Agony of Chioma Episode 60


Jake woke up a bit late the next morning which was a sunday, he was having slight headache due to his sad and teary mood last night. He said his prayers before unlocking his phone to see about 50 missed calls from chioma

“did she put the call in auto mood” jake shouted on seeing the missed calls

“am not going to call her, I didn’t do anything to her and she took offences. Am also going to start snubbing her” Jake said hissing.
Later in the day around 10pm , chioma was still calling and sending lots of text to Jake, so he decided to scare her. He opened his text message and started composing a text.

” chioma I loved you with all my heart but you are turning me down. I didn’t offend you but you just turned against me, I have made up my mind to find love somewhere else. Am leaving enugu as I type to you now, am going outside the country, the university of Nigeria will send a letter to my new school in California for me to continue from my level. I think my father will be happy now, chioma take care and I pray you find a better partner” Jake smiled before sending the message to her after which he switched his phone off…

“I have been the one suffering and begging, I think it’s her turn” Jake said picking his car keys

“mama I have something to attend to and it’s very important. If anyone comes to look for me tell the person that am not in town” Jake said carrying his mini travelling bag

“neto where are you going to??”

“OK am going to a nearby town to run somethings for dad”

“with travelling bag, ok when are you coming back”

“IN three days time. Mama I have to go because am already late” he said leaving the house.

He kept his mini travelling bag at the back seat of His vehicle before zooming off to where he had in mind to go.

Jake arrived Enugu city two hours later, he entered into a compound, parked his car and dialed a number.

“hello, am presently in your compound”

“oh.. Am coming right away to pick you up” a voice said while the call ended

Chioma’s side of the story==

I was lying on my bed, feeling sad and lonely because I was too weak to go to church, suddenly my phone made a pop sound. I fetched for the phone and saw a text message from my Jake, my heart enlighten immediately. I opened the message with all excitement just to read a heart broken message from Jake.

My head went blank after reading the messages, it was as if I was dreaming. I used my hand to wipe off my eyes before reading the message again. I dialed Jakes number but it was switched off, I quickly changed my clothes and dashed to Jake’s house.
<door opens>

“good afternoon who are you looking for” chinaza asked chioma who was knocking on the

“is Jake at home??”

“Jake?? No he is not, he has left the village as you can see his car is not here”

“(feeling sad) ok do you know any of his numbers??”

“am sorry I don’t have phone, pls he going because mama won’t like to see you here”

“(stammering) ok ok” she said and turned back to leave

Chioma went home, locked up herself and cried to sleep.
======= ======== =======

“my coolest man how far”

“bro am doing good ooo.. Wow your house is very beautiful”

“oh thanks Jakes, am just managing this apartment for the main time”

“I trust you, how is work??”

“well well work is fine, jake don’t you think you are putting that girl on high blood pressure”

“tello it’s just for three days and that’s all”

“hmm.. Well if you say so no problem you are highly welcomed”

Tello is Jake’s cousin from his mother side, he graduated from a university in Ghana two years ago and now resides in enugu.


Chioma called everyone she could call to know Jakes where about but it was to no avail as his numbers were switched off. The day went by as chioma noticed that she was getting sick.


“chioma, you haven’t eaten for three days now and your temperature is very high” her sister said touching her body

“(shivering) sister I need Jake, am missing him. I really needs him beside me”

“Haaa See Me see trouble … Where did you even say he went to??”

“he left me and travelled out of the country”

“why will he do such a thing”

“sister I caused it”

“chioma let’s go to the hospital before you die here, beside next tomorrow is my convocation”

“(shaking) all I need is jake”

As they were talking a knock landed on the door

“who is there, come in” amaka said

Jake walked in immediately with a pity face.


“what’s wrong with her??” he asked running towards chioma

“she is sick” amaka replied

They hugged each other passionately as they both kissed

“chioma am really sorry, I don’t mean to do that”

“Jake am sorry too I don’t know what came over me” she said hugging him again

“(sighed) chioma I hope you get well soon, your cure is here”

“cure?? As how, let’s go to the hospital”

“she was actually sick because of you, why will you give her a heartbreaking message”

“am really sorry, I didn’t travel anywhere I only went to stay with my cousin at enugu and switched off my phones” he said touching chioma’s face while they kissed again.

Two days later chioma was already fit medically and looking bright, she and Jake drove all the way from enugu to anambra for her sisters convocation which was really a happy day for them. The next week was a reunion party for Jake and chioma, all their friends and some family members were there including Cindy who arrived enugu that same day.

Chief madu has been discharged from the hospital but still on serious medications as his blood infection was still present. Mrs madu on the other hand had recovered drastically and well fit as she had resumed work.

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Jake and Cindy were at the balcony discussing.

“bro look at this pics, it’s very beautiful” Cindy said showing Jake a picture on her phone. It was a picture snapped on their reunion. Jake and chioma looked really cool as couples..

“wow.. The pics is cool, when did you snap it”

“how would you know when you were busy with her”

“Hahaha… Abi, the picture is cool send it to me”

They were still talking and trying to send the picture when a beautiful creature entered the compound…

“wow, my baby is here” Jake said standing up

“wow… Our wife”

“(smiling) Cindy how are you??”

“you didn’t ask me that, it’s cindy you are asking” Jake spoke out peaking her..

“oh am sorry my king, how are you?? ”

“am fine, hope my queen is doing good”

“very good” chioma replied

“welcome aunty chioma” said cindy

“just call me chioma or better still sister inlaw”

“Hahahahahahahahahahaha.. Exactly she is very right” Jake said

“(smiling) sister inlaw what would you like to eat??”

“dear I just ate before coming so am ok how is mama??”

“mama is not around, she went to church”

“OK that’s good”

“OK… If you say so. Cindy see you later, my queen and I want to have some privacy in my room”


“it’s no problem, you can have as much privacy as you need” Cindy said

“better pikin” Jake replied as he crossed his hands over chioma’s neck.

“(smiling) I just pray they end well, she will make a good sister inlaw.. I like her” Cindy said immediately they left


“you shouldn’t have ended the discussion that way” chioma said sitting on the bed

“dear forget it, I want to have time with you”

“Hmmm.. By the way why am I here in your room”

“(chuckles) does that require an explanation??.. cmon it’s been long we came together I mean since about four years ago”

“Hahaha, jake!! Ok fine but is it right doing it here??”

“this is my house am the male, nothing is wrong”

“OK oo.. But we will use protection ooo, I don’t want to get pregnant yet”

“oops I don’t have any here but I promise I won’t pour,”

“Jake let me ask you. If I get pregnant what will happen”

“well well I have told you, I want to marry you and am for real”

“(smiles) nice but I don’t still trust you”

Jake kissed her while they started kissing and smooching till they engaged in a foreplay. They unclad each other fondling like people who has been sexx starved. Jake gentle drove into her going slow and steady, she was a bit tight and nobody needed to tell Jake that his commodity was still untouched right from the day he used it last. After about three sweet rounds Jake came inside her mouth….

“wow…. Chioma you are hot”


Two years later chioma graduated with her five years degree certificate in nursing science, same as Paulo in radiography , chim in nursing science and many of their friends. The convocation was a blast, jake bought lots of things for chioma most especially a pure gold necklace from Dubai, he wore it on her neck and told her it was necklace signifying the love they shared.

Jake didn’t graduate as he had one extra year in the school since medicine was six years and not five…

“guess what my king”

“my queen I can’t guess now, pls tell me”

“OK am going to Lagos in one week time, am going to do my house training in the hospital to work as a lab scientist”

“Lagos??? Oh chioma my heart beat is degrading, I can’t afford to stay without you” Jake said with a teary voice

“sweetheart you will graduate next year and join me in Lagos, I too can’t stay without you. Don’t worry I will be coming to keep you company before I go”

“(sad voice) no problem, I wish next year would just come immediately”

“don’t worry dear everything will be fine. I have to go back home now, I came to collect something in the school and also see you before going… Bye my king”

“bye my queen” Jake said as he watched chioma walk away…..

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to be continued……