Agony of Chioma Episode 42


A week later, Jake was discharged from the hospital though he was still held in the police custody but his father had to make plans for him so as to write his final semester exam. He was released and left to write his exams but was carefully monitored.

Anita’s mother took up the case against Jake and threatened to sue him for causing the death of her only two daughters. After about two weeks of thorough investigations the inspector came to the conclusion that Jake has nothing to do with their death, he also stated that her daughters just wanted to waste their lives most especially Anita.

To wrap the whole matter up, chief madu does not want any sort of bad reputation about his family name so he had to give the inspector a million naira to wipe off everything about the incident. He also went further to compensate Anita’s mum by giving her a sum of three million naira and also promised to bankroll the burial ceremony.

Jake finished with his exams and left for Lagos with Emeka. His father started making plans immediately for him to leave the country and continue his education abroad but he declined even after so much persuasion from his mum. His stay in Lagos was uneventful and boring as he was indoor throughout thinking of his life but Jane couldn’t get out of his mind.

“well she is dead, may her soul rest in perfect peace. I just have to move on with my life and try living a good life” he said as he deleted Jane’s number from his phone with form of tears in his eyes.

Three hundred level came, a New Year in school, coming with a new advancement. Jake was going to start attending clinical practise classes and he needed to be more serious with his books. Jake was so happy that he was achieving his dreams but his happiness was cut short when his attention was needed by the deans .

The news Jake got was very heartbroken and could kill someone’s spirit immediately…

“Mr madu Jake, I won’t waste much of your time, I just want to inform you that your scores last semester wasn’t good at all Infact you shouldn’t have come here because with the look of things you can’t cope with this course but on the look of things, what happened to you last semester only saved your a-s so the authorities has given you a little chance to show improvement but if we don’t see improvement in this first semester you will have no choice than to drop out of the course” the Dean said melting down Jakes heart

“thank you very much Sir am really happy for the chance you gave me and I promise to become outstanding”

“better for you, remember you have an mbbs examination which is coming up soon.. Hmm fail and get lost from the school” the Dean said and walked away while Jake stood there thinking of his miserable life .

“Hmmm I really need to buckle down, medicine is my dream and I must achieve that dream by reading my book day and night, stay away from distraction, pass my 2nd mbbs exams and keep Emeka constant. Yes I really need to keep Emeka constant because that guy has been my major problem and has been leading me astray” Jake thought on his way to where they were going to receive lecture.

He entered the lecture hall with a sad face and found a position to sit alone. He laid his head on the table and began to pray, he was still praying when someone tapped his shoulder and he looked up immediately to see Paulo and chimma(paulo’s girlfriend…)

“I have been looking for you” Paulo said

“oh I have been somewhere around the premises” Jake replied faintly

“OK but hope you are OK, any problems??”

“no not at all.. Chimma whatsup” Jake greeted

“hi Jake, you don’t look bright today is anything the problem” chimma asked

“no no I don’t have a problem am ok”

“hey what’s happening over there, why are people gathered around chioma” Paulo asked

“oh that’s true, what must be the problem?? I have to go find out, you know she is my very good friend” chimma said standing up to go meet chioma

“guy what must be wrong with chioma” Paulo asked

“that’s non of my business, see Paulo don’t tell me of chioma again am not interested in that girl” Jake said opening his guyton textbook

“cmon Jake you once loved this girl, and am sure it was a true love Pls just follow her with peace and forgive her probably you guys might still come back together”

“what?? Never… Minus that she is already engaged with one Malaysian guy like that” Jake stammered

“OK fine but just try to be talking to her just as friends”

“Paulo Abeg leave that story joor… Ehn what time are we coming out to read tonight”

“Oya serious boy OK by 12am”

“OK by me till dawn”


Chimma never returned, she sat close to chioma throughout the lecture, even in the next lecture. At the end of the day Paulo had to search for chimma while we returned to our hostel together….

“chimma where went you since and by the way what happened to chioma?” Paulo asked (he doesn’t play with his girl oo)

“am sorry dear, it is a long story” she said with a baby face..

” apologies accepted so what happened”

“Hmmmm you know chinedu chioma’s husband to be the one in Malaysia??”

“yes yes we know so what about to him?”

“he is dead.., he was shot to death for illegal business” chimma spoke out

“what?? Oh my God why na so that guy was into illegal business?”

“chuckle” Jake let out a little laugh

“the news came to her last night, thank God she survived the news till this morning” chimma said

“hey Jake why laughing na I mean this is not a laughing matter” Paulo said out angrily

“Jake why the laugh so you are happy she lost him… That’s heartless of you oo” Chim added

“hey hey guys am not laughing at her, don’t get me wrong I am only laughing at the desperate guy” Jake cleared himself immediately

“how?” “Jake how do you mean”

“see guys I had always known that chinedu was into bad business how all this stuff all happened was when I left chioma in ss3, this guy was just a church drummer but he liked chioma and started rolling with her. I was at a bar one fateful day with Emeka and kimkom when they entered into the place and I told the waiter to serve chioma a create of malt and him a Create of beer but when the waiter told him, he came to harass me telling me that I was intimidating him… Like that like that I heard he had gone to Malaysia.” Jake narrated

“Jake now I know you are kinda troublesome how could you do such a thing that’s an intimidation Now you have forced the guy to make his own money illegally” Paulo said

“what’s my business with that Abeg make una free me joor rip to him” Jake said in a mockery manner….

Chioma got over chinedu’s death, attended his burial and moved on with her life. Anita and Janes burial came and passed. Jake was now very serious with his education and was already getting good grades in test and other areas …

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“Chai guys how today night go be now” a thug guy in black asked

“Omo guy we go shut down the whole area today,”

“yes ooo shut down yanki shut down Malay shut down enugu”

“wait wait who be that wey dey come so”

“Omo see our mama”

“Oya mama the mama, mama wey pass mama”

“chair lady. ….una still sitdon Abeg make una stand up for our mama na”

“hey hey make una stop all this hailing Abeg I no dey for the mood now my head just dey hot” the female person they were hailing shun them

“sho queen mama Wetin spark na, who off light tell us make we dey scatter bullet for the person head”

“and also pour ororo inside the person head”

“guys calm down, this person don off light big time and I go show am say queen mama no be guy name na confirm based on logistics”

“before nko, that person papa na woman? Abi e dey use leg chop Eba? ” a chubby guy said

“Abeg make una give me small wee wee make I Maya small so my head go cool” the female said while she was given a wrap of Indian hemp to smoke.

After smoking the first wrap she ordered for three more wraps which she finished in less than ten minutes…

“una know this baboon???” she asked showing them a picture

“Hmmm e look familiar ooo but make we hear your yarn first”

“this idiot for that picture don curse katakata, Yamayama for my family, he don make my maale sister get serious high bP, everyday hospital,, no be that only oo, depression and mental problems”

“sho all this thing one guy??”

“dey listen make I dey yarn you….. Na this bastardized buffalo make my aunty lose her only two daughters”

“ehn na now I come understand the flow, so no this guy be the Jake wey because of am that your aunty wey be principal children die”

“confirm now you done land… Plenty plenty problems just dey my family now and person no fit win me, e better make we play GG ….” the female said

“Now queen mama as this guy don off light now how we go take shut down him own transformer?”

“e dey very easy like coman f–k me, we must play GG two of my cousins die now we must take down two of him family members”

“queen mama confirm so who and who be the combo” the chubby guy asked

“maybe na the Jake and one of him brother wey I don dey hear of am Hmmm ehn Emeka” a guy said

“taaah Emeka na waste product, no go there Abeg we are taking down Jake and his father Chief madu”

“confirm, confirm style…. Queen mama after you na you oooo ”

“with the news wey dey ground he dey enter town soon” queen mama said

“Chai I no fit wait to dance skelewu with that man and him son”


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