Agony of Chioma Episode 58


Early the next day, jake called chioma that he was leaving for Lagos, they talked and played for sometimes before the call ended.

10:45am Jake was in Akanu airport ready to board. Some minutes later he boarded and the plane took off. He arrived Lagos at twelve and took a taxi straight to his father’s house at LEKKI.

Everyone in the house was happy to see him back including the maids and servant.

“so you can’t tell me you are coming back” Cindy questioned as they both walked majestically into the building

“pardon me, many things were running through my mind….. How is mummy doing?”

“mummy is fine, she is resting in her room”

Immediately they entered the house, Jake rushed to go see his mum..


“come in” a voice said from inside

“good morning mum, how are you” Jake greeted as soon as he entered the room

“Jake!! Morning my sweetheart I miss you alot” his mum said hugging and touching his head

“I miss you more. How is your health now”

“am getting better, the doctor said I should have a month bed rest and take my medications properly. But am already better and strong”

“Yea mum you still need to rest, hepatitis is a viral infection of microbes leading to the inflammation of the liver. So you still need to rest and take your medications”

“that’s the doctor talking” Cindy chipped in

“Hahaha… Thank you doctor, how is school” his mum asked

“school is fine, with lots of work and stress”

“that’s how it should be” his mum said.

They talked about other things for over two hours, jake was very happy to be at home. He just finished eating when Cindy came to meet him at the dinning room…

“hope you enjoyed the food??”

“are you the one who cooked it”

“no am just asking”

“the food was good anyway.. Thanks”

“Yea.. So how have you been, you don’t even call me again”

“Cindy baby am doing good, you are now a grown woman ooo”

“you can say that again” she said smiling

“haha.. How is school??”

“school is going fine and urs”

“all good… Thank God”

“so jake who is she, the one on your facebook and whatsapp dp”

“oh… Chioma that’s my baby girl”

“hmm chioma wait wait is it that chioma that made you broke up with Hannah”

“Yea.. But she didn’t cause the break up, I just prefer her over Hannah”

“I see but I hope she is doing you well”

“such am ok with her”

“OK… She is really beautiful”

“don’t you trust your brother, I go for good things”

“hahaha of course I trust you”

The rest of the day was fun, my mum kept us company with her experience in USA. I later went out with my sister to flex and see old friends which made us came back a bit late. Not too long when I came back, my father summoned me in the garden..

“good evening dad”

“evening, how was your trip”

“it was good and swift”

“that’s very good. I called you out here for us to talk man to man”

“OK go on because I also have something to discuss with you”

“Jake, do you ever wish to be a poor boy”

“Nooo… I don’t wish to”

“good, then you must obey me. You may not understand what am doing now, but later you will understand”

“dad if it’s about leaving chioma that’s not possible ooo.. By the way is there any secret you are keeping from me concerning chioma”

“hmm… If I tell you now, you won’t understand”

“that’s OK, concerning the lies you told everyone about chioma being in India, why would you do such a thing”

“Jake my son, I also did that for same reason”

“tell me why I should stay away from chioma??”

“OK I met this prophet some times ago, he gave me a vision that a strong girl was about to break my home and he called her name chioma”

“break your home as in how?”

“he said this girl was trying all possible means to start dating you, then she would use her magical powers to pull my business down and I will become poor automatically and you know the most deadly thing. Any man who dates her will die shortly” Chief madu blew the bomb

Chief madu’s speech stunned Jake immediately making him surprised. Suddenly he remembered a statement chioma said to him sometimes ago
”you don’t mean it?? You can’t do without me?? Lies . Pls Jake don’t come here to convince me because our relationship can’t work again Incase I didn’t tell you, I have this bad spirit once you started dating me, you will die mysteriously hope you have heard of chinedu’s death” she said and her statement kind of stunned jake

“no no no this can’t be, dad tell me you are kidding”

“me kidding you, the prophet even said that all the people she dated in the past are dead”

Jake scratched his head before shaking it..

“so My son I don’t want anything to happen to the family or you, remember you are my only son”

“dad where is this prophet because I will like to see him”

“Haaa I don’t know ooo, I just saw him by the road side when he told me that”

“haba!!!! Dad I hope this isn’t part of your new lie technique?? Beside chioma is not forcing herself to date me, I fought to date her”

“how will your father be lying to you, am very serious”

“hmm you know what dad… My soul has been glued to chioma’s heart, I can’t leave her until I get good evidence. Even at that I won’t still leave her, it’s better I die for love” Jake said as he stood up and left his father in the garden

“people can be evil, what has this girl done to my son now he is ready to die on her matter”

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Jake couldn’t eat nor sleep that night, he laid on his bed thinking of what his father said. He was in a state of dilemma, chioma didn’t look like a Possessed or evil person but checking out from what his father said its looking as if it’s true

“Hmmm could this be true, chinedu dated her for about two years before he was killed in Malaysia” Jake said changing his lying position on the bed

“but come to think of it, that is the only death incident that has occurred, and it was due to his selfishness to make money”

“I could remember chioma told me I was the first guy to tell her about love, I was still the person that broke her virginity before chinedu came her way and probably that useless Jerry of a guy”

“Hmmmm am not believing my dad, he is into his great lies again” I said while my phone started ringing and someone knocking on the door.

I first looked at the wall clock and it was after 11pm, I looked at the caller to see chioma calling

“who is there” I asked

“Cindy, jake open up” she said hitting the door again.

I jumped out of bed and quickly opened the door while she entered

“bro your food is still in the microwave, why haven’t you eaten”

“dear never mind, am not just hungry”

“that’s a lie, you don’t look bright same as dad. I hope everything is alright”

“not that alright but we would talk tomorrow. I have a call to answer”

“hmm by this time who is that???…. Oh our Oyibo pepper chioma”

“(chuckle) you got it, see you tomorrow” Jake said while Cindy left the room.

The phone wasn’t ringing again probably she gave up since Jake wasn’t picking the call. Jake immediately called her

“my queen what’s up,”

“evening my king, am so sorry for not calling you a long time ago, I had a flat battery and our generator is not that ok. They just brought light some minutes ago” she said softly

“am not angry dear. How have you been”

“not too good, am already missing you”

“(smiles) same here dear, I just wish to come back soon to see you”

“you don’t sound bright hope all is well”

“Yea, all is well just had a stressful day”

“oh so sorry, maybe we should talk tomorrow while you rest”

“not at all let’s just keep talking”

“are you sure, I think you need to rest. By the way when are you coming back??”

“Ermm… I will be back next tomorrow that’s on Saturday so we could go to church on Sunday”

“Hmmm Okk ooo I will be expecting you oo What should I cook for you”

“hmm cook for me? But I didn’t give you any money”

” do you think I don’t have money??”

“OK am sorry, I heard you were the one who taught chim how to cook that spaghetti and beef sauce. So cook it for me”

“no problem my king, everything is on my head”

“that’s my baby girl… Goodnight and sweet dreams”

“good night Sweet dreams, extend my greetings to mum, dad and Cindy”

“hmm.. I will bye” Jake said and hanged up …

“my dad is a bloody d–n lair, so he wants me to loss this beautiful gold God gave me.. It won’t work”


Chief madu got dressed for work, had his breakfast before sanni his driver drove him to work. On that same day, Mr akanbi a well known importer and business tycoon came to visit his old friend.

“Ahhhh Mr akanbi limited nationwide, longest time” Chief madu said on seeing Mr akanbi entering his office

“Chief madu omeluora one of itolu.. I hope am correct oo I no sabi una language”

“Hahahaha.. Where have you been”

“Hmmm Chief you won’t understand, to be a business tycoon is not easy, from this country to that country, importing different goods, Infact for the past six months I have been outside Nigeria and as I talk to you now I have about 10 40ft container on the high sea”

“you don’t mean it, you really want to hit hard this time around”

“Abi na… How is that your estate construction”

“well by next month everything will be settle, I will now have an estate in ikoyi mind you I have started another duplex construction in that my compound”

“oh OK at the back right??”

“exactly, you know I purposely reserved that space for a day like this and am building it specially for my children”

“wow that’s nice of you, am really happy for you”

“thank you very much.. Am also happy for you”

“Don Kay told me he saw you at the lions bar yesterday night and you weren’t looking happy and it’s even showing In your voice… What’s happening chief”

“my brother, it’s a long story about my family”

“Ahn Ahn… Share with a brother” Mr akani said

Chief madu narrated everything from the beginning to Mr akani who really felt bad for Chief madu

“you mean you couldn’t do anything to save the situation?? I thought you use to have small small powers I mean a wealthy Chief like you”

“Mr akani leave that aside, I really need help now”

“hmm.. You know what I will take you to an Alfa, he would do somethings for you then that girl will take to her heels with full force”

“you don’t mean it??… Why don’t we start going to the place at once” Chief said

“Hmmmm OK no problem let’s go”


Sanni drove the both men to an outskirt of Lagos, lets just call it ogun state. He parked at the front of an old mud house while chief madu and Mr akani alighted heading inside the hut.

Mr akani removed his shoe while chief madu did same before they entered into the house.. They sat on the mat while waiting for the Alfa to finish his incantations..

Minutes later “you are welcome my sons”

“baba, my friend here needs your help”

“Hmmmm… That’s OK, Chioma obi is his problem” the Alfa said stunning Chief madu while Mr akani gave him a sign of “Shebi I told you he is good”

“(saying some incantations) Eleyin gidigan(this issue is too strong)” he said before he continues “you want her to leave your son to prevent things best known to you from happening”

“exactly sir, pls do something”

“your son is into a blood covenant with her but the both of them didn’t know. The girl didn’t know she has something in her and your son doesn’t know he has entered a covenant with her the day he broke her hymen”

“Hmmm.. Children of these days, baba what can you do to help my friend” Mr akani asked

“their soul is entangled and tied together, they can’t be harmed but can be separated” the Alfa said pouring his cowries on the mat

“Pls baba Alfa how can we separate them” Chief madu asked while the Alfa started his incantations, singing to his gods

“Hmmmm this charm is very dangerous, you will pay the some of 200thousands naira then you follow the steps involved in this charm must not eat red oil, till your operation is successful must not wash your hands with soup

“is that all??”

“yes, that is all for the operation”

Chief madu brought out the sum of money from the pocket of the
agbada he was wearing and placed it on the mat. The Alfa brought out a substance and handed it over to chief.

“take this substance, apply it in your hand and rub it at your sons back on the day he will travel back. As soon as he gets to his destination he would be forced to go and see the girl and immediately they hug, something will enter into the girl and she will hate him and stay away from him immediately”

“thank you so much baba, I will do as you say”

They left the house while chief thanked mr akani so much for helping his situation.


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to be continued……..