Agony of Chioma Episode 43



Everyone was busy preparing for the upcoming mbbs examination. Yea less I forget this is a new year, New Year new resolutions. My number one resolution on my list was to stay off from girls and anything pertaining sexual affairs, I know it wasn’t easy but for the fact that I haven’t bleeped any girl since the death of Jane that means I can stay for long without bleeping.

The second on my list was to stay off from Emeka the course of everything I had encountered in this life. Thank God I was now staying far from him so he hardly comes to See Me. I was gradually becoming a very bright student and I was really proud of that.

On a blissful Wednesday morning, I was on my way to UNTH enugu to get something when I met chioma on my way. We passed each other without saying anything to ourselves, still walking down the road when I heard my name called from that same sweet voice I use to know.

“Jake!, Jake pls answer me we really need to talk” chioma said from behind

“so she can still talk to me after all her shakara” I thought and started forming hard man.

The calling was much and she was already gave up and turned back to leave when I stopped turned back and call her

“hey chioma, chioma why are you disturbing me” I said walking back to where she was

“after snubbing me, after I was following you behind calling your name like someone insane, you still turned back to call me…. I don’t think you deserve what I want to tell you”

“hey hey hold it there, don’t come here to form a good girl, or try to convince me because I am not interested in you ooo I have other important things to do, not waste my time with worthless people like you” I said to chioma turning to leave

I could feel she was in deep pain, and her eyes probably filled with tears, I know it’s unfair of me, she just lost a lover and am treating her like this. But honestly I don’t really know what is controlling me to hate this girl.

I was walking slowly expecting her to say something or walk away but she muttered something with teary voice before walking away

“Jake, I still love you and even love your family and I wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to your family. Be careful Jake, death awaits you and your family” she said in tears..

Her words kind of sent electric impulse down my spine, I turned back but she was no where to be found. I had to go in search of her but when I saw her she was already running and I couldn’t catch up with her…..

“fvck” I said “what does she mean by that, hmmm seems this girl is a witch so you want to kill my family right. I will see to this” I muttered before continuing my journey.

I was troubled throughout that day, I couldn’t go out to read in the night as I was rolling on my bed thinking of her statement

“Jake, I still love you and even love your family and I wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to your family. Be careful Jake, death awaits you and your family” ťhè statement replayed in my head continuously like an audio clip.

Paulo noticed my mood and asked me severally what the problem was, I gave him no reasonable answer because if I tell him it will result to another problem by persuading me to go see chioma or he goes by himself.

“is chioma a witch?? And she want to use my family for something in her Kingdom” I thought

“hmm this is a very serious matter, it was an open threat and I don’t need to stay calm” I said to myself bringing out my big Bible and started praying seriously

“oh lord God I bind chioma and her evil powers, whatever harm she want to cause to my family I command it to go back to her miserable family in Jesus name ”

I kept on praying serious prayers till it was twelve on the dot then I called my mum to give her some information.

“Jake is anything the problem?? Why calling me by this time”

“am sorry mum I just have this feelings that someone is after our family, you really need to start night prayer section”

“Jake what do you mean?? and who is after us”

“see mum just pray, sometimes our instincts are correct”

“OK son I have heard you, I will pray just go to bed” she said while I ended the call

“who is that calling??” chief madu asked sitting upright on the bed ..

“chief don’t mind Jake, he called to disturb me telling me that he had a feelings someone want to kill the family that I should pray”

“Hahahaha what feeling, honey get back to bed, Jake is just a kid.. ” chief madu said lying back to the bed

“Hmmm well let me call Usman on phone and tell him to safeguard the house” Jake mum suggested

“you fear alot, nothing is happening just get back to sleep” chief madu said switching off the bed lamp..


“guys, as you all know queen mama no dey like dulling, I no dey like mess work. We have two Operations at hand, the first one wey be to attack chief madu and end his life instant. With the information wey I get from him PA he will arrive itolu soon and we go wait for toll gate . The second mission dey very very easy, apprehend Jake carry am to our base we need to suffer that one before him die”

“oh queen mama, na why I dey talk of you, you sabi die” okuru the chubby guy hailed

“easy, okuru carry this one, viper carry this one, invisible carry this one, jasmine take this one” she said giving them AK 47 one after the other. “okuru and I will go to itolu toll gate asap while invisible and Jasmine will go apprehend Jake in his Lodge viper just go base go arrange things is that clear”

“yes queen mama” they all said in uniform

They clogged with each other “mission activated” queen mama said while they divided into two and set out for their mission. Okuru and queen mama mounted their bike and okuru sped off…


A call came into Jakes phone, it was his father calling..

“hello dad good afternoon”

“afternoon son, I want you to leave whatever you are doing now and come straight to itolu in mama’s house”

“dad hope their is no problem?”

“not at all son, am on my way to the village so come and meet me there”

“OK should I come with my vehicle??”

“just leave it, I don’t want you to drive in the night just find a way and come to mama’s house”

“OK I will be there soon” Jake said and ended the call. He changed into something cool and left his hostel. He was half way to the main road when he noticed that someone was following him behind.

He tried to act but the guy behind him opened his long jacket and showed him an AK 47 gun and instructed him to keep following the guy with dread in front of Jake…

“wow a clean planned work” Jake thought as he was guarded front and back .

He kept on following them till they got to where a bike was parked, one of the guys was to ride it while Jake sat in the middle with the other guy behind him as they rode off.

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Okuru and queen mama had arrived the toll gate waiting inside a bush antagonistic to each other. Fifteen minutes later they could sight a black Chevrolet jeep coming and with the information queen mama had that was the vehicle chief used from the airport down to itolu.

The road was very clear and sweet to carry out their operation asap, only toll gate men where at one corner probably sleeping due to no vehicle had passed by. She signaled okuru and they jumped out immediately from the bush and blocked the vehicle

“screeching sounds” chiefs driver stepped on the break with full force making the tyres to screech….

“cra cacacacacaca” sporadic gun shots were heard from okuru and queen mama gun into the air as all the toll gate men ran into the bush…

“everyone get down” queen mama commanded. Chief driver and his PA jumped down immediately lying flat on the smooth road.. While chief was still inside the vehicle dressed in his titled attire

“sho queen mama this man no get fear sha oooo Abeg use bullet burst Im belle” okuru said

They went to the back seat where chief was seating and opened fire

“cracacacacacacacacacacaca” they were shooting chief without mercy but unfortunately for them non of their bullets were penetrating him…

“hahahahahaha” chief laughed “you have tried the wrong person” he said and vanished into thin airs

Okuru and queen mama was scared as they took to their heels but on the long run Okuru returned back and implanted four good bullets into chiefs PA stomach and shot the drivers leg before leaving.

“Chai so that man na strong man” okuru said as he mounted their bike and started it after a long run

“men we no fit try that kind man but we still get hope, his son is now in our custody so let’s go and deal with him while he dies slowly”.queen mama said with a dry smile


chioma ran into the police station panting profusely

“hey yes aunty what is the problem??” an elderly police man asked

“Please you guys should come with me some people just kidnapped my friend and they are trying to kill him, please come with me, I just found their camp” chioma said without pausing

“kidnap??….ermm David, Chukwudi and sani and obinna follow her take a van and some ammunitions” the DPO who just came out instructed his special boys to follow chioma

They got into a hilux van with all the guns they needed as they set off for the journey to a far village in nsukka..


Jake had been beaten brutally with lot of swells on his face and body…

“arrrh Pls forgive me, pls don’t kill me I didn’t cause the death of Anita nor jane” he said as red hot iron was placed his back coupled with slaps and Koboko flogging

“your death is near boy….. You ought to join them where you kept them” viper said

Soon okuru and queen mama entered the base, as queen mama sighted Jake her anger boiled and she took a stick and planked his head while he started breathing…
“this is the building” chioma said to the police men

“take cover hey you there, you there we this way” chukwudi gave out some instructions understood by his other members

“freeze!!!!!! Your hands over your head” chukwudi commanded.

Okuru tried to escape but he was brought down by a shot from Sergent David ….

“Haaa chioma I owe you” Jake said slowly while she went to untie him from the rope they used in tying him..

“Now all of you move” chukwudi instructed

“but officer I have a confession, how will this girl just betray us, she gave us the information that Jakes father will be coming back to itolu and she bribed us to kill his father and also kill him because she never wanted them alive again” queen mama said firmly..

“what?? Me??? I swear I don’t know this people oooo” chioma said immediately with fear

“Haaa so you are this heartless, Ahhhh no wonder you made that statement few weeks ago
“Jake, I still love you and even love your family and I wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to your family. Be careful Jake, death awaits you and your family”

“what is happening here” officer chukwudi asked

“so you this girl, you are the kingpin to this and now you came to set your team up to claim innocent” Sergent obinna said

“exactly officer she is chioma a nursing student of UNN, some weeks ago she paid us to do this for the fact that Jake left her and went after Anita and jane” okuru who was with a leg injury said groaning

“officers pls this is a conspiracy I don’t know……. ” before she could finish her statement a heavy slap landed on her face from officer chukwudi while she fell down

“officers take them away, they are very heartless my dad must hear this…. Chioma may God punish your generation that’s even if you will have one and bet me you will never see the sky again, you will rot in jail……” Jake said with tears

“everyone move, move, move”


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