your grandma??, come to enugu and you will see her”

“that’s a nice idea bro, I will tell dad and mum that I want to see grandma then I will stay for two weeks before going back to school”

“good, she is very friendly and she will be happy to see you because she do ask of you”

“Hmmm.. Wow, bro am coming next week”

“no problem. So as I was saying last night I have something to discuss with you concerning dad and chioma”

“dad and chioma?? What is it about”

Jake narrated everything from the unset to Cindy while she really felt bad for chioma and felt really angry for her dad”

“must dad always tell us who to marry or date?? That was how he said i was going to marry Charles Chief Alfred son”

“the one in UK??”

“yeh and I really hate that boy so much, I have told him it can’t work”

“dad is our big problem in that house” Jake said driving into a boutique while they alighted and went into the boutique.

Cindy aided Jake in selecting nice dresses, shoes, bags and some fancy slippers for chioma. Cindy also collect two shoes and top before Jake went to pay for everything they bought. They journeyed back home, discussing lots of things about their family. That same evening Jake saw his father reading newspaper so he decided to go and tell him about his journey back to enugu the next day.

“dad, I will be going back to enugu tomorrow morning I just came to inform you”

“oh… No problem son, sanni and I will take you to the airport tomorrow before I go to work”

“ok dad no problem , good night”

“good night son” his father muttered focusing on his news paper

At exactly 8:40am the next morning Jake was already at the airport. He was about going to board when his dad said something

“won’t you give daddy a hug??”

“oh… am sorry dad” Jake said going to hug his father. They hugged each other while chief madu rubbed his hand all over Jakes back before he released him to board. As soon as Jake left Chief smiled

“finally it is done, sorry son but dad have to do this” he said turning to enter his vehicle while sanni drove off.

Jake later arrived enugu about 50 minutes later. He hired an uber to take him home, he kept his luggage in grandma’s house as soon as they got there. he kept his luggage and instructed the uber driver to take him to chioma’s house


Jake paid off the uber driver and entered into the compound. He got to the main building and knocked on the door.

“come in” a voice said from inside

He opened the door and entered inside the house. Immediately chioma saw him, she stood up from where she was sitting and ran to hug him..

“Jake!!!!” she shouted hugging him but immediately she disengaged from him as some sort of shock ran through her…

“what happened??” Jake ask surprisingly with the way she disengaged.

“nothing” she said stepping back

“are you such nothing is wrong with you?”

“nothing…. I need to rest now, just go and come back later”

“chioma??? I don’t think this is you talking, ok what of my spaghetti and beef sauce”

“I haven’t cook it, just come back in the evening” she said while Jake reluctantly agreed and left and Chioma locked the door and rested on it.


Immediately I hugged Jake, I felt something like electric pass through me, I started feeling dizzy and nauseous. I left the sitting room to my bedroom to catch some sleep because I wasn’t getting myself anymore .


I walked out of the compound very confused, I didn’t know what came over her immediately we hugged. I sniffed my shirt and it was only smelling of perfume. I stopped a bike and told him my destination while we zoomed off.

I got home and was really confused and couldn’t explain what happened, I brought out my phone and quickly typed in the name of my perfume in a search engine if it has a neuro effect or spiritual effect on people but all my effort was abortive, I finally gave up and slept off.

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TIME CHECK==16:42pm

Jake woke up, stretching his hands and legs. He quickly fetched his phone and dialed chioma’s number but she wasn’t picking. He entered the bathroom to refresh before dressing up.

“Jake won’t you eat before going out” his grandma questioned while he was about leaving the house.

“Ermm mama I will eat when I come back”

“nsogbu adiro(no problem) bye bye”

Jake entered his vehicle, Gave it some light warming before he went to open the gate and drove out.. He arrived at chioma’s compound while his heart was palpitating, he entered the compound only to see chioma sitting outside.

“good evening” Jake greeted while she snubbed him

“my queen where have I offended you” Jake said almost going on his kneels.

“nothing, just leave me alone, I want to be alone” she said removing Jakes hand from her body..

Jake distanced himself away from her and started thinking if he had done anything wrong to her. He was still thinking and studying her when his phone started ringing. Cindy was the person calling

“hello Cindy, whatsup”

“Jake there is fire on the mountain”

“fire as in how??”

“(panting) a call just came from daddy’s office that he shouted and fell down. He was rushed to the hospital and the doctor said he has no blood at all”

“what?? Where is mum now”

“she has gone to the hospital to see dad”

“Haa with her unstabled health ??”

“that’s it, am on my way to the hospital, just pray for dad”

“ok dear I will” Jake said while the call ended. He looked at chioma before standing up to leave.


Immediately Jake left, I felt something going away from my body and I came back to my right senses. “what have I done??” I asked no one. I ran outside the compound to meet up with Jake but he was already gone. My battery was low so I couldn’t call him, I felt like going to his house but I hesitated. “what came over me”

Two hours later Jake was lying on his bed thinking of so many things when his phone started ringing

“Cindy how is daddy doing”

“(sobbing) worst, worst.. The doctor said that daddy has a chronic blood infection and for him to live he must be changing his blood every two weeks”

“what the hell!!!! Changing of blood?? Every two weeks”

“exactly, mummy is in serious tension now, aunty Janet is already on her way to the hospital so we could take her home to get some rest”

“Pls Cindy, take care of mum I don’t want anything bad to happen to her”

“I will try my best, I don’t really understand what’s happening in our family I think we should visit a prophet”

“that’s true Cindy, even chioma just automatically hated me immediately I came back and I didn’t do anything to her”

“just like that???”

“Yea, Infact my head is full I want to sleep. Take care of mum I will call you tomorrow”

Jake laid on his bed and started crying, his family was in a state of hoax and needed God’s intervention.

He cried throughout the night without even sleeping. Chioma started calling him by past 11pm but he snubbed her calls, she called about forty times and sent lots of messages but he didn’t reply any of them. At exactly 1am Jake went on his kneels and started praying to God almighty to save his family mostly especially his mother because with what Is happening she might just give up. He later drifted into a deep sleep after making his prayers……

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to be continued…….